15 July 2014

Menachem: "We're Entering Into the Darkness" - Questions and Answers

17 Tamuz 5774

Communication with Menachem

11 Tamuz 5774

"We're Entering Into the Darkness"

Question: What is the goal of the war that's there now?

Answer: There are two aspects in it. Most certainly, HKB"H is allowing it to be, because He has the biggest plan, the only real plan. But, the evildoers are sure that they are planning it according to their twisted head. But, Hashem allows them to go up higher and higher, so their fall, as we said, will be much harder. So, what is their plan?... They want to confuse everyone.  To instill fear in all the people, in order to try to control everyone through their fear, until at some stage they [the people] will simply be happy to give the army or the police or 'it doesn't matter who', all their freedom, all the 'so-called democracy,' if they will only protect them. Don't worry. In the near future soldiers will come here from various places, and that will be the end of the so-called democratic Israeli government. 

Then this would be a dictatorship only, the dictatorship of the Gentiles.

Question: Will they seek to harm us?

Answer: They will very much try, if we don't agree to what they want - of course, they will make problems for us. But, don't be afraid. I said, just say all the time: 'Ayn od milevado, ayn od milevado.'

Question: So, all the missiles flying, etc. - it's all to bring in the gentiles here?

Answer: Yes, the scarier and messier - the better. I don't know how they want to continue it, but that's the goal.

Question: What is our role now in the course of the war?

Answer: Continue to strengthen people as much as possible.

Question: The Arabs now seem very threatening...

Answer: We always need to be afraid of them. But, when Hashem doesn't want them to do something bad, then they don't do it. Right? That's all.

Question: The fear about the children, that something not good won't happen to the children, chas v'shalom...

Answer: This fear returns people in repentance. All the children belong to HKB"H, are you more merciful than HKB"H? We need to be strong.

Question: This new reality, by what method will be their dictatorial control?

Answer: It's a gentile dictatorship. There won't be a 'Knesset,' and if there will be a knesset - it'll be pointless. Everything will change. The gentiles will take over. And in practice, they already took over.

Question: Will we be able to continue in the course of day-to-day life?

Answer: Things will change. It'll be much harder, with a different reality.

Question: Will it go on for a long time?

Answer: Not much time. I don't know where Hashem will stop them, but Hashem will do it 'really something.' But, another thing: The people are beginning to see the truth, so at some stage - the people will rise up and say: 'Ad kahn' - until here. But, HKB"H will finish them exactly as it's written in the prophets.