14 July 2014

Binyamin: "Fear Takes Control" - Questions and Answers (Part 1)

17 Tamuz 5774

Continued from here...

Question: I'm feeling anxious, a great tension... What is the source for this feeling?

Answer: Yes, yes. The situation now is the hardest. And this, that Al Qaeda so-to-speak, rules over Bavel, Iraq, it's a big problem. Iraq is a bridge between Iran and Syria, if Iran decides to occupy Iraq which is very weak now, and it's very interesting that suddenly Al Qaeda has an army like this... - then it will be one place: Syria, Iraq and Iran. It's a vast area. And it constitutes an immediate threat to Turkey. You can see without much imagination how it's possible to arrive from this to a third world war.

And that's aside from all the problems in Ukraine.

Once again, I repeat: It should be clear to you, it is all planned. True, it's from Shamayim, but these evildoers, they think they are the wise ones, and they can thus take control over the world. It started with Egypt, after that Libya, and etc, and etc, and etc., country after country, until they arrived to Syria. Now, it's Iraq. Suddenly. And it will continue and continue. You see that they think they are really great geniuses and the Satan that they believe in - he really protects them, chas v'shalom. And they succeed without an army, without anything, to make the Arabs kill each other. They need to do next to nothing, just a bit to send a weapon there, and some experts to help them, and true, also money, but that's everything. That's it. There's nothing more for them to do aside from this...

And they can sit and look and enjoy, simply enjoy. Like some game of 'football,' a game of soccer,  basketball, what have you. But, at some stage, it will really start a war, the biggest war ever. Then all so-called "בעסערע-מענטשן" (important people) - they will go into their bomb shelters where they see their movies there and they have a jacuzzi there, etc. While the whole world will kill each other and then they will go out from there - the rulers. They are already ruling over the greatest and strongest armies and police in the world. So what? What else is there to do?...  They are a group of only 150 men, when at the head of them are maybe 7 people, and they believe that shortly, they will rule over the world! And I believe that Eretz Yisrael, the State of Israel, is already in their hands, only we don't know it. It's secret.

And I'll tell you another thing, that from here they will want to rule, and I've said it all along, that from here they will want to rule. But, why? I'll say once more, because it's the place that Hashem gave to His people, to Am Yisrael. His people, His child, His beloved son. His beloved bride, then they will think and will demonstrate to the world that this is it. "We are the beloved of Hashem, and we are not only the beloved of Hashem, we even rule over Hashem," chas v'shalom, "because we are chasidim of the Satan," chas v'shalom, shelo neda.

And then they will bring so-to-speak, "Mashiach," who won't be The Mashiach, of course, but they will present him as Mashiach. They have, as we can see, plans more elaborate than what I'm telling you, because I don't know exactly what, but I know the direction, I know the basis of their plan. And it's going precisely according to our prophets. But, we will see, because it will start very strong.

And since the visit of the Pope, may his name and memory be erased - since then everything is changing. It started a bit before that, but since he arrived - it changed greatly. They've started coming out in the open, outside so everyone can see them.

And we need to understand that this kidnapping, it's not just an event that happened because the Arabs decided one way or another, it's a plan exactly like what is happening in all the Arab countries who are having internal problems, like Egypt, Libya and etc., exactly like they also have these things. They planned this kidnapping in order to bring something, some situation within Am Yisrael. It is planned in the highest places of the evildoers.

And the Jews, we have to say: 'Until here'! 'Until here'! We started to think a few decades after World War II, about a little less than seventy years since the war ended, as Jews began to feel that the Jew needs to sacrifice himself al kidush Hashem - whether in life or in death, chas v'shalom - it is a thing of the past, because there is no such thing today. Because we do not live in such situations as then. But now - it is the situation. We need to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of the truth, for the sake of HKB"H. To show Him that we, all of us, are His, and we are ready to do His will...

[To be continued, b"H...]

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