24 July 2014

What's Scarier?

26 Tamuz 5774

What's scarier? Having the whole world against us or having a large part of the world on our side?

There are, of course, the usual die-hard antisemites who will always be against Israel no matter what, but there is a growing public expression - worldwide - of a willingness to see Israel's side of this conflict with Hamas. And that's scary.

About the time a good many gentiles finally sit up and take notice of the fact that Israel really is a western-style democracy which grants equal rights to all and they start lining up on our side, comes the time we must disabuse all those Westerners of the idea that this is at all compatible with Judaism or the rules the Creator gave us for living in this land.

I saw a "pro-Israel" video which pointed out that Israel is a favored destination for 'gay' tourists and has yearly 'pride' celebrations in all its major cities. It pointed out that there are Arab political parties and Arab Knesset members; Arabs in the army and even an Arab on the High Court. Unlike in an apartheid regime, Arabs can vote and own property in Israel. This was all to 'sell' the idea that Israel is a pluralistic, liberal democracy made in the image of America and Europe.

BUT! Like the Nuremberg laws which came to remind us that we must not mix with the gentiles, false charges of "apartheid" come to remind us that this is exactly what Hashem expects of us, and has even so commanded us. We must not allow gentiles to own land here or to hold office or citizenship. The Jewish State must be for Jews only. And that's not racism! Because anyone can apply to become a Jew!! 

Now, that we've finally won so many of the gentiles over, how are we ever going to tell them that it's all got to change? 


  1. dear Devash, yoy are right, but the nations dont understand this issue because the gentile people have not jewish mind; and they practice another religions with their gods. for this reason the issue is so complicated. kind regards and shalom.

  2. The following video illustrates this blog post very well, particularly (as you'll see) the idea of Kedoshim being escorted to "Disney World and the finest clubs and restaurants." Pure gashmiut! And the idea that we would reciprocate - Esav all the way!!