14 July 2014

Message from Binyamin: "Fear Takes Control"

16 Tamuz 5774

Communication with Binyamin
4 Tamuz 5774, Jerusalem

The third world war has already begun. Many areas of the world are fighting, fighting in the most difficult way. And the majority, most of these incidents of wars, 2-3 years ago, we couldn't in our worst dreams believe that it could be, but in the past two weeks or more, things happened that are simply terrible, barbaric, difficult and amazing.

And it changed the face of the world 180 degrees.

First of all, the three korbanot, the young men who were murdered in a terrible manner, al kidush Hashem, Hashem should avenge their blood, for a few difficult weeks and days we were in suspense, everyone fearful for them, everyone identifying with their parents, and it was a very, very difficult time, during which I believe that more than one Jew did a personal accounting.

And in addition to all this, suddenly, suddenly upon the world fell some group that operates like an army, with a lot of training and a lot of equipment... Suddenly, at lightning speed, they're occupying Iraq! It's most interesting... from where did they pop up? True, they must be a branch of Al Qaeda, but from where...!? From what...?! From where is all the money to organize them into an army...?! And after they occupied most of Iraq and also reached to Jordan, and even occupied a city in Jordan that is only sixty km distance from the Aravah highway here in Israel - then they found the three boys, korbanot hatzibur.

And now, we're going through the time of the 'shivah' (the days of mourning) for the boys. And I say to you that after the shivah, we will have in the world a very difficult situation. And today, when it's only a little time after they found the boys, there is already a commotion here in Israel. And there were all kinds of attempts at terror attacks. But this is only the beginning. And like I told you - it was planned in advance. I can't tell the plan in every single detail, and sometimes they also have a 'foul-up', but Hashem is helping them to turn around the 'foul-up' in order to help them in their goal.

And what is their goal? Like I told you, the goal is to sit in Eretz Yisrael, these Edomim, and to rule from here over the whole world. Because they are idolaters and they want davka here, in Eretz Yisrael, to sit and to rule. And according to their reckoning, this will be the end of their problems with these Jews and with their G-d, chas v'shalom.

They're not very smart, it's possible, in general, to say that they are great fools, they do not perceive, these followers of Satan: Who created the Satan?!... They're really not intelligent. They don't at all have the simplest logic. How can it be that this thing that was created by the hand of a higher power can fight against that power?! But, that's the situation.

We said that after the Shavuot holiday there would be a really big change in this world and indeed it's happening. And I say to you now, that after the shivah, will begin the most difficult period in the world, a period that will surprise many people who we thought had already dozed off, but they will wake up fast from what will happen in the near future.

It will appear impossible to digest. But, just to remind you, ten years ago, or let's say before the overthrow of 'The Twins', we did not believe that there could be such an amazing thing, what happened with 'The Twins,' or because of what's happening in the United States with the contemptible president, who really turned into a dictator with what he's doing with all the laws and everything and how he is simply destroying the United States. No one could have believed that the Americans themselves would allow him to do this! But, it's a fact. A fact!

And Europe, good, Europe was always full of evildoers. And it's really Edom. And they will receive 'not without purpose.' They will disappear from this world. And 'Edom' himself - the land and everything will be completely destroyed.

Come, I'll tell you. Prepare. Here, in Eretz Yisrael, they won't destroy the place, because they want this place for themselves. Did you not pay attention to how much construction there is here and surrounding?... All this is for whom?... For all the Jews that will come from outside the country...?! Who can pay so much money for apartments like this...?! Did you not pay attention to how many Christians are wandering in the streets, and how brazen they are, and how they feel like it is already theirs?!...

And another thing I want to leave you to think about. The whole matter of the murder of these boys, it's hard for me to believe that those who overthrew The Twins are not involved with it. And this, so as to make difficult problems here in Israel, disturbances, fear and even great fear. And all these who are occupying Iraq - it's also to instill fear. And also what's happening here in Israel - it's to instill fear. True, they allow the Arabs here to kill each other, and that does most of the job for them, but this that they're so close to Eretz Yisrael, it's so that there will be fear here! So as to offer to bring foreign soldiers here, and then there will be here full control.

So, many people will say to me: "Then, what?... What does it matter?... I need only to pray to Hashem, and that's it. We don't need to know all 'the-what-and-what and the-why' that it happens. It's enough to pray to HKB"H..."

But, the Jews are forgetting one thing: That if there's no fear - everyone will sleep. We're benefiting from the material world. But, this is the end of the material world as we got it. We got such a big golden calf, the likes of which never was in all of history, such an abundance of materialism. But, now, it's beginning to disappear, and it will fall still more. But, Hashem will not abandon His people. Just don't be afraid. And be glued to Him.

And don't forget that all the heretics, all of them, want to finish off our faith and trust in HKB"H. And if we don't agree to it - they want simply to wipe us out, chas v'shalom. So, therefore, we need courage now to be Jews. And like once was. And to say: 'No'! 'We will remain with HKB"H'! And against this they have no weapon. They can't do anything against this 'no'.

But, so we don't forget, there's not one heretic, a real heretic, there's not one Erev-Rav, that it's possible to befriend him or to come close to him. They just want to kill us spiritually, and if that doesn't work - then physically, lo aleynu. And don't forget it. They don't want HKB"H, shelo neda. They want the Satan, because they're from Egypt, and they don't have Jewish souls. In Egypt, they went after the idols. They did all the disgusting and forbidden things that all the governments encourage today. Without shame. And they're bringing it here to Israel - all this filth.

And Hashem won't be quiet about it. He won't allow them to enter into the internal, inside His Eretz Yisrael, the land that He gave to Am Yisrael, the place where the first and second temples were built, and shortly the third, G-d willing. He won't allow them to come in here and trash the place like they are doing without destroying them completely. The brazenness alone is their death-sentence. And this is what will finish them completely.

Don't be afraid, Am Yisrael. Don't be afraid! Come to Eretz Yisrael. Because by you, in your lands, it will be much worse, it will be much more difficult. Come. Come. We should have masses here who are saying: 'Ayn od milvado - There's nothing besides Him!' And who won't allow anyone to take us down to a low spiritual level and the materialism of the filth of those who want to control here and the whole world.

Am Yisrael, I beg and beg: Repent and return to the truth. We're reaching the end, but really. And every day, and every week, and every month, from this moment on, we will see changes so great that no one will be able to deny that the things I'm saying are correct. I think that the things that we've said all these years - we see clearly that it was true. It's all true.

And them, the other side - they're all lies. There's not even a small grain of truth there. They are the greatest evildoers there ever was. And Hashem will wipe them out from the world now. And we shall go out free, to the complete redemption, so-to-speak to the arms of our Father, HaKadosh Baruch Hu, the Beloved.

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