12 July 2014

The Dream Has Become Reality

15 Tamuz 5774

I've shared here on the blog before about a dream I had in March 2005. At that time, Gush Katif was still in place and rockets had never been shot from there into Israel. Also, it was before any problem with Iran over a nuclear program.

Tonight, on a newscast on the internet, I saw an image from this dream. (The one above is similar to it.) A reporter was standing in a high place near Jerusalem looking out over the coastal plain with Tel Aviv featured prominently, as people waited to see if a promised rocket salvo from Hamas in Aza would indeed materialize, as it did. Seven rockets were reportedly shot down by the Iron Dome system.

It is known that the current conflict with Hamas has seen rockets from Ashkelon to Haifa and Tel Aviv has now been specifically targeted, tonight - the fifteenth of the Hebrew month - on the full moon. And, who would have believed that Jerusalemites would also be going into shelters? Furthermore, it is known that these rockets have been supplied to Hamas by Iran.

Israeli Ambassador: Hamas Using Iranian Rockets to Attack Israel

The terror group Hamas has begun deploying against Israel advanced long-range missiles provided to the militant group by Iran, forcing the Israeli military to specifically target these weapons caches in air strikes, according to Israel’s ambassador to the United States.


It was night time and I was in a high place overlooking the coastal plain. I could clearly see the city lights from Ashkelon all the way to Haifa. In the area of Tel Aviv-Herzliya, the lights formed a grid of stars-of-David. Something bright in the corner of my left eye caught my attention and when I looked, at first, it was a star and then it was the full moon with wings and it was hovering. As I looked at it, a death's head (skull) spread across it's face as if it was turning from facing the west to look at me. Suddenly it shot off in the direction of the coast, moving from east to west and the words "Death comes from the sky" entered my mind.

A woman came along and told me we had to quickly get into shelters underground and I went down a ladder into a hole in the ground, but I felt that it would be safe there.

The interpretation which I understood upon awakening (as written to a friend 4 April 2005):

The high place where I am protected is Jerusalem. The connection between the stars of David and TA-Herzliya is this---stars of David are the traditional symbol for the modern secular state of Israel and their connection to the TA-Herzliya area is obvious. (TA represents Israeli materialism and abandonment of G-d; the secular state that wants to be like all the other nations. It is where the Defense department is located from where Israel's wars are managed, signifying reliance on military might. Jerusalem is its opposite---Jewishness as opposed to Israeliness; spirituality and clinging to G-d.)

The "flying from east to west" indicates that the danger is coming from the east. It is a missile attack---missiles will rain down from the sky. It could be from Arabs in the cities of Shomron, but my sense was that it would be Iran---Iranian missiles.

The moon is indicating the time of the attack---the full moon.


The month of Tamuz, as well as the months of Av and Elul 5774 will have what is called a Super-Moon. It "will be bigger and brighter than most other full moons this year." Knowing that the moon represents Am Yisrael, let us pray that this is a sign that we also will shine brighter and be bigger in faith and trust in HKB"H as well as Torah, mitzvot and good deeds and that these rockets are the fireworks which will celebrate the end of the evil regime and announce the coronation of Melech HaMashiach!