08 November 2015

Binyamin: "Get Up and Go Up to Eretz Yisrael!"

27 Marcheshvan 5776


Communication with Binyamin
Jerusalem, 12 Marcheshvan 5776

Get Up and Go Up to Eretz Yisrael!
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"...and the children return to their borders."

I'm really very much waiting already for the end. So many years our souls have reincarnated from Adam HaRishon until today. A very difficult tikun. But, with all that, B"H, B"H, it's really a miracle that there are still Jews who put on tefillin, who pray three times a day, and like those who pray three times a day in a minyan, or at least very much try to do it, Jews who celebrate the holidays, who try to do it really like it's supposed to be, Shabbats, holidays, trying to fast when it's necessary, trying to teach their children the right way, it's simply a miracle! If you think about all the years of the suffering of Am Yisrael, all the pogroms, and what the Romans did to the Jews, how they murdered two million Jews and ruled over the Land. They destroyed the Beit HaMikdash twice by the most difficult method, with a lot of blood of innocent Jews, and with all the hatred of all the peoples against the Jews, and of course, the Holocaust, which I don't know if there ever was such a thing in all of history.

And now we are again in a difficult situation. And this situation comes after years of 'over-the-top' materialism - materialism that simply turned into being avodah zarah [idolatry]! and still there is this materialism even though in a little bit it will disappear, really avodah zarah. And it's a miracle that Jews still make an effort, try to be Jews, because all the materialism brings down the majority of Jews, and it also very much brings down Judaism. And with all this, the Jews, or at least not-such-a-large-part-of-the-Jews are trying as much as they can to be okay.

And among them there are many Erev Rav, among the chareidim and even more among the secular. And we will see now in the near future who are the real-Jews and who are the Erev Rav, who's a real convert and who's remains a goy. And it will be a great surprise to a lot of people, not everyone, but a lot of people.

And we're already seeing all the signs that we've already reached the Third World War, and that we're not far at all from Gog uMagog. And seeing that everything is really exactly according to the prophecies, and we don't need the commentaries at all, it's really according to the pshat, with all the precise names. And every day there are more and more signs like these, whether it's from the prophecies, or it's from the Torah, or if it's from the Gemara, if it's from the Zohar, and etc., it really-really became obvious that we're at the end.

But, when we go in our streets, of the chareidim, here in Jerusalem, walking in Bnei Braq on Rabbi Akiva St., or walking on Avenue 13 in Boro Park, or in every place where there are Jews, in Stamford Hill, in Golder's Green, it doesn't matter where, most of the Jews are sleeping. Maybe they are beginning to fear a bit, because it's already very clear, but in any case they are in a deep sleep. It's hard for them to move, it's hard for them to think about it. And if someone wants to bring up the subject - then they don't want to hear. And I don't know how to wake them up, how to make them understand that it's impossible to fall asleep now, that they have to get up and do, spiritually as well as materially. If they want to save themselves - they have to move.

And correct, they're saying: 'Oh, Hashem will also save the Jews outside Israel,' they're sure that their houses will fly in the air and land in E"Y... That everything will be okay. But it's not exactly like that. They don't understand that if they will open their eyes and will begin to move in the direction of E"Y, because they know that at the end - it's the single place that it's possible to get through these times in more ease, because it's the single place that there is the promise of survival, if they come to E"Y and cry out, begging HKB"H to save them. Therefore if they come for the sake of these reasons - that is to say that they are coming l'shem shamayim, because they believe in and trust in Hashem. But a lot don't want to know, and the important among them, the real Jews, will arrive, but from within great suffering, because they weren't prepared to see that the time had come, that with all the signs that Hashem brought - they didn't want to see.

And there are a lot of reasons why not, it's not worthwhile... there's no money... how will I buy a house... and etc., but if everyone would come - it would seem different. There was already somewhere to put them. Like in Europe, all these, the Arabs, coming in the hundreds of thousands and finding somewhere to put them in. But to leave the materialism?!... to leave the easy life?!... Even though there is a lot of antisemitism, and there are these groups who already murdered a few people, in Europe especially, nevertheless it's hard to move. In America - they haven't yet murdered a Jew in a clear way because he is a Jew in recent time, but most of the real-Jews within their hearts know the time will come, that it will be very-very hard.

And it appears to them now that it's more dangerous here in Israel. Of course, the Russians are standing here in Syria, and the Chinese, and in general all the Arabs around us, and I'm telling them that it's not right, it will be much more dangerous, and today it's also dangerous in chu"l. Are you not believers? Do you not believe what's written?! Not in what I write, but it's written! Look what's written in the book of Yoel, he promises, the prophet promises, that whoever is present here in E"Y, and he cries out to Hashem to save him - He will save him.

And those who remain in chu"l and wait until the last minute, it's clear that part of them won't make it. Why? Because they waited too long, and didn't want to move. And even if Hashem takes them and pushes them - they're still not ready to move and they won't be ready to move. So, they won't arrive, they won't make it. And apparently the souls are not of Jews, they're of the Erev Rav. But, even those who will arrive at the last minute - they will be saved.

So, therefore, I beg, I beg from every Jew who has a Jewish heart, who has Jewish thoughts, who has a direction of holiness, who cries when he sees another Jew who suffers, who cries when he hears that there were once pogroms, and who cries when he hears that a Jew has been killed in an attack - a Jew like this is a Jew. I'm speaking to the heart and to the soul of every Jew, in all the world: Come back to HKB"H. Even if you think that you are close - it's not close enough, simply not close enough. We're not close enough. Also here in E"Y - not close enough to HKB"H. We have all kinds of calculations which are not good things, and not Heavenly calculations and we are going to not good directions.

It's enough that we, our women don't have enough modesty, there are even a few Jewesses more modest, but make a joke from modesty and from holiness. There are too many not nice stories, very not nice, things that are against holiness, and even make fun of it. It's forbidden, it's forbidden. It brings down our sensitivity, the 'erlichkeit' of the Jew. And it's become the 'norm' among chareidim something which also never was before. The youth especially, the young children, the young men, there are a lot with some rudeness that never was before. And this rudeness - it's goyishkeit, it's something that doesn't belong to a real-Jew.

So therefore I beg, beg and pray about all Am Yisrael, return in truth to HKB"H, leave your idols, all your avodah-zarah, the golden calf of materialism - return to HKB"H, and show Him that you believe 100% that it's already the end. Come to Eretz Yisrael. Come up to Eretz Yisrael. There are a lot of people who have the possibility to arrive, but not with the feeling of chutzpah, of 'I deserve everything', those in subservience, in a feeling of subservience, that it doesn't matter what Hashem will give - it's enough for me, and it will save me.

That's everything. That's all I have to say, because we're at the end. You need to save yourselves, you can't sit there anymore. You don't understand because in the US, they're already prepared to put the ropes around your necks. You don't understand this. They're closing upon you without your knowing. Everything is ready. Only there will be some something - they'll have reasons to put you within the camps. Indeed, there won't be just Jews there, they'll also put in goyim there - if it gives you a better feeling. I'm warning you - the end is very close.

I bless all the real-Jews that they will arrive to Israel, that they will be saved from the evil that's about to be even though Eretz Yisrael appears to be a dangerous place, but two-thirds of the world will be destroyed - not Eretz Yisrael. I beg HKB"H to have mercy on all Am Yisrael, to help them to return in teshuvah easily, and to arrive here in joy, groups and groups, who are excitedly expecting to receive Mashiach Tzidkeinu.

[Q and A to follow, iy"H]