31 July 2014

Messages from Daniel: "From Behind the Iron Curtain" (Part 2)

5 Av 5774

Communication with Daniel, 27 Tamuz 5774

Abba, Abba, I'm so angry, so angry. Chutzpah! Chutzpah! All the time talking about "Iron Dome, Iron Dome, Iron Dome"...  Like that's the thing that is saving us. Like whoever decided to develop the idea is a 'great' person and understanding. Iron Dome?!...  Is this what saved the people of Israel?!... Is this the reason that there were so few casualties from all the missiles of the Arabs?!...

Abba, I'm so afraid, Hashem gave us this trial. Until today, almost 1000 missiles have fallen on us, and these missiles are almost not injuring anyone. And today, we saw again how the blessing of the Chazon Ish ztz"l exists. The Chazon Ish promised us that there wouldn't be bombs, explosions in Bnei Braq. Do you not see?!... You don't understand?!... With every "Iron Dome" and its ability - it's not normal! How can it be that 1000 missiles have fallen on Eretz Yisrael and almost nothing happens?!... Just a little loss of property and there were some individuals that were injured.

Hashem gave this to us as a trial - in order to show us that He is the Almighty, that it's a huge, giant miracle. And we need to understand the miracle! And also, in these huge miracles there is choice. So, what is Hashem doing?... He gave us 'Iron Dome', so it could confuse us, so that we would think that really the technology - that's what is saving us, chas v'shalom...
But, every person with a little brains, every Jew with a true neshamah, understands well that only HKB"H - He's the one who saves us, and not any other power. He created us, He created the world, only He can destroy us, and only He can save us.

And we have a Prime Minister who guards his mouth that he doesn't dare to say "Baruch Hashem"..., that he doesn't dare to thank Hashem for saving us. And the government continues with its lies, continues to try to destroy Am Yisrael, to turn Am Yisrael into a people like all the peoples. Hashem protect and preserve us from these evildoers. The Prime Minister continues to try to pass laws against real conversion, against circumcision as necessary, to bring in heretics within the Chareidi schools and of course to the secular schools and etc.

We know that they are trying to break up Am Yisrael into little pieces, and to scatter us among the peoples who are already living here in Eretz Yisrael. We know that secret agreements exist with the Vatican, to allow them to control Kever-David-HaMelech, and many of our holy places. And also, they want to rule over the Land, and we have a government that apparently also wants this. And whoever does not see the evil in this, then it's doubtful if he has a Jewish soul.

Abba, I'm angry. I'm angry even though I know that this is how it has to be before Mashiach comes. There needs to arrive here someone who will rule over us nine months, and at this time I know we will suffer very strongly, and he will be much worse than Haman, and more evil than Haman, and apparently we are arriving to these times. That's how it appears.

Abba, on the one hand, I am very angry, but on the other hand, I am happy, because when it happens - it's a sign that Mashiach is already here. Because Mashiach can't get the rulership from those we call the 'Zionists'. And it shows us that we are in the final stages of the complete redemption.

Abba, be happy, be happy. I want to turn my anger for them into happiness. I want to dance from happiness - even if we have to go through gehinom before this, chas v'shalom, in any case, we are so close to the complete redemption, that I already don't have anger. The anger turned into happiness. It's clear to me that Mashiach, in just a little bit, will reveal himself, b'ezrat Hashem, and we will be redeemed, all Am Yisrael, in happiness and joy, and we will forget completely all the suffering that we went through in this long and bitter exile that's already like without end.


  1. we need to keep looking forward to the redemption and hold on

  2. Wonderful that these articles are getting out to the public, so everyone reading it should send it to other Jews. H' will save all 'am Yisrael', meaning the 'Bnei Yisrael' who are the real Am Yisrael and will also save the righteous of the nations.

  3. While I think this blog is very important and hope you keep doing what you are doing, i want to say that all this talk about moshiach being moments away is getting very tiresome. We really have no way of knowing when moshiach is coming. Could be 100 years from now. This is not something to build one's life around.

    Same with all the talk about bitachon. The emotionalism just isn't healthy. You can't will moshiach and can't will bitachon. There are steps to take to work on it, and some comes and a lot doesn't. All the exhortations about bitachon are nearly as depressing as those about moshiach.

    This community has a strange idea about chizuk. Chizuk is rarely a pat on the back. Good job. Chizuk is usually, what's wrong with you. God is so great. You stink. Do more. You are not doing enough. YOu will regret it someday.

    It really gets to be pathological and abusive after a while.