09 April 2016

Israel Calling US Medical Professionals

2 Nisan 5776

It's a nice article with some very poignant personal stories at the end.

Shavua tov!

Zionist medicine

A new state of the art hospital is being built in the town of Ashdod and needs medical professionals to work there. Directors of the hospital, in conjunction with Nefesh B'Nefesh, go to America to enlist the help of US medical professionals to fill the spots.


  1. Fascinating, that you were once involved with Dominionists.
    Wondering if they're more fanatic than certain Mormons or far-right Amish... no doubt there are way more fanatic sects and cults.

    1. I wasn't actually one of them. It was during my period of searching for the truth. First I went through most of the xian movements before I started looking outside of it. I went to one of their churches and got involved with politics at the local level, but when I voted independently of their "instructions", I got on their bad side. Then when I learned more about their theology, I found that it totally clashed with my own worldview at the time, so my association with them did not last long. Just long enough to know first hand what they are about and that they're not a nice bunch of people.