24 July 2014

Shimon Peres - High Priest of Democracy & Enlightenment

27 Tamuz 5774

Choice excerpts from Shimon Peres' farewell speech as he leaves the Office of the Presidency of Israel...

...I leave the presidency without parting from my faith. I will continue to serve my country as a deep believer that Israel is an exemplary state.

...That Israel will uphold social justice and will raise its eyes to the realized dream of its prophets. That Israel will continue to be Jewish in its legacy and democratic in its practices. That it will safeguard freedom of speech and freedom of research.

That it will continue to excel in its scientific level on a global scale. That it will be a moral country. A country which will practice equality for all its citizens – Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze, Bedouins, and Circassians. So we promised in our Declaration of Independence. So we proclaimed in our book of laws. So we practiced upon the commands of our authorities.

The social vision of the prophet Amos, as the political vision of the prophet Isaiah, are our guiding lights.

They commanded us to take social justice and world peace as guiding principles for our actions.

Israel was born on the foundations of its principles. Today it grows on the shoulders of science....


  1. Yikes! Now that is telling!

  2. Leah, very telling. Nothing to do wih Israel being Jewish, under G-D, etc. Science seems to be the important focus.

  3. They have it quite mixed, as the Christians,muslims,budists..... etc and all the philosophies that the people have in the head. An impossible mixture(mixing). Madness.
    Perverted minds

  4. He actually has the hutzpah to distort the teachings of the Prophets during this grand farewell speech of his.

    His "authorities" are certainly not mine.