03 July 2014

Chareidi Soldiers Jailed for Wanting to Eliminate Terrorists

5 Tamuz 5774

IDF imprisons soldiers for taking part in online calls for 'revenge'

The IDF has sent four soldiers to prison on Thursday for taking part in a Facebook campaign calling for "revenge" for the kidnap and murder of three Israeli teenagers by Palestinian terrorists last month.

The soldiers will be behind bars for several days, the army said, as they acted "in violation of military orders. This is a severe incident, that does not in any way match expectations of IDF soldiers," the army added. All commanders have been instructed to act firmly against soldiers found taking part in social media "revenge campaigns." On Wednesday, the IDF Spokesman’s Office condemned soldiers who published photographs of themselves with signs calling for revenge against Arabs.

Commanders have been instructed to seek out and punish any soldiers found to be involved, the office said. Soldiers involved in “sending racist photographs and calls to harm innocent people” have taken part in a “severe incident” that is out of line with what the military expects of them.

A different report says, "The soldiers, who were all members of the Netzah Yehuda (Nahal Hareidi) Battalion of the Kfir Brigade, were judged and sentenced by the battalion's deputy commander to ten days of detention for a "violation of discipline."

Two of the four posted a picture of themselves standing behind a sheet of paper with a message that said "Bibi, let us eliminate the terrorists,"....

Justice Minister Tsipi Livni has reportedly opened a "hotline" whereby the public can turn informer and report anyone who is "inciting to racism."


  1. G-d forbid our soldiers should want to eliminate the enemy - the ones who just murdered our boys. Didn't they say they wanted the religious to fight for the Nation? I guess they should have expressed their desire to see them receive cell phones, family visits, college education and candies whenever a Jew is murdered, G-d forbid! This is a terrifying thing to say but does our population have to be purged like the generation of the Spies to cleanse us of this kind of thinking?

  2. Yes, the population has to be purged and it's going to be purged. People are choosing their sides now.

  3. The gov't DOES want the religious to fight its wars. Look at the incidents in Southern Lebanon under then Gen. Ehud Baraq. The evidence is just too damning again the gov't.

    Send the boys with kippos out there to fight. After all they want to.

    Unfortunately, those boys with kippos are being lied to about the halakha.

    There is a story that one such soldier who saw is fellow soldier killed in front of his eyes, stood up at a lecture by Rav Kahane hy"d and actually said that he could have avenged his friend's death, right then and there. But said he didn't, because "we're above that."

    Unbelievable! Western values and sensibilities being shoved down our children's throats, being lied to that such things are in line with Torah.


    Then, of course, there were the Moroccans who were welcomed with open arms Israel. Why? Because the secular Ashkenazy elite was so open to diversity? No.

    Each Moroccan who went out to fight in the IDF meant one less secular, Ashkenazy kid who had to.


    That's my understanding, anyway.