22 July 2014

Another Timely Message

24 Tamuz 5774

Just received this message via Facebook from my very good friend Aryeh Gallin of Jerusalem. Thought it was well worth passing on...

Israel is the canary in the world's cave. The oppression of the Jews in Germany (which did not bother anyone too much, they did business with the Nazis up till the last minute, and many of them continued during the war) preceded the entire world being engulfed in chaos. What is going on now in Israel is the same, it precedes the entire world being engulfed in chaos. That process is underway now. Only in this case, I think, it is the last chaos, the final war of Gog and Magog. If Jews and Israelis would KNOW that, they would see the unfolding events very differently. A friend of ours, a former left winger, now screams "blow up the dome of the rock." Israelis HAVE to go through this, they HAVE to see their illusions and fantasies go up in smoke. All the "garbage" MUST be cleared away before the restoration of the monarchy. The people, including the entire world, must be ready for this. That process is underway now.

I couldn't agree with you more, Aryeh. Thank you.