31 July 2014

A False Sense of Achdut

4 Av 5774

While Israelis and Jews across the globe appear to be united like never before and seem to be anticipating good news any day now, I have the most uncomfortable feeling that something is amiss here. I read the news with a very skeptical eye and try not to trust anything I see or hear 100%. I try to fit all the pieces together to see the bigger picture and I come away feeling like a well-planned trap has been set for us and that we are just about ready to step into it. I can feel myself almost nodding off, relaxing my guard, about to get sucked in and then I jerk myself wide awake and I go through my mental exercises again...

What do I know?

That Bibi and Obama work for the same people - The Powers That Be. Yesterday, all the news was about the "leaked" phone conversation between Bibi and Obama. Nothing like that would ever be "leaked" from the White House itself.

What do I think?

They are puppets carrying out their orders. So how can they be such enemies? It's an act. They appear to be playing at good cop/bad cop with the Israeli people. To what end? To keep us off balance? To distract us from what is going on behind the scenes? To cause confusion?

What do I believe based on this?

That ultimately, they are all working towards a common goal. Our history and the words of our prophets tell me that the ultimate goal is possession of Jerusalem, so everything that is said and done should be judged in that light - how does it further their goal?

What do I know?

The Pope came here at the end of the Nine-Month 'peace' countdown to claim property at Kever David. The government has steadfastly denied giving anything to the Pope and yet they have. They are not to be trusted on this.

What do I think?

I think that the Nine-Month process was a key event and that Edom had every expectation of getting his hands on Jerusalem at this time and if not, a plan was ready to be launched that would bring the Jewish people to its knees, to beg for outside "help" that would bring the desired result in the end. I don't know who carried out the kidnapping of the three boys, but I think it was ordered from very high up the chain of command - above the heads of the talking-heads non-leadership.

What do I believe based on this?

That all this amazing achdut is a sham. That it's based on lies and misperceptions created by master mind-manipulators. That, as a naysayer, it is going to make it almost impossible to be heard. We're being lulled into a false sense of achdut. We're being set up for a big, frightening fall.

What is the proof? 

See for yourself... This happened yesterday. 

There can be no achdut with the Erev Rav or with the goyim.

Just remember, true achdut among Jews is unity around the ultimate truth - Hashem and His Torah. We want Mashiach so badly, we want so much to believe that redemption is finally here, but jumping the gun on the complete redemption is the most dangerous move a Jew can make. All of our worst troubles came as a result of getting ahead of ourselves this way.

Adam HaRishon did not wait until Shabbat; Bnei Yisrael did not wait for Moshe to come back from Har Sinai... And it's always in the final few minutes that we give in and give up - too soon!!

Hold on! Have faith! Stay awake! Stay alert! Mashiach is on the way, but he's not here yet!!


  1. Understand where you are coming from though only Hashem can stop this distraction theater and bring Moshiach to take over from the Erev Rav whether via coup or some other means.

    There is really only so much we can do to change the untenable / unacceptable status quo and however much we'd all like things to go in a positive direction, only Hashem can ultimately allow us to win as well as to thwart the conspiracies of our enemies in our favor.

    While we should faith and trust in Hashem to see us through to the end and while all of us can do better even if it is improving on one small thing, it can be difficult at times not to get disheartened after being told now and again that our efforts are not good enough to topple much less negatively impact the malevolent multi-generational conspiracy of our enemies that stands against us.

  2. Jesterhead, you're right. But, just keep in mind that "our efforts" are for our own benefit and Hashem needs nothing at all from us in order to fulfill His word to us. And all those who believe so much in their own efforts (hishtadlut) must realize that we've come to the end of it. The storm is upon us. All we can do now is cling onto Hashem to ride it out. When it's over, Mashiach will be here. Meantime, I think the best we can do is love Hashem and each other; keep learning Torah to strengthen our souls; keep praying for relief; keep speaking words of love and wisdom to each other; and, keep our eyes open and focused on the prize that we've been working towards all our lives.


  3. So, behind everyone's backs, while the army is laying down its life in gaza and we are in the nine days, someone is still giving orders to attack Jews and destroy their homes?

    Can you spell E-V-I-L?

    That's some brave boy with that girl down on the ground.

  4. WOW! This just in from Arutz Sheva.

    Government Demolishes Homes of IDF Soldiers Fighting in Gaza

    "Homes belonging to soldiers near the Samarian village of Kfar Tapuach torn down even as they served their country, some in Gaza."

    I have to say that I thought it was kind of fishy all that talk about achdut by Peres and Barkat and other Erev Ravians at the boys' shloshim. I'm sure the Zionists would like us to fixate on achdut around the IDF and other Zionist ideas and institutions so we won't come together around Torah because that's where the Jew's power lies.

  5. dear Devash, shalom forever.

    Hashem guide your thoughts. I think the same thing.
    The Eternal one prevents them from cheating us.

    Hashem bless your soul.

  6. Devash,

    Thank you for the warning. I have written to our cousins in Shilo to ask whether their daughter & SIL are in any way involved (I don't know where they live, so it occurred to me they might live in or near KT). The SIL is one of the soldiers I am praying for and doing mitzvoth in his name daily.

    I shudder to think of the reaction of the affected soldiers (not to mention the others too) when they come home from the battlefield (or from work or whatever) to...their destroyed homes. If this is their reward for their service (or whatever they're doing to stay alive in our country), what will happen to their morale thereafter?

    You'd think they'd learn their lesson: No more expulsions of Jews and destruction of their homes. It says a lot about why we're in Gaza in the first place...not for the right reasons. Haval. Oy Lanu!

    May HaShem bless, anyway. The real achduth will be shown by our rallying around those whose homes were destroyed BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT, NO LESS, DURING WARTIME.

    HOW DARE THEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CDG, Yerushalayim

  7. "It says a lot about why we're in Gaza in the first place...."

    That's very insightful CDG.

  8. Just to clarify: I'm not saying we should get out of Gaza. Hell, no! I wouldn't want to see the Rosh Hashana Massacre that was planned for us! Just two more months...and it might have been curtains for us. aval b'hasdei haShem hem lo hitzlichu! mi sh'mevin, yavin.

    But, the destruction of Jewish homes in Kfar Tapuach, not even supposed Arab land, is highly inconsistent with any real aim to clear our land of enemies, or to place Jews where they belong in it. It means our government is still clinging to its original agenda. They can't even properly pretend to care about their people (or should I call us their 'subjects'?). Note the 9 years that they delayed a proper response.

    My guess is that their escape hatch isn't quite working out as they'd hoped. They still haven't found a place in the world that won't arrest them for war crimes - or kill them for being Jews - so they are stuck having to defend the homeland after all, because they finally realize that what has been traumatizing the South all this time WILL affect them, as it already HAS.

    And now Netanyahu has declared: We Won't Stop Until the Job is Done (according to A7 he actually VOWS! can you imagine?)

    CDG, Yerushalayim

  9. The satan is trying to break us down. We must not get distracted. We need to be strong and keep our faith and love with Hashem and love for each other

  10. the week after the boys were kidnapped, news came out about kever david hamelech being used during the day by the notzrim...that was a confirmation for anyone questioning the prior week's event

  11. achdut? are you kidding? That requires gratitude, respect, and humility. Those are non existent qualities today. They don't appear overnight due current events.

  12. i was thinking along these lines yesterday...

  13. i think the achdus is real! it cannot be faked.
    however i feel uneasy about other things, like not believing whats in the news and there are definitely wheels within wheels in the governments, planting thoughts in our heads- how they want us to perceive situations. but that is not the main concern for us.
    the sifting of all people is still going on- and we have to focus on ahavas HaShem and ahavas Yisrael.

  14. I believe that this is part of personal responsibility. One must act to spread and increase achdus wherever they go, and in whatever situation they find themself. That means among your 'brothers' I.e., Jews. This is what matters. HaShem takes care of the leaders of the world.

  15. Once again, thanks for keeping our eyes open, Devash. And I appreciate all the comments, especially CDG's insights.
    Like Devash and the other commenters here, I feel that the achdut among actual Jews is real and should be continued, but I agree with Devash that the Erev Rav leaders are trying to use that against us in some currently unknown way, just like the Erev Rav got the Jewish men united to build the Egel. They were dancing and singing together around the Egel, which must have felt uplifting and "right."
    Like Devash, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. I feel like something is about to happen, either good or bad. I feel like I'm waiting for Tisha B'Av to break the tension, but whether that will actually reveal something or not, I do not know.
    I do not trust our political leaders, kippah or not.
    The Kli Yakar in this parsha says that because Av's mazal is the lion, we have an extra urge to rip each other apart (toref), from which we must take precautions. Fortunately, we seem to be using this lion aspect to rip our enemies apart -- external enemies and our internal enemy, the yetzer hara.
    Looking forward to more insights, Devash.

  16. I thought something was odd about this "unity," but I was too enmeshed in it to see, I suppose.

    You made a lot of good points,...a lot to think about, and the same goes for commenters.

  17. Devash

    What I meant regarding our efforts is in terms of Teshuvah and while agreeing with you that it is for our benefit, it can be unhelpful at times being constantly told by others that one's efforts at doing Teshuvah are not good enough to even help nudge things in a positive direction (however small) when it is Hashem that is ultimately pulling the strings.

    Not my intention to justify complacency, just that it is unhealthy to find oneself caught up in a psychological catch-22 where we are impotent to do anything and as a result (heaven forbid) end up feeling completely burned out from everything that is going on in the world.

  18. I think Jews around the world are united like never before. And apparently it's a good time for the Erev Rav to get some things done when we least expect it. That's why they tore that soldiers house down. It was an act of stealth, knowing Jews are preoccupied with this war. If this would have been reported on like it should have been there would have been a lot more people would have shown up. It's the PM that is feigning achdus with the people but the people - we are feeling the love and unity. I heard that 90% of Israelis want to go full force after the enemy. When have we had such unity?