21 July 2014

Binyamin: "Fear Takes Control" - Questions and Answers (Part 4) FINAL

23 Tamuz 5774

Continued from here...

Question: What is your opinion of the big and alluring impurity in the center of Jerusalem at the site of the old train station...atrocious!

Answer: Again, I say: They want to turn us into gentiles. And most of the Jews are ready for it here in Israel. Because they are so damaged, and they have already forgotten exactly what it is to be Jewish. They just want the "fun," quotation marks. But, we need to pray strongly to Hashem, and we, the believers, we, the close ones to Hashem, need to decrease ourselves in materialism, and we need to close ourselves within our areas, within our homes, and pray to Hashem that this will pass, that it will disappear, and that we won't be negatively affected from this.

Question: It's terrifying, shocking...

Answer: There is no word for this, not "terrifying" and not "shocking," and not anything. There's no word for it. It's a plan so sophisticated, so amazing, I'm also using this word, which it doesn't appear that they can carry it out at all! But, Hashem will allow them, by a miracle, to carry it out.

You should understand that they've already been planning these things for at least two hundred years! That is to say that several generations of these contemptible ones have passed, from generation to generation they transfer the desire, their aim. And a man who knows that he won't see it in his lifetime -  and nevertheless, he is ready to work toward it til the end of his life and pass the baton to someone else to continue! These are from the top - it's certainly not from father to son, because they're not getting married... But, it's passed to another contemptible one, another contemptible one who is younger...

Question: They sacrifice themselves to the Satan...

Answer: They really sacrifice their lives to the Satan, like you're saying, and in general, as we see, sacrificing also other people to the Satan... And because we, Am Yisrael, are so weak now, and we're not guilty of this, but, that's the situation, so, therefore it is very hard to live in a world which is simply "Sodom and Amorah together with the Generation of the Flood." So, therefore, we, in any case, have to grasp some strength which is only possible, and don't be afraid of them, because, in practice - what's clear at all is that it's Hashem who allows them to do it and if He allows them to do it - look, we've got nohting to fear! We have only to fear if we are not doing teshuvah.

And all the most righteous people need to do teshuvah, because there's not in this generation a tzadik who doesn't need to do teshuvah, and we, of course, every other Jew, needs to do teshuvah and come closer to the truth and throw out all the materialistic games that they have to the trash, and just to implore HKB"H and try to do His will, and to pray and to do mitzvot, and to learn Torah, etc, etc. And this is what will save us. If there's no food - then Hashem will feed us. If we have nowhere to live - He'll give us. Whatever we need - we'll have, only if we will be with Him.

Question: Until now, there were things that we gave to the Christians to use, so-to-speak, only in the upper part that is above the grave site of David HaMelech, peace be upon him, on the second floor. But, recently, they've already entered into the grave site itself! Police removed the Jews from the place and brought in there hundreds of priests into the grave site with their religious rituals! Lies!

Answer: What is astonishing in this? Didn't you know that they would also take the part underneath...?! Look, they gave it to them without any problem. The State of Israel bestowed on them a gift: "Kever David HaMelech", plus several other burial sites that they decided not to tell anyone about.

Question: Is it possible to see signs that they gave to them also Kever Rachel Imeinu...

Answer: You need to understand that they are already the owners of most or over all the area of Mt. Zion. But, also in respect to the Temple Mount, the Arabs indeed think it is theirs, but, the Edomim already are planning to get rid of the Arabs from there...

Question: Now, they are directly attacking Judaism, in the most basic things...

Answer: This just goes to show us where we are standing. And we know that they've already given, and are about to completely open it, to make it "free" to every one who just wants to convert. But, it will be for us 'people of gentiles' who are not Jews at all. So, what can be done? How can we deal with it?... Again: Hashem wants us to close ourselves up. It's up to us to fortify ourselves, to lock ourselves up, to open up religious courts only with truth, to open up synagogues only with truth, with HKB"H and without the issue of money, without the issue of funding, only with the issue of Torah. And to do the will of Hashem completely. And this is what we need. Because if not - we are going to be stamped, chas v'shalom, into the mud. And we will disappear totally when Hashem will wash away the mud, and it will return to the source from which it came.

Question: They're excavating tombs that are next to the grave site of Havakuk the Prophet, isn't it part of the direct and callous war against Hashem and His Torah?

Answer: They will pay an enormous price for it. Whoever moves these tzadikim and disturbs their eternal rest, woe to them. Don't envy them. Of course, anything which is being conducted against the Chareidim - it's a war against HKB"H, shelo neda. Also, in the Knesset, also in every place.

Question: How can we protest about all the evils, what is happening here? 

Answer: The only protest- it's to pray. To assemble and to pray. To pray strongly. After the prayer, it's possible also to dance. But to dance in such a manner that it is prayer, in the manner of the soul. So that the soul rises up to Hashem in love.

Question: It appears that the Sitra Achra caught Klal-Yisrael, the heart of the Jews in iron chains inside the lie of the eigel hazahav, r"l...

Answer: Correct. First of all, these contemptible ones, since the second world war, when Hitler himself was one of them, and after the war, they helped to build the world again in a manner which is founded on a materialism which never was in the history of the world. Materialism above and beyond human imagination. And our overdone life in materialism - it's simply killing us. Lo aleinu. And the person got used to it, got used to a life of falsehood, utter falsehood. But, now, there will be like this destruction-of-the-falsehood, that we didn't dream there could be destruction like it.

Question: But, of course, we will be happy about it that all the lie is waning and will disappear...

Answer: That's for sure. We have nothing to worry about, those who are trying, who are trying to be close to Hashem, Hashem won't abandon us. Those whom we need won't abandon him... We need to see the truth, and only the truth, and not to be confused. This is the main thing. Not to be confused. A person who is not focused on the main thing, on the important things, then, he could fall, he gets dizzy because he doesn't have the essence, he doesn't have a starting point. And the moment that a person focuses on the main point, that it's the Torah, and mitzvot, and faith and trust in Hashem - then, he can't fall.

Question: How can the world continue like this. It's already the peak!

Answer: The world can't continue for long like this. Clearly.

Question: A Jewish scholar asked to clarify whether one can complete his teshuvah after the coming of Mashiach or if we have to fix everything, be completed more before the redemption?

Answer: No. It will be impossible for most people to complete their teshuvah in every single detail much before the redemption. But, what will be complete? Every single Jew will be certain, in complete faith, that only HKB"H is the Almighty, and that He exists eternally, and that He is 'The Master of the World,' and that we are His people, and that we have to do His will exclusively. And that's enough.

Question: We feel worn out...  No strength...

Answer: Right, there's mental fatigue, and there's a feeling of emptiness, because the regular, normal person would get up in the morning and he had a routine, and he had a desire to get up, a will to do, because he loves to live. But, now - for what? Because we don't see a distant future. And the near future appears very, very black, so it's preferable to get back into bed and cover your head and to say: 'Wake me up when Mashiach gets here...'

Question: The days of 'bein hametzarim' are approaching...

Answer: The days of 'bein hametzarim'... Hashem help us. It won't be easy. It'll be the most difficult now. Prepare, do teshuvah, and that's what will help us.



  1. He's right about the despair. I drag myself out of bed every day. I used to be pretty passionate about life. I kind of give up now. Every day another pep talk. The challenges as a Jew are just too much.

  2. Thanks for all your work, Devash.
    It's very scary what is coming out, but it's also very obvious; he is only describing what can already be seen and sensed.
    I also feel the mental fatigue and a certain emptiness for the reasons he stated. It's not depression because there is a lot that I like about my life and I do have many happy moments throughout the day and feel generally optimistic, but running parallel to that, there is definitely a feeling of what is the world coming to, and how much longer can we keep dragging ourselves on? Plus a certain amount of confusion about who to trust and so on.
    Talking to Hashem regularly truly helps, but the situation still is what it is: slogging through mud.

  3. Thank you, Israel and Dassie, for your thoughtful comments and for sharing your feelings with me and the other readers. It describes me, too.

  4. My biggest concern is for the young people. I'm in my 50s. I should be able to hang on emotionally - at least I think so. But how are Jewish kids today supposed to maintain any kind of kiddushah? The tuma is overwhelming. My grandmother was from a shtetl. The kids today grew up on the Internet. But that's one aspect of it. Take any aspect. The financial picture is terrifying. The rich truly have taken all the money. Daniel is spot on about that. The Jews in golus need 4x the national median income to get by but the corporations (where any jobs are) pay less and less. In Israel you have the threats from Iran and everything else. We stand at the banks of the sea and need for it to split now for there is nowhere else for us to go. We are surrounded by Egyptians.

  5. Thank you very much for the all the translations!

  6. These articles should go out to every Jew everywhere. Think that every Yiddishe neshama is feeling the same. Thanks so much for your great mitzvah, Devash.

  7. Sorry, you give a קיטרוג (accuser) on Am Yisroel.
    Correct we have some problems, but no nation like us, no who can immitate the great chessed that Am Yisroel is doing.

    Now I only want to hear GOOD en no accusations.

  8. What is he referring to at the train station? Thank you.

  9. Hi Devorah, I don't know how to contact you directly so here goes.

    Would you please help promote a facebook page for the six constant mitzvot of the heart:


    All it is is a reminder to do the six constant mitzvot and to add zechut to Am Yisrael. No ulterior motives. Please like and share, send it out on your email list (including to people who don't have facebook), and make it your screen saver. Tizki le'mitzvot.

  10. Racheli - See here.

    Some of it is open on Shabbat and they just opened a mixed "beach", no water, of course.