03 April 2016

Daniel: "At The Last Moment"

24 Adar II 5776


Communication with Daniel
Jerusalem, Purim 5776

At The Last Moment

Q. Should we wait on the next pamphlet until we will have a clearer picture of the star, in order to convince the readers so they will call to their families abroad to come up to Israel?...

A. Abba, listen. Our goal is not to convince American Jews, Europeans or anywhere in the world to come to Israel. There are those who really can't come, those who have families with children and grandchildren, and they don't have even the minimal things that they need in order to come. Difficult. We really would like to convince Jews to come to Israel, to convince those who are even ready to leave everything in order to come, but we can't require all the Jews to come. We said that Hashem will save every Jewish neshamah, not just the Jews in Israel. It's also written in the prophecies that there will be Jews who will survive the difficult situation that is about the befall the earth, and the gentiles will bring them to Mashiach (Isaiah 66:20), to show Mashiach that they are with him, that they also want to accept him as king here in Israel, and HKB"H as the Almighty. That's a clear sign that Jews will survive this - the real Jews. And we can't drag them here if it's very hard for them.

It should be clear to everyone - whoever remains abroad and calls to HaKadosh Baruch Hu, pleads with HKB"H to save him, accepts him as the Almighty, that there's nothing else besides Him - Hashem will save him, but it will be much harder for him.

It's very important for us to understand, every Jew and Jewess, who at the last moment when the blow of the 'kochav-shavit' in accordance with what is read in the Zohar arrives, at the moment that the destruction will begin, that the Jew will know to say with all his strength - "Shema Yisrael", will know to say it correctly, wholeheartedly, with all his essence, and then Hashem will save him.

That he will remember he is a Jew, he will remember that HKB"H created him, created the star, created the yetzer-hara, created the Satan, may his name and memory be erased - for the sake of the elevation, really, of the Jewish neshamah. And within all the chaos and all the passions and all the terrible sins between persons, we will see and accept the truth that: 'Ayn od milevado' - there's nothning else besides Him alone.

We are servants of Hashem and slaves of Hashem, and the whole reason for our lives in this world is to do His will. There's no other thing in life - just to do His will. Because those who do the will of HKB"H receive the greatest and most satisfying pleasure that can be. (Psalms, see the reference here.) If it's in holiness - that's doing it even better, because it's in holiness. What's not in holiness - destroys the person, and what's in holiness - elevates the man.

Abba, you give your money and work from morning til night already a few years for the sake of saving Am Yisrael. In putting out booklets and pages on modesty, on holiness - about things that can save Am Yisrael, that can wake them up to the truth. And now you're taking this subject upon yourself - which is the end of this world as we know it with all its suffering. And it's written clearly about this star in a lot of sources in Judaism. This star is good only for the Jews and bad for the gentiles. (Jeremiah 10:2) You're taking it upon yourself to put out pages on it to convince Jews to truly accept the yoke of Heaven, and this will save them. We don't need pictures, today no one relies on pictures. You can do all kinds of games with pictures. With photoshop you can change every single picture. I know that you photographed the star. You don't need more pictures, take this picture of the star, put it large on the page, and that's enough. With the headlines and with the text. Abba, we can't do more, just pray about it.

This star is hiding. Even the evildoers with all their instruments don't know exactly when it will arrive. This star is not like all the stars which are orbiting acording to some order. And another thing, the star has appeared a lot of times in history, not always making problems, but it always brings something... if it's a war, the star doesn't make the war, it just appears as a sign. Hashem sends this star, the star is under Hashem's control, everything is under Hashem's control. (See sources.) But, people are confused with all our universe.

This star is a rogue-planet, one that doesn't receive instructions... it does what it wants, but it doesn't do what it wants, it does what HKB"H wants. It goes against the order that we're used to, because that's the way Hashem wanted. So it's hiding, but a lot of people have seen it, a lot. And it's impossible to say all the time that it's reflections of the sun's light, and it's not right. Take a good look at what was photographed.

Another thing, Abba, already you wanted to go home, you were discouraged, and in your heart you wanted Hashem to show you the star. You looked one more time and Hashem revealed it to you. Just for you, Abba, not everyone arrives at this. You asked Hashem, you didn't think that it would be revealed to you. And you looked one more time, and with your eyes you saw it - that says it's coming soon, by all accounts.

I hope that every Jew, it doesn't matter where in this-world he's located - when he will see this star, I hope that before he sees the star and of course when he will see the star with his eyes and everything will begin to collapse and shake and the ocean waters will begin to spill on him that he will scream to Heaven "Shema Yisrael", I accept the yoke of heaven, and it will save him. We want every Jew to accept upon himself the yoke of heaven - it doesn't matter where he is. When he will see this star in the sky - the fear will be great and I'm afraid it will confuse him, but Hashem will help them say what they want to say.

All the real Jews will return whether on an airplane or on eagle's wings (Isaiah 60:8), and they will return to Eretz Yisrael and there will offer korbanot.

Q. Most American Jews live on the coast and I'm concerned that when the kilometer high tsunami comes they don't have a chance in a natural way to remain alive...

A. I recommend that at the moment that we feel a bit of the chaos, don't wait for it, when we feel perhaps that the eivldoers are already beginning to go into their underground bunkers, and actually they're already beginning to enter inside. I would say now that everyone stay away from beaches. But, aside from this, there's another problem, the meteors are a big problem. So anyway, I don't recommend after all the warnings you that you continue to live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, in all the cities, on the west coast or on the east coast, New York of course. So many Jews don't comprehend, don't comprehend at all. In New York, there are millions of Jews there, and New York will be under the water. Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, all these places, the City of New York won't be anymore, it will disappear under the water together with the stupid Statue of Liberty.

Q. Will this be the last messages pamphlet?

A. I very much hope so, perhaps we will put out another pamphlet that says to receive Jews in Eretz Yisrael with blessings, etc.

Q. According to my understanding, it's not just a star approaching us, it's a small solar-system and several stars [planets] around it. They call this star 'Nemesis' and the star Planet-X goes around it, it's the largest and farthest among the stars and it will pass closest to Earth, for this reason, it doesn't allow you to see it every day at exactly the same time and the same place...

A. Hashem is revealing it now, at this moment, only to those who need to reveal it. And when it gets closer, everyone will already see it, but then, for those who want to flee (from coastal cities inside to dry land, to high places) it will be very difficult, because there will be terrible traffic jams [See here.] Even the word 'terrible' is not enough. Describe for yourself millions of Americans getting into their cars and traveling... There will be long traffic jams, gas-stations will become empty within a few hours, cars will be stuck without gas, and that will increase the jams even more. People will be stuck in the middle of the road without water and without food... Describe for yourself how it will be...

Q. Will there also be traffic jams when Jews will want to fly to Israel?

A. To come up to Israel?... - Forget it, when they see it I don't know who will go up in a plane. Meteors will begin to come down in large numbers, and to go up in a plane will be a problem. Then there won't be time for anything. In any case - I recommend to Jews in America to get to the mountains. For those in New York who have homes in the Catskills Mountains, go up to your Catskills house, a lot of Chareidim in New York have vacation homes in the mountains. Manhattan will disappear, Brooklyn will disappear, Bronx will disappear, Queens will disappear. All areas of the City of New York will be under the water...

Q. You refer a lot to America. What about Europe?

A. Same thing all over the world. Like America - most of Europe will disappear, England will disappear beneath the water. It's worthwhile for the Jews to come up to Israel, even if you'll live in a tent, that will be better than what will happen in Europe.


To Photograph the Star by the Father of Daniel will, God willing, bl"n, be posted along with the picture that he took himself in the coming days.

Shavua tov!


  1. Tomorrow: Tsunami simulation on Israel’s beaches

    The police will hold a national exercise on Monday, during which rescue teams will simulate a tsunami wave hitting the beaches of Ashdod and Ashkelon.

    The goal of the exercise is to raise public awareness and practice appropriate and effective responses in the event that a tsunami hits Israel’s coastline.

    - a voice in the wilderness

    1. People in Israel do not need to panic; but people in america should and the real Jews there should pick up their rear ends and scram from there like the roadrunner.

  2. Many of the "real Jews" in the NY area haven't a slightest idea what might happen. I doubt they would believe me if I told them and they're very good people, G-D loving people. I cannot fathom this.

    1. Neshama, don't include me in that, because I've been completely clued in long ago. But personal constraints (namely, major health issues) have always kept me tied down.

      To further comment on your statment, interestingly, a co-worker once told me that she had been told that the most skeptical people often have the best psychic ability.

      Likewise, perhaps the most G-D loving people are the most skeptical or clueless about Nibiru =because= they are the most spiritual, and vice versa. I.E. they never bother their heads much with anything outside their "arba kanfos of yiddishkeit" calling all else "shtusim".

      And it's exactly those types of people who are often the most protected, as if they're young kids.

      "Tomeich Tmimim Hashem".

      P.S. I find interesting that Daniel calls the Statue of Liberty stupid. In fact that's probably because it's one of the machinations of the Illuminati. To think that I went sightseeing inside the "torch" as a child. Oh how silly we once were!

      ...the City of New York won't be anymore, it will disappear under the water together with the stupid Statue of Liberty.


    2. I'll miss the Jewish neighborhoods: Crown Heights, Bennett Ave., Lower East Side. As for Yankee Stadium, they tore that down anyway.