15 July 2014

Menachem: "We're Entering Into the Darkness"

17 Tamuz 5774

Communication with Menachem
11 Tamuz 5774

"We're Entering Into the Darkness"

You want to know what will be, right?... I can't tell everything. I can only say that it's clear to everyone that we are going deeper and deeper in the direction of darkness. And like Binyamin once said: We are now continuing into the heavy darkness until Mashiach. Therefore, we need to prepare. When a man knows that he is about to arrive in a dark place - he prepares. With whatever lighting instrument, with food and with all the various technical things that can help him. But, more than this, he needs to accustom himself psychologically to the situation.

And we need to accustom ourselves psychologically to the heavy darkness. It's so heavy, it's a weight that sits on our shoulders, on our heads, and it causes excess fatigue and states of confusion, of exhaustion, of physical weakness, etc. But, we have to prepare ourselves and also our thoughts to cope with the situation. All the time, it should be in our head and upon our lips: 'Ayn od milevado' - there's nothing aside from Him, 'Hashem Hu Hakol Yachol' - Hashem is the Almighty, 'Ayn od milevado', 'Hashem Hu Ribono shel Olam' - Hashem is the Master of the World, 'Ayn od milevado'! And don't be afraid. Don't be afraid.


[Devash: I'd like to insert here a teaching I received from my rabbi years ago. And it's so appropriate to the calendar as well as to current events. For these are always the darkest days on our yearly calendar - the time of "beyn hametzarim" - between the straits. The Three Weeks beginning today are like the Valley of the Shadow of Death for us.

Anyway, according to my rabbi, when the Holy Temple stood, a great channel existed between Heaven and Earth though which an abundance of energy flowed to sustain the world and its inhabitants, including great spiritual light which emanated from the Temple itself. When the Temple was destroyed, it was as if a giant door had been slammed shut, darkening the world and bringing the free flow of abundance to a slow trickle. The world could not exist in total spiritual darkness, so Hashem opened the equivalent of some small scattered windows which caused the light to be dim and diffused, not like it was before. But, in the future, right before Mashiach, the time will come for the great door to be opened once again.

However, before the door will be opened, the windows must first be closed, so that for an instant, we will be left in total terrifying darkness. If history is true to pattern, it will get darker and darker until Tisha b'Av. May our eternal hope for salvation be realized in the days and weeks ahead. Amen!]


  1. Amen v'Amen! May the coming of Moshiach Tzd'keinu come with great mercy for klal Yisrael and may it be very soon!

  2. if he says that it will get darker until Moshiach comes... and then a few lines later he says it will be getting darker until Tish b'av... does that mean he is saying that Moshiach will be revealed on Tish b'av...?

  3. Oh my, he didn't say that. I wrote: "If history is true to pattern, it will get darker and darker until Tisha b'Av."

    Please distinguish between the message and my comments which are set off in brackets.

  4. oh, i didn't know that within the brackets that was you and not Menachem. i thought he was saying he "would like to insert". thanks for clarifying.

  5. Thanks for letting me know that I needed to clarify that. I fixed it (I hope).

  6. "I heard that a Rav went to Rav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita, recently to ask for a haskamah (approval) letter for his soon to be published book.  The book is about Eicha, lamentations that we read on Tisha B’Av.  Rav Chaim said it won't be needed this year" http://absolutetruth613.blogspot.co.il/