10 April 2016

Jews4Cruz: "We Love You!"

2 Nisan 5776

This post was inspired by a video I saw Friday at Yeshiva World News which it appears has now been removed. It was filmed at a meeting between American Orthodox Jews and Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz in a New York Jewish community center.

Throughout Senator Cruz's speech, an off-camera group which sounded like a bunch of young guys, periodically interrupted him to chant "Jews for Cruz! Jews for Cruz! Jews for Cruz!" Towards the end, they added enthusiastically, "We love you!!" Senator Cruz, at first seeming to be taken aback, after a stutter, responded, "And I love you, too," with his best sheepish smile.

There were no less than four pro-Cruz videos on YWN that day showing him courting the Orthodox Jewish vote in New York City. And judging by what I'm hearing from others, it would seem that there are a lot of "Jews for Cruz" who just "love" the idea of Texas Senator Ted Cruz becoming the President of the United States of America.

Surely, this very naive and gullible group of my fellow Jews is ignorant of the fact that Senator Ted Cruz is a Dominionist Christian. For those of you who aren't so familiar with the term, let me put it to you this way... The Christian Dominionists are the Other Side of ISIS. They are to Christianity what ISIS is to Islam. (I know whereof I speak. I was briefly involved with this group in the 1980s.)

From their own mouths, their theology in a nutshell is this...
"God instructed Adam to 'take dominion' of the earth. Jesus repurchased the rights to earth back from satan and Jesus has a legal right to see followers of His run it. But as He showed at Calvary, He didn't call down a million angels to take it by force. He bought the right of Christians to take it over ..."

"Catholics and Dominionists share a common view on eschatology – the Church will be in control to bring Christ back."
These are the kind of people who made up the ranks and files of the Crusaders (and Inquisition) - religious zealots. Remember what I said about ISIS. And just like the rank and file of ISIS foot soldiers don't have a clue that their leadership at the top is appointed and controlled by Western governments, the rank and file of Christian Dominionists also don't know that at the top, their Church worships the Satan and not JC.


There is not a doubt in my mind that if the world has the misfortune to see another US presidential election and Senator Ted Cruz becomes President Cruz, one of the very first things he will do is move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. And the great majority of American Jews will not see this for the tragedy which it would be, but would instead celebrate it with great joy. He might even follow that up with a plan to internationalize the City of Jerusalem "for the sake of all mankind" and in exchange, order the rebuilding of the Holy Temple "for the sake of all mankind"! American Orthodox Jews would no doubt be ready to crown him Mashiach!! (And so would a lot of Israelis, especially the Anglos!!!)

When judging your presidential candidates, you should beware the Pro-Israel and the Anti-Israel candidates. What's needed is someone who will relate to Israel as any other sovereign nation. We want less involvement with Israel, not more. What we need is a gentile who acknowledges the Creator, acts according to a moral compass and has no religion at all. But, of course, that's not possible in this day and age.

That said, it's all completely irrelevant anyway, because the NWO Master Plan will be carried out by whomever is elected regardless of who wins until Hashem decides to intervene. Each of them was hand-picked to play a particular part in this show, but Ted Cruz is uniquely qualified to carry out the ultimate NWO plan of taking control of Jerusalem for the Mother Church. The Democratic candidates, including the predecessor Barack Obama, have been created as a foil to herd the sheeple into Republican arms. (Don't forget that it was under the Bush presidencies that the NWO was first outed and the Modern Crusade was launched in the Middle East. (See also this video which exposes the Bush Family - Ted Cruz connection, even though it is not astute enough to see that Trump is a puppet, too.)

Even Donald Trump is part of it - Leading Dominionist Says Donald Trump Is A Modern-Day Lincoln Anointed By God. (Also here: "Donald Trump is more prophetic than people think. There is a Cyrus anointing on this man. He is like a Reformer in secular garb." - And you can google more.) But his ego makes him hard to control. He may come to believe his own rhetoric and think he can act independently of his puppet-masters. But, they'll know how to bring him back in line.

What is most important to understand here is that this is a test. It's another battle in the war for Jewish hearts and minds. American Orthodox Jews! Stop falling for the Satan's lies! You are a foreigner in every country outside of Eretz Yisrael. The US is not your home. It's another temporary way station on your way back to your own homeland. 

If you just have to play out this charade of voting, assuming there will even be an election, at least don't be fooled and "fall in love" with such an obvious enemy. And the really sad part is that all of the candidates are actual enemies of the real-Jews, just some are more obvious than others.

So, what's left to say then? For those who enjoy the rhyme "Jews for Cruz", I'll put it this way "the Jews are Screwed" (in America). Please forgive the crudeness, but the situation warrants it if it wakes anyone up.

You should learn more about Dominionism Christianity which has infiltrated the highest levels of the American government and has established many large and powerful organizations inside Israel...

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As a final note, it's more than a little interesting that Hollywood may have subliminally planted the seeds for a Cruz presidency with its seven-season series The West Wing which ran from 1999-2006. The final two seasons dealt with the presidential primaries and an election in which Matt Santos, a Latino Congressman from Texas, with a blonde wife and two kids, becomes President of the US. Except he was a Democrat. Hey! I was ready to vote for him!!


  1. I think one can dig up religious motivations or extreme secular motivations in all of the candidates; however, saying that, whoever becomes President will be in the Hands of Hashem and will do HIS bidding to bring the Geula even closer, if not fulfilled. The autistics declared, in a post on this blog, that whoever becomes President will be good for the Jews. We realize that that "good" will be according to the Master Plan of Hashem. So, it might not really matter which christian or atheist becomes Prez.

    1. You seem to have missed my main point. Maybe others will, too. This has nothing to do with the candidates - who wins, who loses - it's all about the JEWS and how they think and feel about it all. For their own sakes - their own spiritual well-being - thay have to think and feel the "truth" about it all. They will want to find themselves on the right side when Mashiach arrives. From what I'm seeing that's not such a sure thing.

      The last thing I remember the autistics saying is that there won't be an election. If you know something else, you'll have to point me to it.

  2. "Anonymous" who remarked on the embassy, do you have a name or intitials to attach to your comment?

  3. As usual, right on the mark! Shanda that 'Orthodox' Jews could be so mi9sled, naive and believe that it matters who gets in office; when it is only Hashem who controls everything and especially the destiny of our people!

  4. And I believe that santos means saints, no?