14 April 2016

Freedom and Equality Are Not Jewish Values

7 Nisan 5776
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parshat Metzora - HaGadol

In a news article today about one of the current US presidential contenders, it has been reported that last year he "...proposed a U.S. Department of Judeo-Christian values that would promote Western ideas...."

This same US presidential contender was filmed lecturing a bunch of Yeshivish Jews in a pompous and condescending manner during a visit to Boro Park on Tuesday. Of course, the die-hard Xians believe they are way more enlightened than the "blinded" Jews, so why not? I mean, they have that additional revelation that they call the "New Testament", and per their man-god's instructions they abhor the "traditions of men" known to Jews as the Oral Law. So, of course, their vision and their values which only pays lip service to the "Judeo" part of "Judeo-Xian" should hold sway in the public arena, don't you think?

But, are the so-called "freedom" and "equality" touted as supreme values by the Western world really in any way Jewish values? 

It's a good question, really, coming as it does in the lead-up to the Jewish Festival of Freedom - Pesach.

Liberal, westernized (assimilated) Jews like to equate our Pesach experience with every "freedom" movement that has arisen in the modern world and they encourage the gentiles to see it that way, too. But, it's far from the truth.

When you say "freedom", Westerners think - no restrictions, I can do whatever I want, no one can tell me "no". On the face, Jews might also look back at Egyptian slavery when we could not choose the type of work we did, when we could not even protect our own infant sons, or take a three-day vacation to the desert, and think "sure" -- freedom means being able to do whatever you want. But, in our case, that would be very wrong.

The Jews in Egypt were liberated from slavery to Pharaoh in order to become slaves to God. Our freedom meant having the choice of whom we would spend our lives serving.

Fifty days later, at Har Sinai, we accepted the Torah and all its 613 restrictions (some of which are really very liberating). But we traded one form of servitude for another. And that's how life really is. Even the Westerners who believe they have liberated themselves from the restrictions of morality are not free since they serve the interests of the Satan without even being aware of it. And they suffer the natural consequences of the laws they unwittingly break without even understanding why.

Ok. let's take "equality". Despite the pretty words of the US Constitution, "all men are not created equal". We aren't created equally, we aren't judged equally and we are not rewarded equally. 

In the Jewish commonwealth, only those who are qualified from the tribe of Judah and the line of David HaMelekh may become king. Only Kohanim, the descendants of Aharon the Kohen, may become priests and only those of a certian age and without blemish may serve in the Holy Temple. Only a virgin may marry the Kohen Gadol. Only a born-Jewish woman - virgin or widow - may marry a Kohen. A mamzer may not marry a born-Jewish woman. A man can divorce his wife, but a wife can not divorce her husband. A man can take a second wife, but a woman can not take a second husband. There are other examples. 

Of course, all are deserving of equal protection under the law - but those who put themselves above the law (of God), like LGBTQ or whatever other letter they wish to designate their sin by, will not have their "right to sin" recognized or upheld by any Jewish court.

So, no. "Freedom" and "equality" as they are defined by the Western value system are not in any way "Jewish". 



  1. I was astonished of how many Jews actually thought that this Xtian was "schooling" the Rabbi and Yeshivah students. The one video didn't show the beginning where it was asked who was most important, or some such thing, and the Rabbi mentions Moshe Rabbeinu, and This is where the video started, with the candidate dismissing it. Interestingly the Rabbi tried Explaining how Mattan Torah is so important. I saw great deal of condescending arrogance and noticeably he kept trying to walk away when the Rabbi was attempting to explain the matter. It was evident how uncomfortable he was around those frum Jews in the way he kept trying to avoid them and hearing their words. Isn't this indicative of Xtian interactions.

    Another matter that is quite informative was how he characterized Yosef HaTzaddik. His main point was how evil the brothers were. This is a common theme among Xtian teaching. A person will find that virtually all lessons that Xtianity takes from Torah is to teach how evil the Israelites were then, and throughout history.

    On the point of freedom; I have heard many a radio show bring up Judeo-Xtian values and freedom being part of Torah. I have mentioned numerous times that Torah does NOT speak in this manner. Instead, it is ALL about responsibilities. As Rabbi Akiva Tatz put it there is inherent rights implied but not written. Without the responsibilities there is no rights. To put simply each side can say 'this is Your responsibility' and as a result there is chaos. Of course the point in ALL of this is that Xtians have NO knowledge of Torah and lack any understanding.

    So, I went again and viewed the video and that attitude he says about Moshe is truly disgusting. It's also rather humorous when he asks the students, 'what is your "lesson". He certainly doesn't understand how Talmud study works. The more I watch it the more disgusting it is, "Do you know this?". What is readily apparent is how considerate the Jews actually are. And BACK to Moshe. He has a REAL hatred for Moshe. Where in Torah does it say that the brothers will "worship" Yosef.

    1. You picked up on all the same things I did.

  2. Thanks to both of you - Devash and the informative comment by Sharbano. It is upsetting when we hear the so-called Judeo-xtian connection. Torah is the only absolute Truth. We see this is why the truly great Rabbis did not allow dialogue between the faiths. There is an agenda to demonize as much as possible our Oral Laws and our great ancestors; Moshe, Dovid, etc., etc. This is about exactly what Devash has been writing for the longest time and from the info we get from autistics. It's all about the same agenda. They have a goal and H' is allowing it to come to its conclusion because this is really a milchama neged H' and soon we will see how HE will deal with it - just as our Neviim and Chazal promised. Unfortunately, even religious Jews, rabbis have become so galutified that they forgot Torah is not 'western values' and the gentile interpretation of what freedom is not Torah's interpretation. There is only one true freedom in the world and that is living by Hashem's Torah standards and that will be the reality when (we hope very soon) the knowledge of H' will fill the whole earth as the waters cover the seabeds.


  3. Oh my!

    John Kasich links Jesus’ blood to Passover at matzah bakery
    In cringe-worthy moment, GOP hopeful says ‘blood of the lamb above the lampposts’ was Christ’s, as he’s known as ‘the lamb of God’


  4. I think the proper English word for what people call "freedom" today is licentiousness; a slightly gentler form is license. That is doing whatever one wants without responsibilities and going beyond normal limits. People used to believe that freedom comes with responsibility; but now, too many do not. Shabbat shalom!

  5. I Did forget the Xtian thinking on this point. For Xtians Avraham IS the Most important since they believe they are inheritors along with Israel. What's interesting is, it is difficult to pin them down on what it really means for them And Jews.

    For curiosity's sake I decided to check other news about this. The NYMag had quite the interesting take on the matter.

    Having thus met people who spend their entire day scrutinizing religious texts, Kasich's reaction was to ask them if they were aware of facts about those texts that they probably knew as very small children. "They sold [Joseph] into slavery, and that's how the Jews got to Egypt. Right? Did you know that?" For those who never attended Sunday school, this is a bit like visiting MIT, wandering into a physics lab, and asking people if they ever heard of this guy named Isaac Newton.

    In the longest video he says "Pray for me" and THEN asks "do you pray". What Chutzpah.

  6. The only think I see is Karish is an egotistical arrogant Anti-Semite shxxxx... What was most disturbing is the way the Jews acted, what a shonda... No matter who is elected in the US, US is history and when the Jews don't wake up over there, G-d help them... I did not look at the other video because right now I'm upset enough and if I would have been there I probably would have been arrested telling this guy where he can shove his ideology.. One think is for sure Rabbi Meir Kahane z"l was missed there... Shabbat Shalom

  7. I was not even going to look up this story that Devash put on the blog because this kind of stuff does not interest me. I already know that there is no end to the nonsense X-tians will think of... I worked with them, lived with them and their evil ways, ignorance, and whatever else is not interesting to me. If I never saw a goy again in my life, I would not be upset. It is not my heshbon, and only H can deal with their TOTAL lack of clariy.. to put it mildly. However, for whatever reason I clicked on the lecture and saw MY poor nebach brothers standing around this idiot, moron, ignoramus that I would not even waste 1 sec with and smiling and flattering him. I am glad that I digested my breakfast! I did my "terms" in both Russia and America. and I am home now BH. My heart aches for these poor ignorant Jews... I am sickened to look at them giving the time of day and talking to this ... nobody. In fact, nobody would have been better. I do not for a minute apologize for my bluntness. I do not hate people and there are some people (not X-tians) who are good and decent and have much more derech eretz than some frum/chareidi Jewish people I have dealt with, but this idiotic politician with whom they are wasting their precious time they could be learning or doing chessed, or thinking, or staring at the ceiling... he does not deserve to speak with Yeshiva students and express ANY opinion on anything. WHO in fact CARES??????? Who should care?? When will our Jewish brethren in America wake up and realize that all their "houses" "parnassa" and their frum "lifestyle" are all lies... there is no real Jewish life in chutz'l. it is a puppet theater! Yes, the matziv is the matziv HERE but E'Y is home and it is where we become who we really are and get close to H.. I will not elaborate... Being close to H is the ONLY important goal. Their whole life there is a lie....empty talk. Even Rabbis whom I respected (!!!) do NOT get it... They keep building "communities" and speaking of how great everything is...how much Torah there is and then they run to Pomegranite (in Brklyn) and choose among 10 different kinds of roast beef or whatever and 30 different dips... with their long sheiteled wives in tight clothing with 5 pounds of make up!!!! and E'Y is so hard... blah blah blah. Ad mosai??

    Leah R

  8. The sad thing is that Jews over there feel they HAVE to give a format to these people, none of whom cares one whit about us, and all of whom harber, on some level, a desire to see us disappear as a People. It is sad that no one has the chutzpa to say, "no." We don't need you to use us to advance your cause--to be elected, etc. This is what is really sad, that as Jews, we have become so weak in our emunah that we are afraid of man, and not so afraid of G-d.

  9. Leah, you describe only a "certain element" in Boro Park. What about Breadberry? Another 'have everything you want' store. And I heard that Osher Ad is going to Brooklyn. Look out!

    HOWEVER, I don't think one should call that same element as "sexually unrestrained; lewd, unrestrained by law morality; lawless; immoral" (as licentious means), rather they are just obsessed with the gashmiut that America offers. They are only pushing the religious boundaries. There are plenty of humble and prudent Jews in Boro Park. I know some. We have to be careful of maligning a whole group. That is disrespectful and NOT the Jewish way.

  10. Neshama, I think you (in your second paragraph) meant to address me, since I brought up the word "licentious." I agree with you that the boundaries Jews are pushing in chu"l are the religious ones, not the licentious ones; but they for the most part live near (and in some cases, in) areas where licentiousness is rampant among the goyim now, especially since the marriage laws were changed. At some point some, or many, of these Jews will be affected more than we see now. They may have to come here just to get away from it!

    But that's not why I brought up the word. I used it because I believe strongly (and I saw that the dictionary backs me up) that it better conveys the meaning that some are ascribing to the word "freedom." Mitzrayim was a licentious country, besides using us as slaves. Eretz Yisrael is not supposed to be. We are supposed to be free to serve HaShem.

    Shabbat Shalom to all.