28 November 2015

When Russia Invades Turkey...

17 Kislev 5776
Shavua Tov!

According to Sod HaChashmal Kislev 5776, in addition to the GR"A, the Arizal also had a tradition of war between Russia and Turkey signalling the coming of Mashiach...

It is brought in the book 'Tirat Kesef' from HaRav HaGaon Rav Menachem Mendel Krengel, ztz"l, a manuscript from the owner of the book 'Emek HaMelech' what he received in the name of the Arizal:  "B'reishit bara Elokim et hashamayim v'et ha'aretz", which makes up the initial letters of...

Ba'avor Rov Elef Shishi Yilchamu Togarmim B'kaisar Rusi, Anshei Anglia L'ezrat Hatogarim Yitzu, Me'anyen Elokeihem Tihiyeh Hamilchamah, Sarei Melech, Ya'azvu Melecham V'ya'azru Et Togarim, Halo Az Romemah Tzion

[I puzzled more than an hour over how to translate this and I'm still not sure, so very roughly Turkey will war with the Russian leader, English people will go out to help them, their God wants the war, ministers of the (Russian) king will abandon him and go to the aid of Turkey, for sure then Tzion will be raised up. - Anyone with a better idea, please post in the comments.]

It's also brought in the book 'Divrei Yosef' that Rav Sherira Gaon did a dream question with regards to Mashiach and they came back to him in a verse from Micah "Asof E'esof Yaakov Kulach Kabetz Ekabetz Shearit Yisrael Yachad" which makes up the initial letters of...

Ashmiacha Sitrei Pela'ot, Orid Ashmid Samkel Pransia, Yilachem Im Karlo B'milchemet, Koach L'akev Kitro, Karlo B'milchemet Tzarav Anaseh Kaisar B'shnat , Shanah Ashmid Romani Yavani Turkai 'י Shevatim Rosheihem Avi Lachem, Yosef Chever David. 

[Same as above: I will voice to you secret wonders, I will remove, I will destroy Samkel Pransia, will fight Karlo (?) in a war, power to hinder his crown, Karlo (?) in his enemy's war, I will test the leader in the 'Tzadee' year, a year I will destroy Rome, Greece, Turkey, ten of their head tribes will bring them (?), Yosef friend David. (?)]

We see that it mentions Pransia which is France in non-Hebrew and also Turkey. And in these days we're hearing about the arousal of war between Turkey and Russia. We already understood from the book 'Orchot Rabeinu' from the Stiepler, we received in our hands from the students of the GR"A in the name of the Gaon: If Russian ships cross the Bosporus Strait (the Dardanelles) you need to dress in Shabbat clothes, to say to you, the hour is close to the coming of Mashiach. And Maran the Stiepler clarified the meaning is that they will conquer the place. And it's also brought in the book 'Klilat Yofi', three prophecies were prophesied in one style, the GR"A, the Holy Jew from Peshischa, and Rabbi Yisrael MiRuzhin, all three said really in one version that in the hour the Russians will enter Turkey we need to dress in holiday clothes in honor of the coming of Mashiach.

[And there's more there, but that's all I have time for now. Anyone want to help?]


  1. Maybe in the first paragraph, it should read me`inyan eloheihem, meaning that the war will be from an `inyan of their gods. That would mean their national interests, since the gods of most nations today is money, power, economy, world dominence, etc. Anshei Anglia could mean NATO and/or any Anglo countries including the US. Sarei melekh may not be referring to the king of Russia, since it called him "Keisar Rusi" before that, not "Melekh Rusi".

    In the second paragraph...
    "Samkel" could mean the samekh mem? Karlo is with a quf, so Qar-lo? An odd reference to Russia, the northernmost and cold nation? A reference to Russian characteristic of being cold and hard? I have no idea, it's a stretch. The ten shvatim might be referring to the ten shvatim of Efraim that HaShem will bring back to us in the end of days. He'll bring back their leaders/ראשיהם? Maybe they meants Yosef haver David, he is a friend of David's a connection between the two aspects of the Messiah?

    1. Those are some good ideas. Thanks for sharing them.

      What's really confusing is that the section of 'Me'otot Hazeman' that they've scanned in there reads a bit differently than what they've written at the top. In that version it actually says "Melech Rusia". There are some other differences, too and I don't know the explanation for it.

  2. Here's a better link for Rav Fish's newsletter.

    And your translation is pretty good. I would translate it like this:

    When the majority of the sixth millennium has passed, the Turks will fight against the king of Russia. The English will {go out/be brought} to help the Turks. The war will be about their {gods/idols}. The officers of the king [of Russia] will abandon their king and aid Turkey. It is surely then that Zion will be exalted.

    1. Ah! Wonderful! Thank you! I wracked my brain over "elef shishi" and could not get it. Any ideas about the 'Tzadee' year?

  3. Regarding the second riddle from the dream, perhaps each line isn't its own sentence. Perhaps, we are to read it like this:

    I will bring down and destroy the Samech Mem.

    France will fight against Carlo in a war to prevent his crown [ - i.e. that of] Carlo in a war with his oppressors.

    I'm not sure, and this is just a wild guess, but perhaps this is a reference to Carlos the Jackal YM"S, who is currently in prison in France and is vehemently anti-Israel.

    I'm not sure what the 90th year is a reference to.

    1. So it is the number. I wasn't sure. I think I copied the commas from Sod Hachashmal, but I don't know where they got that version from. It doesn't match exactly the copy they've posted from 'Me'otot Hazeman'. And the other source is written in Rashi script which I don't read so well.

      The French connection (pun intended) is not clear, but it made me think of Paris last week. Too seemingly 'coincidental' that this huge event in France happens the same time Turkey starts up with Russia.

  4. After doing some more research, I found a copy of the Divrei Yosef here and I realize from page 38 and page 144 there that it's referring to Charles V. However, if one wants to apply it to our days, who knows?

    1. That Wikipedia page says he was the "Holy Roman Emperor" which suggests to me maybe the head NWO guy - maybe Pope Francis?

      It brings to mind King Juan Carlos of Spain, but he abdicated in favor of his son last year.


    2. Take a look at this...

      Turkey summons Russian ambassador

      Russian Ambassador in Ankara Andrey Karlov has been summoned to the Turkish Foreign Ministry late Thursday, according to a statement from the Turkish ministry.

      - a voice in the wilderness

    3. Well, that's interesting.

    4. David, Europe1/12/15 7:13 PM


      I feel that another hypothesis about identiy of this CARLO could be based on the following information:
      Armenian and Georgian traditions
      According to Moses of Chorene's History of Armenia and to Leonti Mroveli's medieval Georgian Chronicles, "Thargamos"... He then settled near Mount Ararat and divided his land among his sons:[3][4]
      Haik (Հայկ) - first son of Thargamos, inherited Mount Ararat and founded the Armenian nation.
      Kartlos (ქართლოსი) - settled in north-east from Ararat, founder of Kartli (Sa'kartvelo)

      In our riddle, the name CARLO is given in the context of the well known nation of TOGARMA and the name TURKEY. Now, Togarma is linguistically the Armenian Language, and geograhically is Armenia, Causasus and parts of today's Turkey. But the SONS of Togarma, which could be also all of them included in the nation of "Togarma", have spread as far as Bulgaria (Bulgar ben Togarma), Chazaria (Kozar ben Togarma), Caucasus (Caucas ben Togarma), Turkey (Turq ben Togarma), Hungary (Ugar ben Togarma) etc.

      The first born son of Togarma was Haik (armenian Հայկ), who according to Armenian tradition has inherited Mount Ararat and founded the Armenian nation. Thus it is clear why it is Armenian Language, among all of the other Togarma offsprings, which should be identified with linguistical notion of Togarma, and not the modern Turkish language. Indeed, also the name "tog-Arma" sounds very similar to the name "Arme-nian". But Turkey could be also associated with Togarma, but not as the first level, but as the second level, via Togarma's son Tukq ben Togarma.

      What is very important for our topic, is that, according to the Armenian tradition ( and Armeninas as the first born son of Togarma should be the most trusted source for the tradition of Togarma his father !), Togarma also had a son named KARTLOS (armenian ქართლოსი) who settled north-east from Ararat and who is the founder of Kartli (Sa'kartvelo).

      And indeed, this KARTLOS BEN TOGARMA sounds very similar to CARLO, who is being mentioned in our riddle IN THE CONTEXT of both TOGARMA and TURQ BEN TOGARMA, the Turkish nation. From all that information, I feel to be able to reason that we must look for the identity of CARLO of our riddle in the nation or in the historical geographical territory of Kartlos ben Togarma, and this Carlo=Kartlos could also mean some part of modern Turkey, being that both Turq and Kartlos were sons of Togarma.

      In short, I feel that all these three names TOGARMA, TURKEY and CARLO are the names of Nations, either being in the territory of today's Turkey of very close to it !

      David from Europe

  5. We live in the Day of Judgment when Hashem judges the world as well as the individuals.
    Turkey has a bloody past, it had an empire maintained by killings and all wrong doings. The two sides of the empire have to react against the former master, one side was in Eastern Europe, the other in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia.
    As Hashem speeds up events in the End Days, Turkey will be annihilated from both sides of its former empire. None expected the strong friendship between Russia and Turkey to deteriorate so quick. The current leaders ot Turkey made such a poor decision to shoot down the Russian plane, the development of things reflect Hashem's will to destroy the bloody Turkish nation that is also an enemy of Yisrael. We know that ALL enemies of Yisrael will have no place in olam haba.
    We also observe that Russia is a friend of Yisrael, that means she will be a winner after Gog uMagog wars.
    With Turkey much confused of its direction, NATO may move its attention towards the Baltic Sea to confront Russia, thus leaving the Black Sea area of lesser interest. The Black Sea zone has nations that Hashem wants to save, particularly Romania, Armenia, Bulgaria, nations with a good past. This is good for Yisrael the future axis mundi of humanity.
    But Yishmael will have a greater power than now terrorising the world as is its mission giving by Hashem to wake up humanity.
    We should also consider Turkey as oppressor of Kurds that will contribute to Turkey' s demise. Let alone Turkey's planed project to destroy Western Europe by channeling the migrants with the purpose to annihilate the Western European nations. Such a sinful country could not survive.

    1. I take exception to two of your remarks...

      1) "None expected the strong friendship between Russia and Turkey to deteriorate so quick."

      From my reading Russia and Turkey never had a "strong friendship".

      2) "We also observe that Russia is a friend of Yisrael"

      I don't see that at all.

  6. Got this from commenter Meir over at Dov Bar-Leib's blog:

    Op-Ed: Are Turkey and Russia going to clash?

    Russia is a secular country concerned with guarding its status as a world power, while Turkey is a religious Islamist country to whom the status of Islam as leader of civilization is paramount.

    Maybe that explains "Me'inyan Elokeihem Tihiyeh Hamilchamah".

    - a voice in the wilderness

    1. Russia is not a "secular" country the way we understand it. Putin considers himself in a way a (if not the, given how truly secular Europe embraces all sorts of perversity) defender of Christendom.

      Here is one article on the subject:


    2. The INN Op-Ed is absurd and ridiculously one-sided.

    3. I've got to agree with Shimshon here. This is why we see some good sentiments towards Russia from right-wing Christian Americans. They're proud of Russia not becoming a giant gay pride parade or a Muslim friendly country like America is turning into.

  7. There are no better friends of Yisrael today than India and Russia. Hashem has sent Russia to Syria with the major task to protect Yisrael. Mind you!

    1. "Countries don't have friends, only interests."

  8. How true, countries only have 'interests'. Neither Russia's nor India's history towards Jews has been great. Cannot forget the pogroms in eastern Europe, especially Russia/Poland. When the 'interests' are to their benefit, then there's 'so-called friendship'. Believe also that those of the nations that will remain are also of an individual nature, i.e., there are some good people usually from most nations and those are the ones who will remain and will rebuild their own nations from them.

  9. Russia created terror and liberation theory. The Soviet Union was the university so manyArab leaders got their education including Abu Mazen