24 November 2015

The Three Messianic Wars

12 Kislev 5776

Besides the Three Wars of Gog uMagog - WW1, WW2 and WW3 - which involve the nations of the world, there are other Messianic Wars which involve Israel and her immediate neighbors. They also come in three. The first - "The War of Independence" - returned a large part of the Land of Israel to Jewish rule. The second - "The Six Days War" - returned Jerusalem to Jewish sovereignty. And the third - "The Second Hanukah War?" - will restore the Temple Mount to full Jewish control.

It's not for nothing that since the outbreak of the second intifada ("Al Aksa Intifada"), the Muslims/Arabs have focused the conflict between us on the Temple Mount ("Save Al Aksa").

Constructing a plastic replica of the al-Aksa Mosque and Dome of the Rock, Iranian 
media reports tens of thousands of soldiers staged exercises dubbed 'Towards the Holy City.'

And it's interesting that while they say "Al Aksa", what they mean is the exact place where the Holy Temple stood - under the Dome of the Rock.

This final Messianic War coming before the last War of Gog uMagog (and which will likely even be the cause of it) is described very succinctly in the Prophecy of Yeshayahu (see perek yud-aleph, pasuk yud-dalet):
"And they shall fly of one accord against the Philistines in the west, together they shall plunder the children of the East; upon Edom and Moab shall they stretch forth their hand, and the children of Ammon shall obey them."
The "Philistines in the West" could be referring to Gaza/Hamas, but also equally to the PLO in the "West Bank", especially seeing as how it spills over into the "East Bank". Edom, Moab, and Ammon are today's Kingdom of Jordan - the current overseer of the Temple Mount.

According to a report on Debkafile this morning, we could be much closer to this all-out war than we may think...
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon have been at loggerheads with Israel’s military and Shin Bet chiefs on how to grapple with the wave of Palestinian terror sweeping the country for more than two months,....
DEBKAfile’s counter-terror experts challenge this premise. The current wave is not only not dying down it is gaining traction.

...In the last 24 hours, the terrorists have spread their wings from Hebron, last week’s hotbed, to places further north. If they are not stopped, they may well move across the Green Line into the coastal districts around Tel Aviv and the northern Afula Plain and Jezreel Valley. At that point, the Fatah’s armed wing, the Tanzim, is more than likely to join the action with firearms, instituting a full-fledged armed uprising against the Jewish State. To pre-empt this escalation and freeze the current wave of attacks, Israel’s military and intelligence chiefs have put forward a 7-point plan of action....
DEBKAfile’s political sources report that Netanyahu and Ya’alon are not in favor of the plan,.... Ya’alon is apprehensive that the Palestinians will deem the lockdown an Israeli declaration of all-out war. An armed conflict would then erupt between the two peoples with full force.
The question is whether the war will be a result of the current regime's strength - by cracking down mercilessly on the Arabs in order to stem the daily flow of Jewish blood or its weakness. With John Kerry here in Jerusalem today, there is always the chance that a final appeasement - a sacrifice for peace - will be offered which will predictably only whet the Arabs' appetite for more. A clear signal that a State of Palestine is in the offing has always been met with a declaration of war.

As Debka makes clear, no matter which way they go, it seems the Arab reaction will be to go to war. That's because ultimately, HKB"H wills it. It's unavoidable. What's also unavoidable is that this regime will not survive either scenario, because it can't and/or won't rule over the Temple Mount. Out of this war, I would expect MBY to emerge to ruling power. 

And what better time for a war over the Temple Mount to occur but on or around Hanukah? Might it be that close? Stay tuned...
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