04 April 2016

A Lot of Fires in the News Again

26 Adar II 5776

I've been struck by how many fires have been reported in the news over the past few days... Plus all this news about Meir Ettinger and he is incarcerated in the first place in connection to a fire, even though he had nothing to do with it. Previously, I wrote about fire here, here and here. It surprised me when I looked back to see how it connected to Eliyahu and the prophets of Ba'al, especially since here we've been talking about the recreation of the gate to the temple of Ba'al in New York City and London. (Can Jerusalem be far behind - God forbid!)

Kitchen Used By Greenfields Food Company Among Businesses Destroyed In 5 Alarm Blaze In Brooklyn

Fires Prompts Evacuation Twice at Newark Airport

Fire In Jewish Home In Hendon London On Brent Street

Large Fire In Meah Shearim Home

Cars Torched in Alyn Parking Garage – Police Investigating

Massive Fire Destroys Spinka Bais Medrash In Kiryas Joel 

Monsey Fire Leaves Family of 6 in Ruins

Electrical Short Circuit Blamed for Bnei Brak Blaze 

Smell Of Smoke In New York City Coming From New Jersey Brush Fires

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