10 July 2014

It's No Way to Fight a War

12 Tamuz 5774

Israel is reportedly still allowing goods to flow freely into Gaza; water and electricity are still being provided (free of charge); Israeli hospitals are still treating Gaza residents; and advance warnings of strikes are still being delivered to Gaza residents. If they run into the buildings to serve as human shields, rather than running away as is intended, the strike is cancelled.

Is this any way to fight a war?

There is talk now of a pending "ground invasion," meaning putting soldiers in harm's way. Will they be allowed to shoot to kill or will they have to give a warning shot first and then shoot at the legs, etc? Will they be required to guard "innocent civilian" lives at the expense of their own as they attempt to carry out their mission with one hand tied behind their backs?

This is no way to fight a war that you intend to win! 

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