"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

09 July 2014

Hodu l'Hashem Ki Tov...

11 Tamuz 5774

...Ki Le'olam Chasdo! Give thanks to God for He is good, His kindness endures forever!

After 234 rockets have been fired into Israel - the most recent aimed at the Dimona nuclear facility - there have been no fatalities and only minor injuries reported. Even damage to infrastructure has been limited.

This is NOT thanks to the Iron Dome System.

This is NOT thanks to the IDF.

This is NOT thanks to government policies.

It IS thanks to HaKadosh Baruch Hu alone!!

Because, if this were happening anywhere else, the outcome would be very different.


  1. Hodu l'Hashem Ki Tov, Ki l'Olom Chasdo

  2. Blessed be the Name of HaShem!!!! He is Good, and His Mercies are tender towards His People...

  3. We can thank HaShem for all the inventions and other stuff, can't we?

    It is all due to Him. The technology we are using now - and that which they are using now. The effect their use of it is having on us (negligible) and the effect our use of it is having on them (devastating and more to come, I hope!)

    I notice there hasn't been any "war" going on here in Yerushalayim tonight, like there was last night, although it is still going on non-stop near Aza.

    May HaShem give us TOTAL VICTORY in ALL of our precious Eretz Yisrael.

    CDG, Yerushalayim

  4. Amen! How very, very true!

  5. CDG, the Iron Dome is NOT a good thing. First, it allows the government to prolong our agony by continuing the illusion that we can forever avoid the mitzvah of conquering this land. Second, even though physical injuries have not been life-threatening, the psychological damage from the sound of the sirens and explosions, even from the Iron Dome, is taking an irreversible toll on our people. Also, their production and deployment are draining the treasury of funds needed to support the poor of our people. It's not free!

    In short, it's not a solution, it's part of the problem.

  6. Devash,

    In the hands of the Erev Rav the Iron Dome (not to mention all our weaponry) allows the govt. to prolong our agony...who knows how much more useful it could be in our hands, or what better weapons we could invent in its place, both spiritual and physical. How else does the little bit of action come from below to elicit the desired response from Above?

    Maybe you are worthy to have G-d fight for you, with no action on your part. I cannot say that for myself.

    Maybe if we didn't allow the Arabs to have free water and electricity, we could well afford the cost (and our utility costs would be much lower as well)! Obviously this is one of many ways we've been more than too kind to the cruel.

    I was working the night before last, as usual, when the siren went off here, and I felt its effects more than the booms! I agree with you that we can't just be passive about this even though others are suffering worse than we are.

    The enemy is attacking Tel Aviv. Wonder whether their perspective will change, especially if one or two get through. We all know Iron Dome is not perfect. As expensive as they are, we might run out of them before they run out of rockets - the results you cite will just happen further down the road.

    Oh, to heck with it, let's just wipe 'em out! We are many times more defensible without them among us.

    CDG, Yerushalayim

  7. Why do you have to Dafka say that it's not due to the IDF? You think the soldiers on the ground that are about to invade Gaza are risking their lives so that you can stick your nose in the air and tell them that they have no part in this battle? So rude!! Why don't YOU go put YOUR life on the line? I used to like your website alot, but I seriously think you took a big jump off the deep end and your hashkafas have nothing to do with Yidishkeit. Of course HKB'H is creating all the miracles - which is something that secular folks can also acknowledge - if you wouldn't continue throwing daggers at them. Also, the ultimate geula happens when we combine holy hashkafas WITH ACTION - like the Maccabees. Being religious and being mach'nis the emuna into action is the highest level. Sitting on the sidelines and preaching and putting down the people who are working the ma'aseh is not a madreyga! yucchhhh!

  8. It's so important that these points be emphasized.
    We get used to be attacked and not even being wounded, let alone killed.
    We can so easily rest on the arrogance of our superior technology or the "Israeli superman" pride.
    Devash, thanks for always stating the obvious truth: It's Hashem's loving kindness and mercy; it sure ain't us!
    And I second CDG's point about us having been more than too kind to the cruel.

  9. Aaron, this is why one needs to read carefully. I did not say it was not "due" to the IDF, I said it was not "thanks" to the IDF. ALL the thanks must go to HKB"H, without Whom none of us would be here.