19 April 2016

This, Too, Is Chevlei Mashiach - Birthing a New World

11 Nisan 5776

This is the second time in less than a year that this major US city has gone completely underwater...

PHOTOS: Houston shuts down after region receives over a foot of rain in 24 hours

And it looks like one of Japan's islands is going to split in two...


Yellowstone National Park looks like the gateway to Hell...

How are we still sleeping!???

(In the video below, if you can't watch the whole thing, at least see from 12:48 to 13:54.


  1. Devastation - Level 1, level 2, level 3, etc...
    Jews - mindless Zombies with no sense. Go figure.
    Also, talk about what happened in the holy city yesterday.

    1. Been there, done that. It's a part of the plan of the global elite to demoralize Israelis to the point of giving up on our land - either by emigrating or by agreeing to the secret government deals to divide it up amongst our enemies. Oh, and of course, the coup de grâce - letting them internationalize Jerusalem "so such things won't ever happen again". Yeah, uh-huh.

  2. Houston Flooding Is The 8th Historic Flood To Hit America Since The End Of September

    "The giant storm that has caused all of this rain was a complete surprise to many residents of Houston. A lot of people woke up on Monday morning to discover that their neighborhoods now resembled Waterworld."

    Yellowstone Eruption In 2016? Shocking New Video Shows What Is Really Going On At Yellowstone

    "We have seen a dramatic spike in global seismic activity that is unlike anything that we have seen in ages, and that is why what is going on at Yellowstone is so incredibly alarming. Geologists tell us that a full-blown eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano would have up to 2,000 times the power of the Mount St. Helens volcanic eruption of 1980, and approximately two-thirds of the country would immediately become uninhabitable."

    - a voice in the wilderness

  3. David, Europe19/4/16 6:51 PM

    I think, when the meteorite rain from Nibiru will start hailing on the USA, the Yellowstone Super Volcano would be triggered for eruption by one of these meteorites, projected onto this highly unstable and explosive spot of the Earth ... And by this the prophecy of Obadia about destruction of the Esav=Edom=USA by the Yellowstone eruption will be fulfilled. The JEWS of USA must be better getting out of this modern (United) Sdom and Amora ALREADY quickly quickly ... if you do not want to share the fate of the local evildoers who will receive the taste of the wrath of G-D. Dear JEWS please get out of USA as quickly as possible and go to Israel !!! Please, before it's too late !!!

    1. David, I hear you... My heart breaks for the Jews who are sleeping and are afraid of E'Y. I saw a family yesterday in Yerushalaim with not 7 kids (maybe more) visting for "Yontif". I can't stand it! People with money to come here for Pesach are worried about moving to E'Y and making parnassa????!!!! What I hear loud and clear is that they do not really yearn for it...do not care to be in the kedusha of E'Y. They are ok wherever they are in America... and that part breaks my heart...Leah R

    2. David, USA (United Sodom/Amora) is an interesting label.

      A couple years ago, I started labelling it:

      Unhealthcare Stealthcare Association

      (Actually, it should have been labelled as such way back, even prior to Bush ym"sh banning US stem cells. It should have been labelled as such when the AMA and/or FDA formed. Or even prior to that.

  4. Who's sleeping? Speak for others, not for me. How can I ever truly "sleep" when I have cumulative decades of degenerative autoimmune conditions, causing oversaturation of inflammations, systemic calcifications, excruciating neuropathies, degenerative joints, glandular atrophy, chronic dehydration and so much more?

    Perhaps Planet Earth is at this time mirroring my own roiling anatomy.

    Now that's a thought.

  5. Buffallo bagels!! I am preparing for aliya soon after my kids go to college in September. I may be our of time already but this sigle mom is trying. Please save the condescending, smart ass comments. We need encouragement from our brothers and sisters in Israel not judgement. Only Hashem can look into our hearts and minds and judge. There are lots of people approaching Nefesh B' Nefesh and many more who would love to but are caring for their aging, sick parent(s) and simply cannot go right now. Ms. AP

  6. AP, I don't think that anyone here is judging or condescending. At least that is NOT at all what I see or feel. What I do see are people who CARE very much and want to speak the truth and tell our brothers and sisters away from OUR land of kedusha and tahara, that their loss is GREAT and coming here is NOT just one of the options for life... Just for that reason it is VERY important to come! And you sound like someone who really wants to!!
    We are just very tired, or at least I am, when E”Y is mentioned like some abstract idea as in yes, we would love to live there but it is “difficult” And, let me ask you, it is not difficult to live where you are??? Life is difficult! If anything I find it easier here in E’Y on many, many levels.

    Where you are, it is almost impossible to really grow past a certain point without being sucked into the materialism and narishkeit. Maybe I am just so weak and everyone else is not affected, but I was VERY affected and decided to take a loss rather than stay!!! Funny thing, I lost NOTHING, but only gained!
    Another funny thing… when I started NBN paperwork (as someone suggested I do already) my husband was totally AGAINST and the situation seemed impossible.. but I cried to Hshem and said to him "If YOU want me to stay here where my neshama is crying, I will! I just want to do your will and if my work is here, I ACCEPT it! However, I really want to be close to YOU, on the HOLY land that YOU gave your children. I want to raise my childen there! I want to be the best Jew I can and in my humblest opinion (THOUGH I HEARD THE EXACT OPPOSITE from very learned people, talmidei chachamim… etc. etc… ) it seems to me that the Jewish people should all be there.. " I davened like that and did the histadlut, paperwork and practical things too… too long and private to elaborate here ( I could tell anyone more if you get in touch by email)… I did not rely on miracles but I know people who did and it was ok too… Hshem helped.

    At some point my husband got SO tired of my kvetching and arguing with him… and at that point we went to the biggest posek in America and he wanted us to speak to our family Rav who was against …too… My husband suggested that we go to Rabbi Yisroel Belsky ztl, whom we knew from other “situations”… And this tzaddik and brilliant talmid chocham encouraged us thought he did NOT say “go” He basically just said.. you are going for ruchnius reasons, HKBH will help you … and it eased my husband’s mind to hear it from the Rav whom he trusted 100%. (I can explain more, but not here)
    Basically, Hshem opened up the gates, send a yeshua and did the impossible... I could NEVER have imagined it the way it happened.

    I know many people with situations, EVERYONE has a situation. You have to really WANT it. Hshem has to know that you NEED it. Don't you think that Hshem can help you with whatever situation you have here??? We have everything here, hospitals, nursing homes, great doctors, smart very resourceful people.. who can help… AND, sorry to sound so “impractical” JUST BEING HERE is amazing for a person’s health and life!!!
    I read once a Rambam ( I think… sorry I could be mistaken) that a person who lives in chu’l does not have a G-d…I thought I must have misunderstood and I just filed it away with all the other things I don’t understand. However, being here … I understand it. I thought that I relied on Hshem… but I did NOT, not completely. Being here you get greater clarity and direct messages from HKBH that are VERY clear… but!!! and this is very important.. I think that yes, you have to do your hishtadlut but at some point it has to be a leap of faith into the unknown, with COMPLETE reliance on Hshem. leah R

    1. Beautiful, Leah R. Just beautiful! B"H!! Amen!

  7. And,

    America is a nisayon, a big nisayon that exists in order for you to make a choice. Unfortunately, very smart, choshuv people fail to get it.
    What is important to you?
    The only thing that has to be important is being close to Hshem on ALL levels possible. Then He will help you… but the part about figuring out that maximum kedusha is NOT an option… is YOUR work.
    Leah R

  8. Thank You Leah! It is hard to explain the feeling. You are so right. The materialism in the galut is shocking and i slumbered like everybody else unaware until i became a Baal Teshuva. Took me 7 years but i thirst for Israel as the only place for a Jew to live. World events strongly suggest that this is what Hashem wants for all Jews. I pray to merit aliya as i will be doing it without a husband by my side, without Hebrew and eventually leaving my job. In one word: terrifying. Yes, i will need a miracle but if Hashem wants me to live in Eretz Yisrael i know he will be with me every step of the way. Oddly enough, i sense very strongly that my beshirt is not living in the galut!! How crazy is that? Ms. AP

    1. I understand you! I am also a baal teshuva and I always wanted to go to Israel but it was "impossible". There were so many obstacles... But believe me, please.. we are also here without normal Hebrew and we are fine!
      You will get everything you need here on every level, please trust Hshem. He is able to take care of us.. but we have to let Him.. I am a person of a lot of hishtadlut but I am learning... what is enough and what is too much.. Going home is not impractical or irresponsible. It is the right thing to do on the most important level of all.

      Also, what you sense is NOT crazy at all... You can't imagine the stories that happen here. You just have to believe... I feel so strongly about it! On the other side of the world a jew feels another and that is why I am writing almost erev Pesach! You are holding in a very good place ... and you are working it out.. and you are almost there.. Hshem knows your feelings and He will help you. I am NOT advocating doing irresponsible things and leaving sick parents chas v'shalom.. I am just saying that many many "situations' that we see as impossible are only impossible in OUR minds, and NOT in Hshem’s “mind” . They can be overcome with Hshem's help.

      A friend of mine said that Rebbitzen Kolodetsky (the dautghter of Rebbitzin Kanievsky a'h tells women to light candles early as an eitza for yeshuas, etc.. as it shows that we are anxious to bring in the Shabbos! We can't wait!! So, here too, this lady (who told me about it) said, "coming here is showing that we can't wait for the geula, that we want and NEED to be close to our Avinu B'Shamaim!" We don’t care about our comforts, etc… etc.. or speaking bad Hebrew (that is hard for me because I speak several languages well and am gaivadik about it… ) that we are coming anyway..

      And speaking of comforts.. unfortunately, there is materialism here too .. and plenty of it. They have the best things here from everywhere... so if that is a worry for anyone, worry no more… whatever you need you will have, and more!!! The beautiful thing is how soon many olim realize that the things they "needed" were completely unnecessary. However, things like materialism is not “ours” and comes from afar… -- whatever bad stuff is here in E'Y, it is imported, because the land is ALL kedusha. Where you are ...the tumah is part of the air and the water.. and it makes you very confused… HOWEVER, BH a thousand times you are a lucky person who is NOT sleeping but realizing. You are not alone. If you ever need any ideas I am here… Devash knows my email i think. Chag Kosher V’Sameach. Our beautiful nation (whom I love more than words can possibly say) should gather from all end of the earth and be reunited here in E’Y b’korov...! Leah R

    2. I was there for a brief time with family and don't remember meeting anyone new, sorry:) Leah R

    3. Its ok, there was Leah R., the writer of childrens book, that I met near the English library. A new Olah chadasha, with my daughter that found a shidduch there and son.

      Wish you all kosher and the happiest PESAH!!!
      It is tzom for the firstborn, don't forget!

      Orna Nitzevet

  9. Leah R
    Thank you so much for all your writing.
    Though I am a single living in the Galus now and dream of being in our Eretz Hakodesh, in the mean-time I have and continue to try very hard to live as simple and materialistic free as I can. The materialism level, the tumah is all around. It's very hard to break from it. One has to be disciplined and say to oneself - this is the gvul and truly live it and keep to it. So while it's true that I can't physically be in Eretz Yisroel this minute - I can - and so can all the other Yidden all over the Galus take the Galus out of themselves. It's a more connected life. It's a more stress free life. It's a beautiful life!!! And guess what? As we watch the world crumble in front of our eyes and hope very very soon to witness the revealing of Melech HaMashiach - to try to live this way won't yield such surprises when this world as we know it is over and only the REAL LIFE will be!
    Keep davening and hoping and trying to get to Eretz Hakodesh - and in the meantime - try to live here like a Gauls free Yid. It's only You and HKB"H anyway.
    Thanks again Leah R. for your inspired writing.
    May we all merit to see Moshiach now.

    1. You are so right about taking the galus out of the Yid, and it is definitely NOT automatic that galus just comes out of you when you are in E'Y. You can certainly continue your inner galus in E'Y... but thankfully it is much easier to get the galus out of you here because it is easier to do the spiritual work here. However, FOR SURE the taking of galus out of our heads process STARTED in America. When you start living in America as you would if you were in E'Y and start being the real you... to the extent that you can ...as you want to be when Mashiach comes, you eventually (hopefully) take yourself toward kedusha and to E'Y. Still, I think you can only get so far (or at least I could) and I found it extremely difficult in chutz to have clarity at all… I really felt my way in the dark out of there… with constant tefilla on my lips… I also felt very lonely spiritually where I was... I felt odd to want and feel the things I did. As a baal teshuva I am used to being on the fringes, but it was very difficult when I saw everything so upside down. I became Shomer Shabbat not to participate or rather fit into something superficial… etc.. can't elaborate in this forum because it is also the community (or lack of community) where I lived, and it was considered a mainstream frum community…
      In E'Y there are many more spiritual people who are open and can speak in a real way. It is ok to be spiritual here, ... Even people who were spiritual where I lived in chutz were afraid to really speak openly or to be different in any way from the crowd... they were also cajoled into all that hullabaloo of materialism.. I got looks all the time for not wearing a sheitel --where I was it seemed to be one of the cardinal sins... etc. I don't want to say because I don't mean that every woman who wears a sheitel is horrible or not spiritual... I don't mean that at all. I just mean that it should be ok to strengthen yourself in areas you feel you need to without getting pressure to just do what others are doing no matter how nonsensical.. Here in E'Y you can be as "extremist" ha ha as you want and though you may also get looks in certain circles you can find "your" circle, and even if you don't find your circle right away, it does not matter. You are home, on the land you Tatte gave you.. it feels so amazing to be home. I honestly want to kneel down and kiss the ground when I walk (of course I don't do it lol) The sunshine, amazing flowers that I have only seen here, and orchards, etc etc... Hshem hugs us here, that is what I feel. He helps us to become who we really are. In chutz just to stand without falling took ALL my effort, could be just me... Today I am finishing the last parts of cleaning, preparing before it starts... our exodus from spiritual chametz... and I hear beautiful Jewish music outside of my window... all my neighbors are doing the same thing... it is so inspiring. And I am scrubbing myself.. without a cleaning lady, yay! It is ok with a Jewish helper too!! Nothing wrong to give someone work! But for me it is good to clean myself. I got lazy in chutz to do the cleaning, I got so proud.. I, the queen of england? Pack and carry my groceries (ha???I would not have even imagined such a thing!!! Lol) Now I carry them up to the third floor.. you can get delivery and I do sometimes, but it feels so good to do things for ourselves if we can… Leah R

  10. Forgot to add -
    The stories and situations that I have happened to me are astounding!! I look around and say that If one is connected to Hashem - Hashem is connected to him! Hashem shows His chesed, His love, His bracha wherever a Yid is - it's like a radio station - if you're tuned in to the right station you see it and feel it - if not, not.
    In Eretz Hakodesh it's so much easier to see since this is the air that is breathed. Here, the work is that much harder - but definitely do-able and so rewarding!
    Writing this just for those of my brothers and sisters that are here like me not to feel like if you're here for whatever reason that you can't do anything, not at all - roll up your sleeves and get to work - it's do-able, achievable, harder, but attainable non-the-less.
    No, you don't have the support and the pressure of the outside all doing it with you. No, you will probably be mocked and ridiculed, but so what?
    Since when is Avodas Hashem something that we do for everyone else? Since when is it a performance? It's a special and beloved matter between you and Hashem.
    Try it! Increase in chesed, mitzvohs, tznius, tefilla, tzedaka, etc.
    Hashem and His malachim are cheering you on!!!

    1. HR, I am already inspired BH but you inspire me EVEN more!!!
      You are exactly right. Hshem is so with us and it is ALL doable. it is the work that NEEDS to be done. "It's a special and beloved matter between you and Hashem." I love these words and actually everything you wrote. Thank you so much Devash for giving us a forum to speak honestly from our hearts. You know I don't like to praise publicly but this blog is something.:) Leah R

  11. HR thank you for saying this. My neshama is well known to Hashem

  12. Thank you Leah R. and HR for your wise and encouraging words. I would like to thank Devash for this forum and wish everybody a Chag Pesach Sameach!
    Warm Regards, Ms. AP