05 April 2016

Next: Economic Collapse with a Nuke Attack, Then the War...

27 Adar II 5776

Excerpt from the FC message "Show Hashem That You Are With Him" by Menachem in Jerusalem on Rosh Chodesh Adar II 5776 [March 11, 2016]...


...the evildoers are already preparing themselves to transfer to their bunkers. But they need to be concerned that it's before the whole world chaos. So, I believe that in the near future we will see the harshest economic collapse in all of history. They'll go to sleep rich - and wake up poor, with no possibility of reaching their money. And aside from this, there will be a very difficult problem for the majority of the world, because they want to start the third world war. We're seeing all the signs. The Americans are going into Ukraine in order to fight or in order to prepare the Ukrainians to fight against Russia. The Russians and the Turks will fight one another in Syria, and the Americans are sending soldiers to Syria. And there are problems with the North Koreans who are threatening the United States, etc, etc, there's no end to it. And I believe that they will blow up several large places with several nuclear bombs which will shock the whole world, together with the collapse of the money. And then under the guise of this chaos, they will enter into the bunkers... It's not a simple thing to get into these bunkers, they are thousands of people! It's not ten or twenty people... They are thousands of people who are going in, and they also need to complete the final preparations, and bring more food and more things that they need, etc. And with the whole issue with the time - it needs to be really exact, because they need a situation where the whole world is busy with something or other, and so, they believe, they will enter the underground hiding places with all their luxury and they will play there while most of the world will be dying, most of the world population will die.


April 2, 2016 - Obama warns Islamic State 'madmen' would gladly use nuclear weapons in terror attacks
Extremist "madmen" from the Islamic State (IS) group would not hesitate to launch a catastrophic nuclear attack, US President Barack Obama warned global leaders at the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington.

April 4, 2016 - Chase ATMs to Limit Withdrawals for Noncustomers to $1,000 a Day
J.P. Morgan Chase capped ATM withdrawals at $1,000 per card daily for noncustomers—cracking down as people started pulling out tens of thousands of dollars at a time when the bank was modifying its machines to dispense hundred-dollar bills with no limit.

The bank said there doesn’t appear to be fraud involved. But partly due to heightened regulatory scrutiny, banks are paying more attention to large cash transfers that could be a sign of money laundering or other types of shady activity. Typically, the card-issuing bank sets withdrawal limits, not the bank owning the ATM.

April 2, 2016 - Current Economic Collapse News Brief
..."We're starting to see that things are rapidly falling apart a lot faster than we thought."

March 31, 2016 - Peter Schiff : Warns Of Economic Collapse In 2016
..."The worst is yet to come."


They're telling us what's going to happen. They're warning us in advance. Are we listening?


  1. Just a comment here..on one of the videos he says Israel is one of the 5 worst places to be...

    1. Which video? For what? The economy? I have no doubt that for some people it will be the worst place for them to be, but they won't fare any better anywhere else. For God's people, it is always the best place to be no matter what else is happening all around. Secular people always leave out the God factor in any calculation that they make.