21 July 2014

The Danger of Foreign Intervention

23 Tamuz 5774

It has been well-publicized that it is the US who is footing the bill for the Iron Dome. Oh, but, don't think for a moment that it's coming from some feeling of kinship or kindness hiding somewhere deep in their black hearts. They stand to benefit richly from it. And as long as Israelis think that this is what is saving them, all the US has to do to bring this operation to a premature end (as they do every single time) is threaten to cut off the money. No money, no iron dome.

They have used this kind of blackmail all over the world. It's the same method used by drug pushers. Here, try this - for free. And once the person is addicted, now comes the bill. Pay up - or else. It takes a monumentally strong person to overcome an addiction. It will take a mighty strong nation to say "No!" to the United States, especially if it means also saying "bye-bye" to the Iron Dome - our US Protector.


  1. May Am Israel Become strong, with Faith only in Hashem, knowing Hashem is the protector and not any outside nation, who think they are supreme.
    Hashem bless Am Israel, and keep the IDF safe from all harm. amen,

  2. Anonymous 11:47 am, thank you. Amen.

  3. It's the same with most 'aid' from the usa. The money goes straight to us corporations, usually those with friends in high places.

    REad the book "confessions of an economic hit man." often the money is tied to loans for projects that hurt the country - damns they don't really need that destroy the farmland, stuff like that. The corrupt leaders of the countries benefit from the money.

  4. The Iron Dome merely is the way in Nature that Hashem protects the Holy Land, the land upon which
    עיני ה' אלו'יך בה מראשית השנה ועד אחרית שנה
    (Dev. 11:12);
    How does it show this? With simple math. Say 1400 missiles rained upon Eretz Yisrael, most actually on poor little Sderot, and say 30% were shot down by Iron Dome. That still leaves a significant number of them that got through into Jewish territory. And, nevertheless, behold, the statistics surely show the damage to soul was practically nil. It will be easy for casual observers to think this was the rather "poor aim" of Arabs, but a wiser conjecture should invoke the concealed hand of Hashem.