10 July 2014

It's No Way to Fight a War

12 Tamuz 5774

Israel is reportedly still allowing goods to flow freely into Gaza; water and electricity are still being provided (free of charge); Israeli hospitals are still treating Gaza residents; and advance warnings of strikes are still being delivered to Gaza residents. If they run into the buildings to serve as human shields, rather than running away as is intended, the strike is cancelled.

Is this any way to fight a war?

There is talk now of a pending "ground invasion," meaning putting soldiers in harm's way. Will they be allowed to shoot to kill or will they have to give a warning shot first and then shoot at the legs, etc? Will they be required to guard "innocent civilian" lives at the expense of their own as they attempt to carry out their mission with one hand tied behind their backs?

This is no way to fight a war that you intend to win! 

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  1. I agree, but what do you suggest?

  2. As always,
    first drop the fliers to warn of an air strike. If that did not help make cell phone calls to warn them, if that did not help cancel the strike all together.
    But, if it did help, than you can proudly bomb an empty buiding.
    I can assure you, the building is inocent. It does not hate jews.
    The repeat of Lebanon war and last Gaza compains.
    Than they would say that there is no militarry solution.
    Of caurse there is no military solution if you warn them in advance and bomb them with fliers.
    We should learn Bitachon from Israily generals. They have Bitachon that they would get bigger miracle from Hashem than the Crias of Yam Suf. They expect that the arabs would start dying from heart attacks from the worming cell phonecalls and from the scarry look of the dropped liflets.
    Hashem Yerachem on us.

  3. HOw can we stop this stupidity, I mean one way do daven, But other than dovening, I mean some kind of compain. They did it in the last Lebanon and gaza wars, This is the physical reason of the failure of bith wars. You can not figh a war with fliers.

  4. On i24news tonight, I heard an Israeli military expert explain that "the only way to win is to re-conquer the Gaza Strip, but it won't happen." He said there is "zero chance" this will happen because the PM and DM and COS and all the security service heads are against it. And you know why? He said, if we do that, we will have to feed and take care of 1.8 million Arabs there and we can't do that. And this is why no Erev Rav regime will ever solve this problem - only Mashiach will be willing to come in and kill them all or make them flee somewhere else. There will be no question whatever of feeding and caring for our mortal enemies.

  5. Joke, simply a joke. May H' protect the chayelai Yisrael, if they send them in. Seems the rabbis, and all the rest haven't a clue of Halacha and the sin of waging a war, not to win but to endanger our soldiers needlessly. We need to pray for nissim for them and say Tehilim on a daily basis just for their protection.