19 November 2015

Did You Miss It?

7 Kislev 5776

The Tenth Blessing of the Amidah Prayer: "Sound the great shofar for our freedom, raise the banner to gather our exiles and gather us together from the four corners of the earth...."

The two witnesses...

Was there anywhere on this planet an ear that did not hear or an eye that did not witness this extraordinary event? Fourteen years of ingathering the exiles. What are you waiting for? ....


  1. Tomer, i want to say thank you to you, for putting that timer up here on your blog for Jonathan Pollard.
    I see that - and it makes my heart beat faster>. Just hours now.. May he be allowed to go to his belove Eretz Israe at oncel. Amen.
    Hashem bless you and all of Am Israel.

    1. Thanks. It's exciting for me, too. Although I feel a bit let down that after all these years of praying, it will likely already be Shabbat here when he finally gets out so we won't know anything about it. The US wants it kept hush-hush so who knows if they will report from the prison and show him leaving or anything at all. We might not even recognize him. The pictures we've been seeing all these years are from nearly 20 years ago - in the mid-to-late nineties. At that time he'd only been in for ten years.

      Well, Baruch Hashem! It's almost here. My family is having a "Thanksgiving" meal for Shabbat a week earlier than the Americans in honor of the thanks we owe to Hashem for setting our beloved brother Jonathan Pollard free from prison at this time.

      Hodu l'El! Baruch Hashem!

  2. Devash not to worry, he will be recognized by all. Amen. I just feel it. If one can go by 'feelings"
    Just to think what he has gone through for so long, makes it so sad and touching. Now the time has come. Everything will turn out for the good of all of you, especially Jonathan.
    This makes me want so much to be there, what a joy for all of Am Israel. All will be good. Amen.
    So glad you are having this celebration of thanks to Hashem in honour of Jonathan.
    May you and yours be blessed, and all of Am Israel. Amen and Amen.
    Love you all.

  3. After reading all of the comments in the previous blog regarding the importance of aliyah, and then watching a film of olim, I now see where the difference in opinion lies. The 'real non erev rav jews', are ultra orthodox wherever they live. And they are firm in their belief that Hashem knew what He was doing when He exiled them, and He will surely bring them all back.

    It's pretty clear what kind of people most olim are. Hardly any religious. I wonder why??

    So, a lot of you mean the land more than you mean judaism.

    A Concerned Jew

    1. " 'Real Jews' " come in all flavors, shapes, sizes and dress. I'm guessing you're not "ultra-Orthodox" because "ultra-Orthodox" Jews don't use that term. What do have to say about the Neviim that were quoted? Anything???

  4. Dvash, I live among people such as Concerned Jew, and feel utterly trapped, but I don't have an easy choice insofar as escaping from this oppressive, unruly, near-lawless area. I'm chronically ill, alone, weak, not much money. Where is there any normal affordable place anywhere where kosher stores and religious infrastructure are available?? (let alone Israel)? Normality and affordability are mutually exclusive in today's world.