04 April 2016

Baruch Hashem!

25 Adar II 5776

UPDATE: The final appeal to the High Court was denied. Meir Ettinger will not be allowed to attend and participate in the brit milah of his first-born son. May this be the final straw of injustice against the Torah-true Jews of Eretz Yisrael that brings down this Erev Rav regime once and for all time. Amen!

When we have done all that we can do and the outcome is not what we wanted or asked Hashem for,  we have to believe it's His will and that it's for the best even though we can't see it and still say "Baruch Hashem!"

24 Adar II 5776
Motzaei Shabbat

On Sunday morning at 10 am the court in Beer Sheva will consider Meir (David Chai ben Tovah) Ettinger's request to attend his son's brit milah on Monday.

In addition to praying daily for his immediate release from unjust imprisonment, PLEASE! daven with extra kavannah to HKB"H at that time for Heavenly Mercy on his behalf.

Thank you and tizku l'mizvot!


  1. Devash, I am sharing this on my blog, hopefully more people see it.
    Shavuah tov, may it be shavuah of Joy!

  2. Family protested in J-m last night.

    (JPress) Meir Ettinger, the grandson of Rabbi Meir Kahane, has been sitting in jail for the past 8 months, and hasn’t been charged with a crime.

    He is being held under administrative detention rules, and most of the time in isolation – after prison services claimed he was influencing other prisoners with his political ideology.

    The bris (circumcision) of Ettinger’s firstborn son will be held on Monday, and on Sunday at 10 AM a Be’er Sheva court will be decide if Ettinger can attend or not.

    Ettinger’s family held a protest in Jerusalem on Saturday night at the Bridge of Strings (Chord’s Bridge) demanding Ettinger be allowed to attend to his son’s brit mila.

    Ettinger is being represented by a lawyer from Honenu.

    The Israeli prison services are against his release.

    - a voice in the wilderness

    1. Point to the source that will redeem the whole world from this filth and malice. 5776-5777; prepare for a free, clean, organized and happy world.

  3. The petition was denied, Hashem yerachem! The attorney is appealing the decision to the High Court. May the Highest Court hold sway and may the Ultimate Judge look upon Meir David Chai ben Tovah with mercy and set him free to be with his wife and newborn son!

  4. Obviously, the MK is trying to do something good and bring awareness to all the Jews in Israel so it might have some impact on those in power. The ultimate outcome is always from H'. It is hard to believe that after 2000 years of waiting to be a sovereign nation again that those running the show and calling themselves Jews act more as the enemy. Makes no sense to withhold a first-time father from being at his son's brit. Proof of no Jewish hearts.
    Meantime, we need to say Tehilim for Meir David Chai ben Tovah and all who need our tefilot.

    1. I have no doubt that the impulse comes from a good place, but it takes the focus off the main thing. The family wants the FATHER there. Instead of calling the public to attend the brit - call the public to the prison official's home to protest all night as loud as possible.