07 April 2016

The Original "New World Order" and How It Affects Us Today

28 Adar II 5776

More and more puzzle pieces are beginning to fall into place. It's making it easier now to see how everything interconnects in these final days before the arrival of Mashiach and the geulah shleimah.

Just to reiterate the basics: our sources tell us that in the final generation, all of Israel's enemies will reincarnate to receive their punishment and to witness Israel's victory. But, before that happens, they will make one last go at finishing us off. Also in this generation before Mashiach, four other special groups will be brought back: the Dor HaDeah - the generation of Jews who left Egypt and received the Torah, along with the Erev Rav; the Dor HaMabul - the generation that was destroyed in the Great Flood of Noach's time; and, the Dor HaHaflagah - the generation which built the Tower of Bavel and were dispersed across the world. This last one is the one I wish to focus on for now. In order to do that, let's go back to the beginning...

Everyone knows that Noach, his wife, his three sons and their three wives survived the Great Flood. The Chumash makes a list of their descendants. I'll just point out a few which are of special interest. Ham was the father of Cush, Mitzrayim, Put, and Caanan. From Mitzrayim came (among others) the Philistines. And from Caanan came all the Caananite tribes which settled in Eretz Yisrael. Their boundary extended from Tzidon to Gaza and over to Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboiim [the Dead Sea region]. (B'reishit, chapter10)

Shem "was the ancestor of all who lived on the other side". (See also here.*) From Shem came Arpachshad who had Shelah who had Ever. "And to Ever were born two sons: The name of the first was Peleg, for in his days the earth was divided [נִפְלְגָה הָאָרֶץ];...." (B'reishit 10.25) You'll note the connection of the name Peleg to Haflagah : פלג - to divide; to separate.

Before Nimrod there were neither wars nor reigning monarchs. He subjugated the Babylonians until they crowned him, after which he went to Assyria and built great cities (Radak: Ramban). The Torah calls him a mighty hunter, which Rashi and most commentators interpret figuratively: Nimrod ensnared men with his words and incited them to rebel against God. He was the forerunner of the hypocrite who drapes himself in robes of piety in order to deceive the masses* (R' Hirsch). His first conquest, which laid the basis for his subsequent empire-building, was Bavel, which became the center of Nebuchadnezzar's Babylonian Empire. It was one of the greatest cities of the ancient world. (Source: Stone Chumash Commentary)

The Tower of Bavel and the Dispersion
According to the Rambam, the Torah includes an explanation for why the nations of the world were dispersed and speaking different languages so that future generations would not find that inconsistent with the story of all mankind descending from one man and one woman.

The year of the...narrative is 1996 from Creation, 340 years after the Flood. Noah and his children were still alive at the time, and Avraham, 48 years old, had already recognized his Creator (Seder Olam).

...All the ingredients for greatness were there: The nations were united, they were in a central location, they spoke the Holy Tongue, and - if they desired guidance in achieving holiness - they had Noach, Shem, and Avraham among them. Instead, as happens so often in human history, they chose to ignore their spiritual advantanges and turn to their opportunities for self-aggrandizement and power. It seems ludicrous that people who had first-hand evidence of the Flood could have found grounds to rationalize a way of by-passing God's control of events, but such is man's capacity for self-deception that he can negate reality and build substance around a vacuum.

According to the Sages, Nimrod was the primary force behind this rebellion. He planned to build a tower ascending to Heaven and, from it, wage war against God [i.e., create a "new" world order]. But though the Midrashim perceive sinister and idolatrous motives in this plan, the verses do not reveal the evil motives of the conspirators. As for the memory of the Flood - which should have frightened them from confronting God - the builders of the tower rationalized that such an upheaval occurs only once every 1656 years, so that they had nothing to fear for another 1316 years, by which time they would have waged their "war" against God and won.  (SourceStone Chumash Commentary)

And built a structure(s) high enough to shelter them above the next Great Flood.

Some sources claim that Nimrod was deified by his followers after his death and became known as the god Marduk (which also has the letters מרד which means "to rebel against, to mutiny". In Caanan, this 'god' came to be known by the name Ba'al.

Aha! Now, you begin to get the picture, eh? Now, we can begin to understand why there is one leader at the top of the current "New World Order"; why the "War on Terrorism" began in Iraq (ancient Bavel) even though Bin Laden was not there; and why this month, the gates of the Temple of Ba'al are going to be recreated in New York City and London with plans to expand it to 1000 other cities!!

Now, back to the haflagah - the division of the nations.

"...one was named Peleg, because in his days the earth was divided [ נִפְלְגָה]." (B'reishit 10.25)

There is reason to believe that the population of the world was not only divided by language, but by distance as well - that the land of the Earth was originally created as one land mass and was itself divided at that time.

B'reishit 1.9-10: And God said, "Let the water that is beneath the heavens gather into one place, and let the dry land appear," and it was so. And God called the dry land earth,...." - Eretz, singular, and not Artzot.

It might have appeared something like this...

This could also explain why "pyramids" which were constructed during the same period all appeared suddenly in disparate places all around the globe...

It's interesting that the Torah tells us the Dor Hahaflagah had made calculations to determine that another Great Flood could not recur for at least another 1656 years. But, what if there was something else out there held in reserve for just such an occasion?

To begin with, when referring to nations (people), the Torah normally uses the term nifredu [branched out] (Gen. 10:5) or vayifatz [scattered] (11:8). But there is evidence in traditional Jewish sources that the term niflega refers to a geological phenomenon. Rashi, in his commentary on the Talmud (Shabbat 10b, d"h she'yeshivata), specifically indicates nitpalgu ha'aratzot [the land masses were split]. The Torah Temimah quoting the Seder Olam also uses the terminology nitpalgu ha'aratzot, as does the Rekanati on Deuteronomy 32:5. Indeed, both Targum Onkelos and Ibn Ezra translate niflega as "hatzi [divided in half']." Seforno indicates that the life span of people during Peleg's generation was halved as a result of a "change of air"; that is, something physical. Similarly, Rashi, in his commentary on I Chronicles 1:19, explains niflega as the life-span being halved, and Derashot R. Ibn Shuaib (Parashat Toldot Noah) explains niflega as "shenitpazru bshinui avir [they were dispersed by a change of air]."

There is ample evidence from classic Jewish sources, dating hundreds and even thousands of years before modern science conceived of catastrophic plate tectonics, that a geological event including a physical split of land masses may have occurred during the generation of Peleg and that this defines the term niflega. (Source)

I'm suggesting that this came about as a result of Nibiru's last passage, not 3600 years ago, but 3780 years ago this year. It is not manned by returning aliens who were perceived as gods in our ancient past. But its approach does signal the "return" of the souls of those who aspired to godhood at that time (Nimrod et al) and who have reincarnated in this generation to try again to defeat the ONE GOD by bringing His Creation to chaos out of which they propose to create a New World Order in their own image.

Last time, they tried building a massive structure to the heavens. This time, they've built massive structures underground. But, no matter, the ONE GOD of all will stop them this time the same way he did last time. Nothing they can do will help them.


 * "...who drapes himself in robes of piety in order to deceive the masses."  Think about who best fits this description today; who represents a religion that shares commonalities with Marduk/Ba'al worship, i.e., child sacrifice (pedophilia), same sex relations, deification of the "Queen of Heaven"... Then, you'll have some idea of who likely sits at the top of the NWO pyramid in Nimrod's place today.


  1. This just came out on A7. Report: US army building secret missile-proof base in Israel - Fearing Iranian missiles and Hezbollah rockets, US military constructing reinforced base in central Israel

    "According to the report the base, which is already in advanced stages of construction, will be fully manned at all times and prepared for emergency situations. The base is linked to the US army’s radar facility in Dimona."

    Funny, it says it's "already in advanced stages of construction", but they act like this is a new thing. More likely it's Planet X they are worried about, rather than missiles.

    - a voice in the widerness

    1. You might want to review my 2013 post...

      Not-so-secret US military involvement in the Jewish State
      “American military bases in the occupied territories are considered secret and most of them are underground,”....

  2. Fascinating article! Clear and concise and says it all. Of course, everyone should know whom you mean (robed in piety).
    People are awakening to what is happening, but most still do not grasp. As clear as it is, there is an expression in Yiddish - 'if you don't look, you don't see' (kicked min nisht, zeit min nisht).
    Love your blog - most informative and interesting!
    May we all merit the Geulah b'rachamim in a blink of an eye.


    1. Amen! And thank you so much for the positive feedback. I really appreciate it.

  3. With due respect:

    How can you possiblly say "....days before the arrival of Moshiach" ? Who told you??
    It's very disturbing to make false claims. No one knows. It gives false hope.

    1. Who told me? HE DID for one, but there are a whole long list of rabbis saying the exact same thing! Did you just wake up?!

    2. Mark - "...in these final days before the arrival of Mashiach and the geulah shleimah."

      As in the "last days" - keitz hayamim. That doesn't refer to literal 'days' as in 10 or 20. It's an epoch - a period of time that is undetermined in length, but understood to be within a generation or one's lifetime.

      Hope that eases your nerves a bit. You simply misunderstood.

  4. Devash, re "a religion that shares commonalities with Marduk/Ba'al worship," there seems to be a strain of this belief in many people's and not just one religion. I would venture, Mexico, some in the US, Islam, S. America. What religion were you inferring? (If you can say) Also, I tend to believe the separating of the land mass occurred after the flood, when many changes were made by HaShem.

    1. I'm talking about the Pope of the Catholic Church.

      "Queen of Heaven was a title given to a number of ancient sky goddesses in the ancient Mediterranean and Near East, in particular Anat, Isis, Innana, Astarte, Hera and possibly Asherah (by the prophet Jeremiah)."

      Catholics call Mother Mary "Queen of Heaven and Earth"?

  5. Anonymous with the long comment who didn't leave a name, if you leave another comment with a name or initials to attach to your original comment, I can stil publish it. Up to you.

    1. Amazing post, that opens up to creative guess unless you have some Hazal sources to support what I am about to guess. This theory you talked about is called "the hydroplate theory". Since Noah entered the Ark before the beginning of the "flood", it is very much possible in Hashem's plan, that this rogue planet appeared when he was inside (with no view) and then this planet triggered a series of events known as the flood (with water coming from inside the earth, and dismantling the continents to the actual know formation - hydroplate theory -). To move that amount of land, it would make sense that "lands" under water would "slide" easier. But the fact that we have no report of living witness of the rogue planet could be from the fact that the generation who saw it died entirely, the only ones who survived were in the ark with no view, so this event would be hidden to humanity until it arrives once again. It was said that this generation tried to hide on top the highest mountains to survive, and we hear that the same way the wicked of our generation built deep underground bunkers to avoid their destiny. My guess would be that maybe Hashem's plan is to send this planet again to bring the world back to the way it was before the flood "in one single continent". Which means the reverse process would occur, so water would go back to where it belong...underground. That would make underground bunkers the worst place to be at that time when all the water recess. Going back to the previous "one continent shape" will maybe explain part of Kibbutz Galuyot and how the remaining wicked leaders would attack all at the same time Jerusalem. Again, I am just thinking and guessing, I have no Hazal source to support what I am posting. May Hashem grant us all to do a Teshuva Shlema. Amen


    2. The only "theory" I talked about is whether Nibiru was the method by which the event was accomplished. I'll repeat the quote here for those who want to associate this event with Noah's Flood...

      "There is ample evidence from classic Jewish sources, dating hundreds and even thousands of years before modern science conceived of catastrophic plate tectonics, that a geological event including a physical split of land masses may have occurred during the generation of Peleg and that this defines the term niflega."

  6. I have this fantasy that the most poetic justice would be for zillions of meteorites to zero in on all the places where the reshaim are hiding underground and hack out a huge trench exposing them. However deep they are underground, catch each of them unaware, before they can manage to shield themselves with human shields.

    Is there any posuk which corresponds with my fantasy?


    1. I don't recall one, but it's a nice idea.