15 November 2015

Binyamin: "The Real Jewish Soul" - Part 1

3 Kislev 5776


Communication with Binyamin
Jerusalem, 21 Marcheshvan 5776

"The Real Jewish Soul" 

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We have seen in the last weeks a lot more clearly that we are very much progressing to the complete redemption. Every day - two, three, four, five, six or more things are happening all over the world. And whoever doesn't know this, I'm not going to start explaining all the news here, but whoever follows it, beyond a shadow of a doubt it does something in his heart. It does something in his thoughts, brings him closer to HKB"H and distances him from materialism.

But, today I want to talk to you about the Jewish soul. The Jewish soul - it's the dearest thing in this world, in all of creation. The dearest thing there is to HKB"H - is the real, Jewish soul. And every single soul that Hashem made and heard from under Har-Sinai and said together with all the souls 'na'aseh v'nishmah', all this creation from Adam HaRishon until today, and all that was created also before Adam HaRishon - everything was just for the sake of this Jewish soul.

So, it's worthwhile to talk about it, because we Jews have gone through a whole lot of troubles in this world, and even in times that were good for us - then, too, we suffered because we were Jews. But, however much we suffered, wonder of wonders, we've arrived to the year 5776, to 2015, and we still look like Jews, and we have names of Jews, and we put on tefillin and go with tzitzit, and try-at-least not to assimilate with the gentiles, we want to educate our children as Jews, etc. And even though in our generation we're not at the level that once was, in our generation, everything's lower, however there are among us those who say explicitly: 'What?!... This is the highest generation that ever was, the best that ever was...' , but that's not right, but it's written clearly that in every generation since Adam HaRishon there was a descent, and it can't be that we're on the highest level.

And we, the real Jews in this generation, we possessors of real Jewish souls, we've gone down very, very much in all aspects. And I won't get into A, B, C, of all the things, there are enough people who see, and there are older adults who can testify that their generation was on a higher level, even thirty years ago, and sixty years or ninety years, also the same.

But no matter, continuing on, we already don't have the strength to tell all the things, the lack of modesty, lack of learning on a real level, Torah learning really not always relevant to the truth, right, we're learning, but to comprehend the truth?... It's far from very many learners. And there are problems with all kinds of things relevant to holiness that there never were problems like these among chareidim, terrifying problems, problems that it's even an embarrassment for me to think about it, that a real-Jew can do these things. And we're hearing about it very much. And we really went down.

But understand what I'm saying, understand well, hear well, read well what I'm saying: it won't be easy. And we will suffer. And we're already beginning to suffer and even in the last fifty years or even more this world is really drowning in materialism, and the Jews also, and this materialism diminishes our Torah, indeed from an external perspective we still appear Jewish more-or-less, we still know to dance at a wedding, and to do chesed, etc. But there's not the internalness that once was.

But HKB"H very, very much loves every single Jewish soul and he will save every single soul, He will personally save him. He won't send angels to do it, He Himself will be concerned for every Jewish soul. It's from within the great love that He has for Am Yisrael, because in truth when we're looking at all the history, from the moment that the first Jew was created, HKB"H knew that even if they fell, and went down, in their mitzvot, and in their Torah, stopped learning Torah and etc., etc. in certain periods in history, and even descended to avodah zarah, but at the end of the thing, when it arrives to the time, to the right moment, they reject it, refuse to transgress the Torah, reject transgressing the Jewish religion. And even if they threatened them with death by the hardest method, they weren't prepared to move, weren't ready under absolutely no circumstances to go against HKB"H. And we, also, there will be for us now a last choice, and that will show who is Jewish and who is not.

And like in Europe, the Jews were mostly secular, in that period, in 1939, and the important yeshivas that we all know their names, and which they had giant roshei-yeshivot, and that in general were very great tzadikim, but compared with all the Jewish-population-of-Europe that were millions - they were few in number. The real tzadikim were very few, the young guys who sat and learned wholeheartedly - were the fewest. The families who had a lot of children, a whole lot of children in each family, and were in poverty so they could be in truth real-Jews - were few compared with all those who preferred to be secular or almost secular.

[To be continued, iy"H...]


  1. This troubles me. Too late to wait until Isaiah 2:18-22 happens. Now is the time to study Torah. For ourselves, not just what people tell us it means. Read. Think. Read some more.

  2. Small correction:
    "Every day - for years, three, four, five, six or more things are happening all over the world"
    Should be:
    "Every day - two, three, four, five, six or more things are happening all over the world"

    1. I thought "two" had two yuds. Thanks, that makes more sense