31 July 2014

A False Sense of Achdut

4 Av 5774

While Israelis and Jews across the globe appear to be united like never before and seem to be anticipating good news any day now, I have the most uncomfortable feeling that something is amiss here. I read the news with a very skeptical eye and try not to trust anything I see or hear 100%. I try to fit all the pieces together to see the bigger picture and I come away feeling like a well-planned trap has been set for us and that we are just about ready to step into it. I can feel myself almost nodding off, relaxing my guard, about to get sucked in and then I jerk myself wide awake and I go through my mental exercises again...

What do I know?

That Bibi and Obama work for the same people - The Powers That Be. Yesterday, all the news was about the "leaked" phone conversation between Bibi and Obama. Nothing like that would ever be "leaked" from the White House itself.

What do I think?

They are puppets carrying out their orders. So how can they be such enemies? It's an act. They appear to be playing at good cop/bad cop with the Israeli people. To what end? To keep us off balance? To distract us from what is going on behind the scenes? To cause confusion?

What do I believe based on this?

That ultimately, they are all working towards a common goal. Our history and the words of our prophets tell me that the ultimate goal is possession of Jerusalem, so everything that is said and done should be judged in that light - how does it further their goal?

What do I know?

The Pope came here at the end of the Nine-Month 'peace' countdown to claim property at Kever David. The government has steadfastly denied giving anything to the Pope and yet they have. They are not to be trusted on this.

What do I think?

I think that the Nine-Month process was a key event and that Edom had every expectation of getting his hands on Jerusalem at this time and if not, a plan was ready to be launched that would bring the Jewish people to its knees, to beg for outside "help" that would bring the desired result in the end. I don't know who carried out the kidnapping of the three boys, but I think it was ordered from very high up the chain of command - above the heads of the talking-heads non-leadership.

What do I believe based on this?

That all this amazing achdut is a sham. That it's based on lies and misperceptions created by master mind-manipulators. That, as a naysayer, it is going to make it almost impossible to be heard. We're being lulled into a false sense of achdut. We're being set up for a big, frightening fall.

What is the proof? 

See for yourself... This happened yesterday. 

There can be no achdut with the Erev Rav or with the goyim.

Just remember, true achdut among Jews is unity around the ultimate truth - Hashem and His Torah. We want Mashiach so badly, we want so much to believe that redemption is finally here, but jumping the gun on the complete redemption is the most dangerous move a Jew can make. All of our worst troubles came as a result of getting ahead of ourselves this way.

Adam HaRishon did not wait until Shabbat; Bnei Yisrael did not wait for Moshe to come back from Har Sinai... And it's always in the final few minutes that we give in and give up - too soon!!

Hold on! Have faith! Stay awake! Stay alert! Mashiach is on the way, but he's not here yet!!