10 April 2016

Daniel's Father: "Photographing the Star"

3 Nisan 5776


Communication with Daniel
Yerushalayim, Purim 5776

Picture of Planet-X taken by Daniel's father from Har Adar at 5:44 pm on 10 March 2016 - the sun
 has already gone down, the little bit of light that can be seen is coming from the top of Planet-X.

Picture taken at the observation point on Har Adar 31 March 2016
at 6:56 pm - 2 weeks after the previous one.
The grayish photo is a copy of the one on the right after processing on the computer.

The last booklet has brought a lot of reactions of doubt about the whole matter of the star, starting with serious questions and ending in responses not suitable to print.

Maybe there really is a mistake concerning this? Maybe it will arrive only in more years? To ask a Jew in America to leave his home, with an assured livelihood, children who are used to going to cheder or yeshivah, to leave friends, neighborhood, and synagogue that he's accustomed to - it's not easy... So, it aroused a great need to bring a photograph of the star. A need to search...

The first and most important piece of data is that the star is coming from behind the sun. It's important to mention a grave warning here - do not look straight into the sun! So, I bought a few small colored plexiglas panels and looked through to the direction of the sun, in the morning, at noon, at evening - and at all of them, only a round and shining sun...

I thanked Rabbi A. who let me to use his internet line. By way of a kosher internet line that allows connection to hundreds of online cameras operating worldwide and through them one can observe what's happening there every moment. There are cameras connected to breath-taking views, to the beaches, to the skies, to every place... And this way it is possible to sit in one place for hours and tour the whole world...  And this way, days and hours are passing in searches, but where is the star?...

There is a website that shows thousands of pictures and videos of Planet-X! I looked for some photograph of the star in order to print in the next booklet of messages. But, it didn't work out. In part of the pictures the star appears on the right side of the sun, and in part it appears left of the sun, in part it appears like a small dot, and in part of the pictures it's big like half of the sun. For a lot of the pictures there are no details about date, location, photographic equipment, etc. And in general, in part of the pictures the star is only a reflection of the sun in the camera lens...

It's impossible to know which picture is real and which isn't. It's not possible to bring a picture if we're not 100% sure that it is real. So, if so many people photographed the star, then I also will photograph some small picture...

There are online cameras in the world that you can request to see pictures from the past, a day before, a week, a year, etc. You can request a certain hour a month ago - and it runs in seconds. One day we were connected to one camera in Australia and asked to see the sunset. Suddenly, it jumps from day to night. We repeated the request, asking for picture after picture. On each picture the date and the hour appear on the side. And we see that they were erased precisely ten minutes before the time of sunset.

We went over to another day - here also they were erased exactly ten minutes before the time of sunset. So, already there is a second piece of important data: it's possible to photograph it only at the time of sunset. You can also understand why - during the day the light of the sun is too strong, and it's impossible for us to see the stars, and at the time of sunset the light of the sun is slightly weaker and it's possible to begin to see...

There's a website in Germany displaying a map of all the online cameras there. On the map is displayed beside each camera an arrow indicating to which direction it's photographing. We looked there for a camera pointing west - and there aren't any! And if there are some individual cameras facing west - they're showing a mountain view or the valley on the other side, and not the sunset - the sun looks like it's really going down to the horizon. This gives us the third piece of data: the place for photographing needs to be high and overlooking straight to the horizon. That is to say it's impossible to photograph from a deep place where high mountains conceal the sunset.

Deleted photos and camera placement can teach us about the methods of the evildoers to keep us from seeing the star. Fine, so it remains to search for a suitable place to photograph. A few years ago the children "schlepped" me to tour a high place that's called "Har Adar", and at its summit is the Harel Brigade Memorial. At the monument there is an observation tower. A photo from a height of 900 meters above sea level seemed very suitable. Initially, I was looking for a telescope, look, the 'candidate' for photographing is located hundreds of millions of kms away. But, I asked myself how I will photograph its path, at the end I chose a Panasonic HC-W570 video camera, poor picture quality and quite complicated to use, but it does have a huge P90 zoom, and because of that it was chosen. Indeed it goes up to 1600 sheqels, but if one Jew is saved it's already worth it.

I waited impatiently for a clear day without clouds, and it arrived - Thursday, 30 Adar I this year. Almost a month passed since I began to search... A half hour before sunset I reached Har Adar. I brought another old video camera from home, if Heaven forbid the new one didn't work, I'd have a backup... In excitement I went up the stairs to the observatory. The view was amazing, but I didn't have time to look at the view. A high wall of haze extended the whole length of the coastal plain, or dark gray air pollution, and I hoped it would not disturb the photograph. I directed two cameras at the sun, and waited for sunset. The sun appears in the center of the camera's screen like a bright white circle. I look intently around the sun, searching for some sign of the star, a circle, something that indicates a star. Nothing. Fine, there are still ten minutes until sunset...

The sun sank slowly, and I'm looking intently at the screen, searching for some sign, something... at the moment that only half a sun appeared... nothing... a quarter sun... nothing... the sun's last point of light disappeared...  darkness began to descend. On the horizon a cloud can still be seen above the sinking sun, illuminated in golden sun rays... I look intently at the screen another time - maybe it will appear...

Fine, that's it, so I didn't photograph. What can you do? Going back home. I fold up the camera, give a last painful glance towards the sea, and suddenly some red point of light flickers through the wall of haze, maybe I imagined it?... I quickly pulled out my camera, directed it towards the red dot, and pressed the zoom button all the way to the end... Wow-wow-wow... Planet-X...!!!

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  1. Speak of the bad guys deleting evidence, yet years ago, Marshall Masters used to discuss likewise.

    While all this is way over my head, I definitely remember him stating that. You can research Masters' old discussions on Coast2Coast, as they correspond with the above.

    It may interest that Masters discusses palmtreeofdeborah's Nibiru tracking site, as well as referring to both R'Glazerson and Rav Shternbuch,


    1. I didn't see any mention of "Tracking Nibiru". He refers throughout his segment on Israel to "Breaking Israel News". B"H for His mercies!

  2. Wow. I would like to mention to you that I now B'H live in Sefat and I had a problem with the bank today... Bank Hapoalim would not see the packed hall of people with no explanation. When I went to ask I spoke with the manager who said there is 'no connection to the internet'! As well as, all the cashpoints were closed except for one... a long queue waited for that. They didn't know when it would be fixed and the manager would not look at me whilst talking or give me his attention. I did not believe the reason given and I have felt for the past two weeks that, would this bank too, be closing in on people demanding their cash?! I have never heard this happen within any bank before. What do you think? I read a post here on this blog on what happened to other peoples bank stories of recent, as well as what the autistic messages say. My gut instinct made me wonder almost that they are not willing to let go nowadays their tight hold on our money like before and that they will do as they please. Most people just sat there or left.
    I would really like to know what you think!

    1. I think if I had money in the bank, I would take it out while I still could. Their plan is to eventually eliminate cash altogether so that you no longer enjoy this option, but until then...

      Sometimes, it could be a "drill" to see what the public reaction will be to such an event.

  3. Thank you Devash, I appreciate your thoughts!

  4. It's almost more than one can take. The news gets worse by the day. Appears Nimrod has taken charge already.