21 April 2016

"Mashiach Is Coming - Are YOU Ready?"

14 Nisan 5776
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Erev Pesach 5776


  1. Did you know that Kissinger just published a book called "world order"?

  2. Sowhat if he called the book WO ...

    did you even read the reviews and realize that it's not about the esrablishment of a nwo? First research a little before just saying something meaningless.

    1. I did, David Matlaw, did you?

      Google Books: "As Henry Kissinger observes in this magisterial book, there has never been a true world order. For most of history, civilizations have defined their own concepts of order, each one envisioning its distinct principles as universally relevant. Now, as international affairs take place on a global basis, these historic concepts of world order are meeting. Every region participates in questions of high policy in every other, often instantaneously - yet there is no consensus among the major actors about the rules and limits guiding this process, or its ultimate destination. The result is mounting tension.

      Blending historical insight with prognostication, World Order is a meditation from one of our era's most prominent diplomats on the 21st century's ultimate challenge: how to build a shared international order in a world of divergent historic perspectives, violent conflict, proliferating technology and ideological extremism.

      Yeah, it IS about the NWO. Just because he claims there never was an OLD world order, so he doesn't call his idea of "world order" the NEW world order...

      HKB"H set the order of the world in the very beginning and it was re-established after the Flood.

      Oh, there's gonna be a NEW world order all right - but Kissinger and his ilk won't like it and they won't be a part of it either. They think they can decide who lives and who dies, but that's Hashem's domain, not theirs.