13 April 2016

Binyamin: "The World Can't Continue Like This"

5 Nisan 5776


Communication with Binyamin Golden
Yerushalayim, 20 Adar II 5776 (30 March 2016)

The World Can't Continue Like This

The world is so bad, the world is so full of evil. It can't continue, it simply can't continue.

Since the first generations in the world - there were great tzadikim, but also almost from the first moment after Hashem created people, the snake succeeded in overthrowing them. And since then, Baruch Hashem, in the initial generations we had great tzadikim, and also even in generations 100 - 200 years ago we still had great righteous Jews. But the evil went below the surface without our feeling it. True, the Jews went through many, many great troubles at the hands of the evildoers, the gentile evildoers, but in any case, they maintained their stand in opposition, usually. And there were enough Erev Rav who damaged us, who went together with the gentiles, who were evildoers, who even looked like Jews, and who did evil to the Jews who were like a part of them.

But, in our generation - it has reached a peak, it's reached to the peak of peaks, that even the "so-called Jews" are filled with very-very hard and sad situations. I see the Chareidi Jews, and I just want to cry. They're occupied almost completely with the golden calf. And in the United States and European countries they can't get out of the golden calf, they can't be real Jews, and I'm speaking about the Chareidim, not about Jews who are also distanced like this from HKB"H, I'm talking about the Chareidim, the supposedly-Chareidim, when they're full of Erev Rav, also from the leadership, it's full of 'Erev Rav'.... And the secular?  In general, in general, the great majority of them are Erev Rav. Indeed, even among the secular there are real Jews, with a Jewish heart, with a Jewish neshamah, with a neshamah that stood at Har Sinai, and a Jew like this - he also will be saved. But, right now, I'm talking to Chareidim, what will be with us? What will be? How is it possible to change Judaism so much, how is it possible to fall so much?

Before the Second World War, most of the Jews were secular, but now, now when there are very many Chareidi Jews, what's with us? The Jews before the Second World War, for the majority - they were more authentic than us, more attached to HKB"H, they didn't have so much of the golden calf, especially the Jews in Europe, and they had a bigger center there, even if it wasn't big, but bigger than what there was in the United States. The Jews in Europe, the really Chareidim, were few. The majority were Sabbath-desecrators, but those who were Chareidim - were Chareidim to the end. We don't have that today. Most of the big rabbis, the giant tzadikim have passed on to the next world. And we go on still stronger for the golden calf. We're wearing a tallit, we're wearing peyot and beard, we have a kipah on the head, a gartel, etc., but where are we? Not in the right place, usually. And what future do our children have? The Chareidi promiscuity is simply above and beyond! What will be with our daughters? What with our sons? There is already in the yeshivahs, all over the world, things that never were before. There are situations against the Torah and those who condone it and pass over it like it's nothing. and even make jokes about it, and it's a tragedy, it's a tragedy.

One thing I know. It has to be - kochav shavit. It has to be. Because we can't go on this way another day, another moment, in this situation. We can't see another generation continuing because the next generation - almost won't be truly Jewish. And this can't be. Hashem won't let it be.... True, it's really right what I'm saying. And this is our situation, we don't understand how far we've come, we already have a hard heart, not a soft heart like a real Jew has. We don't understand at all what modesty is, what holiness is. We're living with one foot in the gentile world - and one foot in the so-called Chareidi world, but the foot that's among the gentiles and seculars is all the time pulling in this direction.

And I, my heart really hurts me about what they're doing in the Beit-Yaaqov schools, how they've turned it into a university, a university - whose control is ultimately not of the Chareidim, but of the government, this government which is not a Jewish government at all, it's a gentile government, really, as well as a university whose control is ultimately not of its Chareidim or of its faith. So, why are Chareidim sitting there? Only Hashem knows why, I can't understand it. But this can't continue. They want to destroy our families, the basis of all Judaism - it's the family, it's the children, it's the Chareidi education that we want. But they're making like it's 'for the sake of heaven' that the wife will work, that she will have a profession, that she will be able to support her talmid-chacham, who will sit at home and take care of the children... yes, yes it's really "l'shem shamayim"...! But, it's not for the sake of heaven, it's for the sake of running away from Judaism, to damage the families, because a mother like this who is a manager at some important place, at a bank or I-don't-know-what, and who goes out to work all day a lot of hours, and the child doesn't have a mother, and he has a father, who needs to take care of him, and has to leave his learning in order to take care of him and goes with him to the doctor's office, etc., etc. That's not a Jewish family. And without a shadow of a doubt, these families are making calculations, should they have another child or not, God forbid, God forbid. And this is our end. When they make these calculations, not on the basis of risk to the mother, or dangers, or other real accountings which are permitted according to the Torah. These accountings of what's comfortable, of what's worthwhile, etc. - it's what the evildoers want, to destroy it by us, that they will make accounts of non-Chareidi Jews, those of secular Jews or of gentiles. And it can't continue. Can't continue.

In previous days and years, approximately ten or twenty or thirty years ago, even if a woman didn't know so much what modesty was, with head-covering and etc, by the Chareidim, she had a head-covering, let's say a beautiful wig, but there was no question at all that the man if he wanted to sit and learn then she would work as a seamstress or maybe in a school, that she would arrive home early, and have days off, etc. But, now? When working in banks and various big places like these of the seculars - then that's something else completely! And not only that. So, in those same days, they saw families, a lot of families, even if a few were modern, but with ten children, twelve children, but now they're beginning to make calculations... Not everyone, Baruch Hashem, not yet, but it will spread in any case. How much strength does a woman have? To go to work for eight hours, to come home, travel on the bus... and recently we also have women drivers, which also destroys the family, it gives a taste of speed and of 'being in control', where she goes, when she wants to go, and it's not good, not good, it's very bad.

(To be continued with Q and A, iy"H, bli neder...)


  1. obsessions with "modesty" are not modest

  2. Lowel? Would you say the same regarding my post "sheitels for sale"? This post you made comment on needs to be fowarded to every Yid we know.

    1. dear goldie, i said what i said because it's TRUE. and because there is a lot of mental illness masquerading as piety. REAL MODESTY has n-o-t-h-i-n-g to do with what we wear, how much we wear, or if we wear anything at all. REAL MODESTY is a STATE OF MIND which must pervade all our thoughts, feelings, word and actions. as it will, soon enough, in the EME (Emerging Messianic Era). shalom, lowell

    2. In truth, Aryeh Yosef, it is both. The entire world understands the concept of modest and immodest dress. What is less understood is modest behavior, modest speech, etc.

      In my humble opinion, there is no evidence of "obsession" here. It's just a major, major issue for this generation. As has been pointed out before, once upon a time even the goyim were very modest in their dress (just compare ladies fashions in the '50s). That meant that if a woman was fashionable, she was automatically modest - hat and gloves and skirts below the knees.

      In my time girls were taught to be "lady-like" - how to sit modestly - ankles crossed, knees together, not to speak loudly or smack gum, not to gulp food, no elbows on the table, hands folded in the lap. The women's-lib movement scoffs at these things. I appreciate them more and more as I get older.

      The thing is, we have to look more and more to the past for standards of public decency because as each generation goes down, it's impossible to judge from what is currently acceptable.

      Coming from a time when pregnant ladies wore tent-like tops which completely concealed the most visible sign of pregnancy, I am still shocked to see young national-religious and chareidi women alike on the streets of Jerusalem wearing form-fitting tops which outline their pregnant bellies for the whole world to gaze at. I worry it will attract the evil eye as well and wonder why they don't think of it themselves. I can't understand why they would do it. Do they no longer have any innate sense of modesty or shame to be so exposed??? Of course, among the goyim the habit now is to expose the nakedness of the pregnant belly in public. Hashem help us!

  3. Yes, they are correct. It's not the yiddishkeit I fell in love with years ago. It is so sad to see all this. Sometimes the simple old-time Israeli was so humble and modest in lifestyle. It breaks your heart to know all this. I also feel it cannot go on like this, but I dread the remedy.

    1. Nobody looks forward to giving birth, but it's what we have to go through to get the sweet baby.

  4. Neshama, you're right that the Israelis of today are not those of 25-30 years ago. Since OSLO, the change has come with speeding fury, all to deJudaize Israel and the Jew. The typica Jew (not the radical leftis, of course) of those decades ago were 'Jewish' with Yiddishe neshamas, even if they were chiloni, but their hearts and souls were dedicated to the Jew, the Land and to H'. In their own ways, they understood that we are part of a unique, special nation. The Erev Rav, together in alliance with our 'friends' were working very hard to change all that and have succeeded quite well, r'l. Thus bringing this tzorah to its climax and soon the Ribbono Shel Olam will take over - Please, may it be immediately.


  5. http://shemittahrediscovered.blogspot.com.es/2016/04/rabbi-mordechai-tendler-writes-letter.html
    BEST REGARDS!! Inés.

  6. Replies
    1. Just for argument's sake... I'm wondering here myself...

      It used to be in WESTERN society that a woman went from her father's home and protection to a husband's home and protection and when she went out in public, she was accompanied - not just for physical protection, but for the protection of her reputation.

      Tell me, when and why did that change? Should it have? Do you think it progressive? Is that necessarily a "good" thing? Just asking...