05 November 2015

The Three Wars of Gog uMagog and Their Three Parts

23 Marcheshvan 5776
After Moshiach comes, a major war will be instigated against Israel, as mentioned in the Holy Zohar (Shemos 7b), and in Parashas Vayaira (119a) and Toldos (139). This is the War of Gog and Magog spoken about in Yechezkel (38, 39), and Zechariah (14), as well as in Midrash Tehillim (Mizmor 118:9). There it says: Three times in the future Gog and Magog will come against Israel and go up against Jerusalem, and assemble and anger the nations with him to go up to Jerusalem … (Sha’arei Leshem, p. 491)
Hence, there are meant to be three separate wars of Gog and Magog, and according to the following, two have already occurred:
“While in London I heard from the holy Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman, quoting the Chofetz Chaim, that Chazal say the War of Gog and Magog will be threefold. After the First World War, the Chofetz Chaim said that it was the first battle of Gog and Magog, and that in about 25 years there would be a second world war, which would make the first one seem insignificant. Then there would be a third battle …” (Leiv Eliyahu, Shemos, p. 172)      ~ Source
In the same general time-frame of the first military war of Gog uMagog (WW I), another kind of war was being waged on two other fronts - economic and spiritual. This was the period when the bankers began to take over (and enslave) the world economically and when the First Zionist Congress was organized in order to hijack the movement of religious Jews returning to the Land of Israel. The Balfour Declaration came out of the First World War and the State of Israel came out of the Second World War.

This video (h/t R. Yehudah) explains the economic aspect of these wars of Gog uMagog.

(NOTE: I would end this at 40.18.)

The-Powers-That-Be will launch World War Three when they are ready to finish this war for global domination. Their ultimate goal is to rule the world from Yerushalayim because this is the prophecy for Mashiach and if they can usurp his place and prevent his coming (through genocide or through assimilation of the entire Jewish people), then they will have defeated God Almighty - in their warped world-view.

Their overgrown egos do not allow them to imagine that instead of this well-orchestrated scenario, they will instead bring about their own destruction and the complete redemption of the world and all the righteous people in it. They could never dream that their actions will pave the way for the re-establishment of the Kingdom of Israel and the crowning of Mashiach. 

Ken, yehi ratzon!