30 July 2014

Messages from Daniel: "From Behind the Iron Curtain" (Part 1)

4 Av 5774

Two messages from Daniel: A.Who kidnapped the boys? B. Who saves us from the missiles?

THE KIDNAPPERS - Message from Daniel, Tamuz 5774
(This communication was conducted a day before the notification of the discovery of the kidnapped boys.)

Abba, the poor boys, how much I cry over them. It's been over two weeks and still they haven't found them. I am very afraid for their lives, I'm very afraid for them. Abba, it's not like it appears, because, everything that happens in the world is not as it appears. How will I explain to you that it's not like you are all seeing?

For example - the IDF, historically, in 1948, from the beginning of the state, the IDF was thought to be the one who saves Am Yisrael, and it's nonsense. The IDF can be a good army, with sophisticated weapons, but everyone, from the most heretical to the most faithful knows that the first wars here in the Land, after the state arose - were only miracles. We won, B"H, only in miracles from Heaven, also in the war with Iraq, 39 scuds fell in the Land of Israel - and only one man was killed! And this person was a complete heretic. Is it not miracles...?!

The War of Independence, miracles! It wasn't the IDF. It was HKB"H. Miracles from HKB"H. The Six Days War: Every bit of it was a miracle. Everyone knows it. The Yom Kippur War - a miracle! Miracle of miracles! It started very bad, the IDF wasn't ready, more than 2,000 soldiers were killed. And, at the end of the thing - Hashem made the miracle. There are those who say because of Sharon was the victory... But, it's nonsense. It was all miracles. And miracles come only from Heaven, straight from HKB"H. All of our short history as a state - it's one big miracle. And if there wasn't an IDF - HKB"H would have saved us some other way. And the fact that the victory comes as if in a natural way, via the army - it's a deep matter of the free will that we have, but we won't go into that now.

The police - we depend upon them to protect us, but they excel at giving reports... And the pension that we've been saving for our whole life, that in a little bit, it will be revealed that there isn't a pension...  We trust in the health funds and the doctors to cure us, but we never know if they are helping us to live or to die...

The State of Israel - it's not what you are seeing. You're seeing a secular state that's not doing what needs to be done. Going against HKB"H. Right, Zionists worked the land and built tall buildings and big cities, but along with it - the corruption that existed even before the establishment of the state - celebrates. And the basis of all this state is beginning to crumble because we forgot the most important thing - that it's the holy land, and HKB"H gave it to Am Yisrael for the sake of living according to the Torah and not to live like seculars. They forgot it and now, we are a country like all the countries in the world. And we're happy with the wild behavior around the golden calf just like the nations.

In the Knesset - they're passing threatening laws against circumcision, permitting all kinds of odd couples to get married and etc. There's a war against the Chareidim, an economic war, because they want the Chareidim to disappear or become like the seculars. They want them to stop having children because they won't have money to feed them. It's a war of the seculars against the Chareidim, particularly.

And within all this balagan, and maybe someone is intentionally making all this balagan, in order that it won't be felt how the country is flooding in gentiles, and the Pope himself wants to build here a second Vatican!... He's calling the Catholics to come and to find their roots in the Galil, in Eretz Yisrael! And in the world, there are millions of Catholics and if only a million Catholics come to settle here - we have a problem...

And here, within this balagan that we have here, with all the breakdown of the state - three righteous young boys were kidnapped. Kidnapped by whom?... Some are saying it's 'Hamas', and if it really is 'Hamas' - I don't know. I know one thing: - the first Zionist leaders, more before they settled here, wanted it to be a completely secular country, a country like all the countries. Only what? At first, they couldn't show it so clearly, because then - what will they tell all the nations...  - what is our right to the Land of Israel without the Torah...? But, anyway, they were very corrupt, and until today, the corruption is celebrating, like we know from the daily news.

Here, in a country like this, which is crumbling from the corruption of its leaders - suddenly, three tzadikim disappeared! The IDF goes and checks all kinds of places, arrests all kinds of Arabs, but it's all a show. I don't know where these boys are and I'm very afraid for their fate. But, it's all a show. The leaders of the country today belong to an organization much bigger than the State of Israel and they do things according to other calculations from what we think. And therefore, I feel that it won't take much time and they will allow foreign soldiers to arrive here, soldiers who supposedly will come to 'help' us. And it won't take much time after this, that they will try to remove every reminder of the Torah, of Judaism. Maybe this surprises you, but there are many who are not surprised by it.

And these boys, I am very concerned and afraid, and I believe also that here in Eretz Yisrael there were those who knew that the kidnapping was about to happen. Why did they do it?... I don't know exactly, but first thing - the popularity of the government was already going down and they needed to show that they are 'strong' and they're fighting and they're doing something - not just thieves who are sitting in jail. And the second thing - to confuse the people, because it put fear into the people. The third thing - it helped the army to uproot the Hamas who want as many of us to die as possible. 

It's a scary world today. And in one second, everything can change, in a second it's impossible to recognize our area, our Land of Israel, our region. On the one hand - Syria, who was once our great enemy, was strong and frightening, and today - Syria is almost finished after all her wars. And on the other hand - suddenly, again threatening! Some army turns up, conquering almost all of Iraq, invading Jordan, and located 60 km from Israel's border and 100 km from Eilat!... Where did this army come from?!... From where are his weapons?... His equipment?... Thus... Suddenly... A week before we hadn't heard about them at all. And they want to rule over this whole area, including Eretz Yisrael. The world is confused. It's hard to know who belongs to what, impossible to know what a day will bring forth. Within a half hour something else scary can be in the world .

These boys were kidnapped and slowly, slowly we're forgetting them. Slowly-slowly Am Yisrael are ceasing to pray for them,  and returning to daily life as usual. Becoming accustomed to them being gone, shelo neda. The news is good for a week or so, and afterwards - yes, we're forgetting. It doesn't interest anyone. I request from HKB"H to return the children home, that there should be the mercy of Heaven on their broken parents, I request that these children will merit to receive our righteous Mashiach together with All Am Yisrael.

But, I'm afraid for Am Yisrael. It's not for nothing that they were kidnapped. It's also a message to Am Yisrael that we are not the Almighty. Only Hashem is the Almighty. it's a message that we ourselves are murdering our next generation with disgusting laws that this 'Knesset' is passing, with the Core Curriculum that we are inserting into our educational institutions, and with our lack of modesty in the streets. Hashem commands "kedoshim tihiyu" - "Be holy." And we forgot.

We can't be a Jewish state if we're not living according to the Torah. But, the secular leadership doesn't really want it to be a Jewish state, because they are going against the Jewish religion. And these children are not guilty, they are also mitzvah observant. But, the sickness has also entered into the Dati'im as well as into the Chareidim. And they need to admit to it, because Hashem is taking the righteous boys in order that we will begin to make a personal accounting, but I am afraid that the majority won't make a personal accounting. I am afraid for Am Yisrael. I know that in the near future there will be very difficult wars in all the world, and after that we will receive our righteous Mashiach.

But, until then, we're in a test, in a trial. Hashem wants that we will depend only upon Him, because already it's impossible to depend upon anyone, upon any other framework. Only upon Him.

I request from everyone: To stick to HKB"H and don't leave Him. And trust in Him. Because we are standing before the most diffcult times. To trust in Him - because this is what will save us. When we went out from Mitzrayim there wasn't enough food, but it was enough until we got the manna. Hashem made a miracle for us - and also today Hashem will make miraculous miracles, if we believe and understand that it's miracles. But, if we don't want to believe in it - oy lanu, oy lanu.

I want very much that these three children will return because they are tzadikim, they're the korbanot of the generation. And that we will get to receive our righteous Mashiach quickly in our days together with the three children who were kidnapped.

Communication with Daniel (after the discovery of the kidnapped boys)

A short time ago we received the notification that the three boys who were kidnapped were found without a spirit of life. Baruch Dayan HaEmet. They were murdered in a violent way and died as public sacrifices. They were complete tzadikim who were murdered al kidush Hashem. One thing is clear - where they have gone, it will be better for them than what will be for us, the people who are remaining here. Because we are very near the complete redemption, and we are going through now, before the end, the most difficult period. We'll need, as Jews, to hold position, because there will be very hard confusions. But, a real-Jew, who knows the truth - won't be confused. And about the three korbanot, I can only say: what we can see with the eyes, and what they're telling us about the murder - it's all a 'question mark'. And with all my strength - I can only shout: Hashem avenge their blood.


  1. From Rabbi Brody of Lazerbeams:
    "Hamas didn't want the current war at this time. It prematurely ruined their plans. So, when Hamas said that they were not responsible for the kidnapping and murders of our three holy martyrs Eyal Yifrach, Naftali Frankel and Gilad Shaer, may Hashem avenge their holy blood, they were not lying. Our martyrs were killed by the Hevron-area Hamasniks, who are still at large. One source told me that the killers were operating on the initiative of their local Hevron cell without coordination with Gaza HQ and that Gaza Hamas HQ was in fact taken by surprise. Another source told me that they weren't taken by surprise, but that they were surprised by Israel's no-nonsense reaction in rounding up and re-incarcerating many of the terrorists that had been released in the Shalit deal. In either case, Hamas did not plan on a war at this time, which explains the inexplicable and eerie quiet that we had from them in the south of Israel during the six months that preceded the "Operation Protective Edge", the current war ."

  2. Thanks for the quote from Rabbi Brody, Neshama. It sheds a lot of light.
    I truly believe that the miracles we are experiencing now are because of the korbon of the 3 bachurim combined with the incredible deeds and tefillot Am Yisrael performed during those 18 nerve-wracking days.
    I totally believe the point of this posting. The horrific tunnels have been dug using materials and electricity given to Hamas by the ISRAELI government. The deaths of our precious soldiers could have been totally prevented had Israel turned off the electricity and stopped the hand-outs in Gaza a long time ago AND conducted a serious aerial assault, preventing the need to send soldiers in on foot, which has murdered so many in recent weeks.
    The Erev Rav pretend to defend us while killing us at the same time.
    Personally, I do not want my son or anyone else's to die so that little Achmed can go to Nazi kindergarten for another day and so that Fatma can produce more terrorists.

  3. I find this latest communication from Daniel to contain lashon haro against the IDF and against Israel in general. While some of what he says is true, the implications he touches upon, making us think that perhaps Israel kidnapped the boys... is not appropriate at all. Lashon hara, or probably not even that, as it is false, therefor it is rechilus. Sorry Devash, that's how I feel.

  4. H' y'rachem aleinu v'al kol acheinu b'Eretz Yisrael u'bagalut v'yavi lanu Moshiach Tzdkeinu b'rachamim rabim, miyad.