10 November 2015

The Golden Calf Comes to Geulah

28 Marcheshvan 5776

Just in time for Rosh Chodesh Kislev, the month of Hanukah celebration, we have a perfect example of the ongoing struggle between Hellenistic (Western) and Torah values...
Jerusalem’s Plans First Chareidi Entertainment Center
Jerusalem City Hall is planning a cultural center designed for the chareidi public. The complex will include a number of halls that can be used to air movies as well as a gallery for exhibitions, and a health center with advanced equipment in line with lifestyle of the chareidi tzibur. The city is thinking the Schneller complex, the old IDF base at the beginning of Geula would be an ideal venue for such a facility.
The plan was raised in a session of the city’s culture committee, and it appears spearheading the plan is Deputy Mayor (Hisorarus) Ofir Berkowitz, a secular councilman. The chareidi councilmen back the plan, so it appears the project may enjoy widespread approval. While no sum has been announced for the project, it is expected to move forward and be a part of the 2016 budget.
This is no less than an "attack" on chareidi Jewry. It's no different from the war the Maccabees fought - the war between Hellenistic or Western values and Torah values - nothing less!! It seems that this time it's not the Greeks though, but the Erev Rav - secular and religious! Hashem yerachem!

Where are those who protest the uprooting of kevarim?! Where are they when Torah and kedushah are being uprooted in Geulah no less?!!

Perhaps, on the soul-level, they believe that if they can uproot the holiness of the chareidi tzibur, we will lose all hope of our Geulah. Hashem yerachem!

Note: The proposed area is near where a recent terror attack occcurred in the same neighborhood. I advise residents of that area to search it for spiritual breaches. There's some lack there that has made this particular area vulnerable to these attacks. 


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9LF62ih0tY
    Devash, this link is confirmed by R' Moshe Abramovich from Bney Brack. He comes to us to Haifa every week to give lecture.

  2. I'm glad you removed that first comment, for in my humble opinion it takes a lot of ire and haughtiness to single out a community that's mostly extremely religious and call them erev rav! How low some have stooped! That is nothing less than jealousy and Sinat Chinam!


    1. My apologies to all. I didn't read carefully enough through it before publishing. And my thanks to a thoughtful reader who contacted me about it.

  3. This will be like the Old Jerusalem Train Station, you walk in once, look around and leave, or you only go there to use the restroom. Just like Mamilla Mall, you can find anything at a cheaper price somewhere else.

  4. Here, too.

    - a voice in the wilderness