01 July 2014


3 Tamuz 5774

You have low expectations. You don't really expect the Israeli government organs to take vengeance on God's enemies. That's an ideal that lives only in the pages of Tanach - like a fairy tale. It's something to be hoped for only in the future when Ben David comes to rescue us. But, you still have the hope that at least this time, they will have the wisdom and the grace to just keep their mouths shut!!!!

One government minister has already proposed that Israel respond to this atrocity by announcing a new construction program. A well-known group of activists took over a hilltop in the area and called for "sovereignty." One leftist MK predictably called for calm and breaking the "cycle of violence." There is talk of bulldozing the kidnappers houses. And there are pictures of groups of kids sitting with lit candles - like the goyim they're trying to turn them into.

Endless, empty rhetoric... 

And the enemy does not fear to stone the very ambulance which carries away the bodies. They do not fear to continue to send rockets into our communities. They do not fear to riot on the Temple Mount - even in the wake of this outrage. And this chillul Hashem is the greatest tragedy of all.