21 July 2014

HASHEM is Leading This War


Special Guest Post...

G-d hardened the hearts of the terrorists, softened the hearts of the international community, and dragged Bibi without any choice into an important military operation in Gaza

Whoever does not see the hand of G-d in the latest war must urgently get his eyes examined.

The Israeli withdrawal “disengagement” created a hotbed for terrorists to build an enormous infrastructure with little disturbance, for close to a decade.

Israel carried out a unilateral withdrawal from Gaza almost 10 years ago. The Sharon government expelled close to 10,000 Jews from their homes. Hundreds of thousands of Jews took to the streets desperately hoping to prevent the destruction of Gush Katif and the other thriving Jewish towns in the region. The Nation’s protests did not help. The Arabs continued to launch rockets and missiles into Israel even during the “Disengagement.” Despite the ongoing attacks, Israel continued to withdraw and flee from Gaza with the promise that if the rockets continue they will return and deal with the source of fire. As time passed and as Israel responded with operations both big and small in Gaza, the rocket-fire continued and even intensified. And not just the rocket fire… Hamas used the various ceasefires to build an arsenal of rockets that today includes rockets that have the ability to reach Haifa. Their range now includes the vast majority of the nation- about 5 million Jews. Hamas also build a vast labyrinth underground and a network of tunnels that reach the kibbutzim and settlements deep inside Israel.

Israel feared entering Gaza

And what did Israel do? As we witnessed, Israel allowed the terrorist organizations that control Gaza to build up their stockpiles of rockets and the network of tunnels right under our noses without too much interference. The reason was quite simply a lack of will and motivation to invade Gaza on the ground and a lack of recognition- that ground troops are the only way to reach the tunnels and control the area from which the rockets are being fired. After all, a tenacious war would lead to significant enemy civilian casualties since Hamas uses kids and other civilians as human shields and Israel has a deathly and obsessive fear of being condemned by the international community. “What will the Goyim say?” Further, Israel feared endangering Jewish soldiers in the quicksand of Gaza, knowing that the Israeli public would have a hard time accepting a long battle with casualties. A misplaced and strange balance of priorities was established. Rather than our soldiers fighting and risking their lives to protect our civilians, as is the case in most civilized countries instead, the lives of Israeli civilians throughout southern Israel were put at risk under constant fire, so as not to endanger enemy civilians or our soldiers to take out the source of fire.

• G-d forced Israel’s hand and left no choice but a return to Gaza
• As much as Israel did not want to enter Gaza, G-d used his power over events to leave no other choice.

Even hesitant Bibi with his left-wing cabinet was forced to support a ground invasion to destroy the rockets and the tunnels. How did Ms. “Lefty” Livni, put it? - “I agree with a heavy heart, but with my whole heart.” This is the heartless minister who was vehemently opposed to any invasion of Gaza on any level only days ago. Suddenly, “It could happen that all of Gaza will have to be captured” as the Minister of Intelligence said yesterday. The same government that stated it would not enter Gaza has changed its mind just a few days later and now is entering with all its might and fury.

How did we arrive at this war? The sequence of events.

Central Hamas terrorists from Hevron, kidnapped and murdered three Jewish teenagers, Naftali, Gilad, and Eyal HY”D. By a miracle one of the teenagers managed to call the police emergency hotline minutes after the kidnapping. The police failed in their response and did not take the call seriously. This despite the fact that the teen said he was kidnapped and despite the fact that he called from an identified number and despite gunshots and screams of pain were heard, despite the fact that there was yelling in Arabic for the boys to lower their heads and despite the terrorists breaking out into a song of happiness in Arabic after the killing, all in the background after the boys were shot. One could say that there could not be a clearer and more chilling call for help than what was heard on the two-minute call made by the kidnapped teenagers. The police blunder was so great that one could even call it a wonder, though in the negative sense. A wonder however which brought unparalleled unity to the nation. Terrorists that should have been caught within minutes were never pursued until the next morning long after they had already butchered and buried their prey.

The delay in police response created an 18 days of historical unity, ultimately creating the setting that would make it possible to undertake the military operation necessary to destroy Hamas.

For 18 days the entire nation prayed for the return of the teenagers. The entire nation watched on edge about the searches, the headlines hit deep into the hearts and consciousness of the entire nation. There was unprecedented unity between Sfardim, Ashkenazim, Yemenites, Secular, National- Religious, and Haredim. The army undertook tremendous efforts to find the teenagers. In the end they were found by a miracle. The thousands and millions of prayers throughout the Land, including in secular Tel Aviv, certainly reached the gates of Heaven and opened the hearts of the entire nation of Israel. But the greater the cries and the greater the anticipation, so too the greater the disappointment and frustration as their bodies were found. This frustration led to a collective willingness to act and insistence that this be the end.

G-d hardened Hamas’ heart to fire more rockets and further provoke Israel

If Hamas had sat quietly Israel would not even have considered entering Gaza. Even after rockets flew over Israel, the Government remained adamant against entering Gaza.

But G-d twirled His little finger and in a further display of excessive arrogance and without any reason Hamas began firing long-range rockets towards Tel-Aviv and Haifa. Even still the Government was opposed to any sort of significant operation in Gaza and limited the operation to constitute only airstrikes. But it was not enough.

Bibi tried to reach a ceasefire deal through Egyptian mediators and through UN requests. Despite the significant damage that Israel had dealt to Gaza, G-d once again hardened Hamas’ heart and they continued to fire more and more rockets. 5 million Jews were placed within range of Hamas’ rocket fire, that forced them to run into bomb shelters as the sirens became more frequence and as the long range missiles were used more, and more.. More red alerts and desperate fleeing to bunkers. More emergency cabinet meetings.

What can be done?

The world is not criticizing Israel much (yet) and Iron Dome provides protection and strengthens the home front

As much as Bibi fears world response and lack of resilience along the home front and as much as he wanted to avoid sending ground troops into Gaza, the success of the Iron dome which, with G-d’s help takes out the vast majority of incoming missiles has given him unexpected freedom to act. Further the international support and even pressure from Egypt and the Arab world to eliminate Hamas, combined with the pressure from all segments of the nation of Israel and the incessant Hamas rocket fire, pushed Bibi and his government into expanding the operation. It was almost enough to force him into undertaking the necessary ground operation. (The history of the Iron Dome is a miracle in its own right. The project was almost shelved as most of the military strategists and experts were opposed to it. It took a highly unqualified Defense Minister who was absolutley clueless who miraculously took on the entire military industry and continued the project.)

Hamas succeeds in infiltrating Israel several times through tunnels and beaches- Bibi is left with no choice

Hamas succeeded in entering Israel several times in order to carry out terror attacks. Before Israel made the final decision to undertake a ground operation in Gaza, Hamas forced their hand when they infiltrated Israel through several tunnels and beaches with significant weaponry and considerable numbers of terrorists. Suddenly Bibi had no choice. If he does not enter Gaza to destroy the tunnels and the tunnel infrastructure, Hamas will infiltrate Israel and carry out a major terror attack in the center of the country.

What now?

Destroy and distance them from the Israeli border after retaking Gaza
It’s time we realize that the war should not be only against against the tunnels, rather it must be against those who build them. As nice as it is to finally destroy many of the tunnels and the rocket launchers, if we do not retain security forces in Gaza and if we do not allow renewed and unlimited Jewish settlement in Gaza, every soldier who falls now will be almost for nothing. The terrorists will return and rebuild tunnels into Israel. They will continue to build rockets that will reach deep into Israel. We must distance them and the hostile population far enough that their rockets and tunnels will not reach Israeli citizens in major Israeli population centers.

We cannot have mercy on the enemy nor can we fear the world’s response

Enough of the defeatism and obsession over “What will the Goyim say?” Enough of endangering our soldiers and citizens in order not to kill the human shields who protect the rocket launchers and terrorists. Whoever votes for Hamas, and remains in the warzone in order to protect Hamas is liable to get injured. It is time to cut off the water and electricity to the targets that Israel wants to control. Enough of the niceties: building hospitals for the enemy, ceasefires, and videos about how our soldiers were hurt because they were concerned about harming civilians. These actions are nothing to be proud of. It is a shame and embarrassment that we endanger Jewish lives to protect a hostile population! We should shell without worrying what anyone will say. The most important thing is to protect our soldiers and citizens. That’s how a war is fought. Without the carpet bombings indiscriminately targeting German cities to break the enemy population, the Allies would never have won the war. That’s how America fought in Afghanistan, and that’s how America and England fought against Germany and Japan. If not for that the Third Reich would today be sitting in Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. and in 10 Downing Street in London today. Purity of arms? There is nothing more pure and more moral than defeating evil. It is impossible to succeed with false misplaced mercy that values the lives of the enemy population over the lives of its own citizens and soldiers.

To our brave soldiers on the front

Pay no attention to the babbling of the media and the left. Ignore the propaganda of the Arabs geared at weakening your resolve to carry out your mission. Place your faith in G-d and go to battle with the courage and spirit necessary to destroy the enemy. Remember you are fighting a blood-thirsty enemy who seeks to destroy Israel and to throw us all into the sea. Have no mercy on the enemy and take no unnecessary risks to “protect” the enemy. Your life is more important than the lives of every enemy civilian in Gaza! Every rocket, tunnel and terrorist that you destroy saves countless lives in Israel. May G-d bring you back home alive and well after bringing great victory to the Jewish people and great sanctification to the name of the G-d of Israel.

It’s time to take over Gaza forever and make clear to the enemy that whomever will fire against us will lose his life and the land from which he fired!

Conquer Gaza and beat the enemy without mercy or fear. We must build a security buffer there that will prevent incursions into Israel through tunnels and that will distance the range of the rockets. It’s time to permit unlimited Jewish settlement in Gaza. “And the sons will return to their lands”, just as the slogan to return Naftali, Eyal and Gilad- “Brother’s Return”.

Israel trust in Heaven, He is the Savior and Protector.


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