05 November 2015

The Three Wars of Gog uMagog and Their Three Parts

23 Marcheshvan 5776
After Moshiach comes, a major war will be instigated against Israel, as mentioned in the Holy Zohar (Shemos 7b), and in Parashas Vayaira (119a) and Toldos (139). This is the War of Gog and Magog spoken about in Yechezkel (38, 39), and Zechariah (14), as well as in Midrash Tehillim (Mizmor 118:9). There it says: Three times in the future Gog and Magog will come against Israel and go up against Jerusalem, and assemble and anger the nations with him to go up to Jerusalem … (Sha’arei Leshem, p. 491)
Hence, there are meant to be three separate wars of Gog and Magog, and according to the following, two have already occurred:
“While in London I heard from the holy Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman, quoting the Chofetz Chaim, that Chazal say the War of Gog and Magog will be threefold. After the First World War, the Chofetz Chaim said that it was the first battle of Gog and Magog, and that in about 25 years there would be a second world war, which would make the first one seem insignificant. Then there would be a third battle …” (Leiv Eliyahu, Shemos, p. 172)      ~ Source
In the same general time-frame of the first military war of Gog uMagog (WW I), another kind of war was being waged on two other fronts - economic and spiritual. This was the period when the bankers began to take over (and enslave) the world economically and when the First Zionist Congress was organized in order to hijack the movement of religious Jews returning to the Land of Israel. The Balfour Declaration came out of the First World War and the State of Israel came out of the Second World War.

This video (h/t R. Yehudah) explains the economic aspect of these wars of Gog uMagog.

(NOTE: I would end this at 40.18.)

The-Powers-That-Be will launch World War Three when they are ready to finish this war for global domination. Their ultimate goal is to rule the world from Yerushalayim because this is the prophecy for Mashiach and if they can usurp his place and prevent his coming (through genocide or through assimilation of the entire Jewish people), then they will have defeated God Almighty - in their warped world-view.

Their overgrown egos do not allow them to imagine that instead of this well-orchestrated scenario, they will instead bring about their own destruction and the complete redemption of the world and all the righteous people in it. They could never dream that their actions will pave the way for the re-establishment of the Kingdom of Israel and the crowning of Mashiach. 

Ken, yehi ratzon!


  1. I hope everyone takes the time to view that video. That information is crucial to understanding what's happening in our world. George Bush declared WW3 when he declared the "War on Terror". It started on Hoshana Rabba 5762. And Gog and Magog started on Sukkot 5776, just like the Meforshim said it would: "On 30 September 2015, Russia started military intervention in the Syrian Civil War" (wiki) Already Russia, the US, China, Iran, and many other nations are gathering on Israel's northern border preparing for an invasion of Eretz Yisrael, Hashem yerachem.

    - a voice in the wilderness

    1. I said as much here. But then, Binyamin says this thing in Syria is WW3 so....

      I just read something interesting over at Debka. They say there are 63 nations in the US coalition fighting in Syria. I googled it and found this from CNN back in February 2015: "While the United States has contributed the bulk of the military might, some 60 nations in all have participated in some way, according to the U.S. State Department." If it's up to 63 now , we can add in those not part of the US coalition - Russia, China, Iran and Cuba. There's 67. When it reaches 70, I guess it will turn into GoguMagog.

  2. http://www.infowars.com/u-s-prepares-war-against-russia-in-syrian-battlefield/

  3. If you think "Arabs" brought down the Twin Towers, you need to go study some more.

  4. It is not accurate to state that the secular Zionists hijacked the settlement enterprise. They did not hijack anything. They were given the enterprise because the religious community (as a whole) rejected it. It therefore fell to the other side. Three things fell to the other side because of rejection by the religious Jews: settling the land (went to the secular Jews), kabbalah (went to the secular scientists) and teshuvah (went to the secular Jews and became the baal teshuvah movement).

    1. I disagree. Is this all your opinion or do you have a source for it?

    2. The Lev Simcha, the previous Gerrer Rebbe said the following:

      The Holy One bestowed there gifts upon the world. But the Torah community of Israel by not grabbing each of these gifts at the time they were given lost all three to the Sitra Achra. Chochmah was lost and fell into the hands of the scientists. Eretz Yisrael was lost and fell into the hands of the secular Zionists. Teshuvah was lost and fell into the hands of the assimilated Jews, the Baal Teshuvah Movement.

      More can be said but this is sufficient here.

    3. Is this a direct (accurate) quote? Where is its source? If it's accurate, it doesn't contradict what I said. There's a subtle difference between you saying it was "given" to the Other Side and his saying it "fell into the hands" of the Other Side.

      History proves that religious Jews lived in EY for centuries before the big aliyot began and that the first aliyot were of religious Jews. Because the secular, anti-Torah forces were in a position to gather the political support of the nations, they accumulated the power to direct the founding of the state to secular goals.

      When one kind of group is already at work on something and another, more powerful group, comes along and takes it over and re-directs it, that's "hijacking" by definition.

      Now, you can say that they were able to succeed in this hijacking due to this or that reason, but it remains a hijacking nonetheless.

    4. You're missing the clear point of the Gerrer Rebbe. No doubt the initial wellspring of settling the land came as a result of the work of the Gra and his followers (under the leadership of R' Hillel et al.), and what is patently obvious is that if the majority of the religious Jews would have grabbed hold of that important and timely mission at that time (which they did not), then there would not been any "political" support gained by the secularists. It was only taken over (given over, fell over, etc.) because the religious Jews failed to take up the task. If you want to call that hijacking, go ahead, but it certainly gives the wrong connotation. H' was ready to initiate a long awaited process, but the bulk of the orthodox Jews did not take Him up on it. But you think man can stop H's timetable? Therefore, one way or the other, He worked events to further His timetable. This is not hijacking, but Divine Providence one way or the other. It is erroneous to say that a more powerful group came along and took it over. It had nothing to do with power or politics. It was the will of H'.

      And yes, it is an accurate quotation. I'll give you a little homework to do. Look it up. You'll find it. It is, in fact, a very famous saying of the Gerrer Rebbe and can be found in many sources.

      I will not respond further since what has been said has been said and I have much work to do.

      Shabbat shalom.

    5. Devash: Hoshea is right about this one. The students of the GRA and the Chassidic masters DID come in the early 19th century to "kick off" the return to Eretz Yisrael by religious Jews between 1800 and 1820. But for some reason Aliyah of G-d fearing Jews never picked up speed from its beginnings. After 1820 a second, third, and fourth Aliyah of Torah Jews coming in waves simply never materialized. Two full generations passed, and although the pop. of the four holy cities grew somewhat, the vast majority of G-d fearing Jews stayed put. Only in the 1880s did the first secular Aliyah begin with a number of religious Jews coming too as a percentage of the total Aliyah, but by 1900 in the 2nd Aliyah, the vast majority of Jews coming were socialists.

    6. Hoshea Allen, first of all. I did the "homework" before you assigned it and I found nothing at all. That's why I asked for your source. Did you hear it in a shiur? Did you read it in a book? What? How do you know about it? It was a simple question intended to further knowledge, not check up on you. I don't know why it's so hard to answer it. I'm sure there was more context involved. Perhaps if I knew it, I would be better able to understand the Gerrer Rebbe's point.

      Dov, thanks. That paints quite a different picture. I didn't realize so much time went by in the interim or that there were no further religious aliyot during that time. So, perhaps a more accurate characterization would be that religious Jews dropped the ball and left it lying on the court so the secular Jews came and picked it up and started a new game. Until now, I've always seen it more like big bullies came and took the ball away and pushed the little guys out.

  5. Of course there should be a Gog with each of these wars, correct? And that Gog should be involved with the "conquest of Eretz Yisrael and Yerushalayim", correct? Well in WW1 there was clearly such a Gog (George). The PM of Great Britain who conquered Eretz Yisrael from the Turks was a philo-Semite named PM David Lloyd Gog. His General, Allenby, entered Yerushalayim in triumph on the First night of Chanukah, I believe, in the Jewish post-Shmittah year 5678.

    Finding the Gog in WW2 is a bit more difficult because, thank G-d, the Nazis never successfully conquered Eretz Yisrael. They came very, very close though. But Hashgachat HaShem kept them out of the Land. Yet, there was a Gog at the end of that war who vehemently opposed the establishment of the State of Israel. He has/had a lot of good press because he rebuilt Edom in Europe, but his benevolent kindness of course did not extend to the Jews even after the Shoah. His name was Gog Marshall, and he lead the charge in the US State Dept. to prevent the establishment of the State of Israel. He fought Harry Truman's decision with the vehemence of a vicious anti-Semite. He was an arch-enemy. And yes he was a Gog.

    1. In WWI, Britain conquered the Turks in Eretz Yisrael under the rule of King George V.

      In WWII, Britain abdicated the mandate which paved the way for Israel's declaration of independence under the rule of King Goerge VI.

      As the empire shifted from Britain to America, the three wars within the last of the three wars of Gog uMagog...

      "one on the sea" - the Persian Gulf war under George Bush Sr
      "one on the land" - the War on Terror (Afghanistan, Iraq) under George Bush, Jr
      "one near Jerusalem" - ?????

      Is it the one taking place right now in Syria? Under Obama? Or is it something yet to be? Maybe something more focused on religion, maybe under Jorge (George) BerGOGlio - the Jesuit Pope Francis. Or maybe Obama is taking his orders from him. But, the repetition of the name George and then the clear direction to GOG in the middle of his last name is too 'coincidental' - like a double hint. And we know how the Vatican covets Jerusalem and wants to rule here. Something to think about.

    2. I may have figured out that last bit. After the British Empire, the American Empire (both the inheritors of Rome) took over. In the wake of 9/11and the wars that followed, the American Empire fell and was taken over by the NWO crowd with the Pope at it's head. Now, world rule has returned to actual Rome (Edom) just in time for the final, final war. Thoughts?

      I don't really see Obama as 'Gog'. He's Paro.

    3. I agree on both counts. Obama is Paro or the Primordial Snake from Gan Eden. Chazal said the same about the Paro of the first Geulah by comparing him to a Tanin (a reptile). This is why when Moshe's staff turned into a snake and so did the staffs of the Chartumim, Moshe's staff ate the staffs of the chartumim. So in a sense Obama is also both Paro and the Primordial Snake. Plus Gog according to Yechezkel comes to preserve his Western Civilization by invading Israel. Obama behaves like an anti-Gog. He wants to destroy Western Civ. from within and distribute its wealth amongst the 3rd World. He really is not Gog. But because Zecharia in chapters 12 and 14 does not even mention the protagonist against Yerushalayim at the very end, the protagonist in Yechezkel, Gog, does NOT have to be the name of the protagonist at the very end when the Redemption is b'itah. In the previous Shmittah cycle, when the leader WAS Gog, all HaShem was asking for to bring Mashiach Achishena was the rudiments of common decency. Joining Sharon's Govt. for money and sticking with him until almost the very end when he destroyed Jewish Gaza and the Northern Shomron destroyed the keilim that Mashiach should come Achishena at the end of the previous Shmittah cycle. So instead of burying Gog here in the Land of Israel at the end of his term, he went back to his ranch in Crawford, Texas. There is more to say on this about why 5765/ 5766. I will have to do that later.

      Yet, you are correct. We actually do have a "spiritual" Gog now. BerGOGlio does fit that profile. I wrote about that at the time. And there is one curiosity that proves this. Bergoglio is the first and only Pope to be called Francis. When Rome moved from Rome, Italy to the Potomac, the original owner of the farm where the National Mall in Washington DC would eventually be was Francis Pope. Maryland was originally a 100% Catholic colony in N. America. So naming one's farm Rome, Maryland would not have been such an oddity. So the New Rome moved to the former farm of Francis Pope. I believe he also had a Tiber River or Creek on his farm which emptied into the Potomac. Now that there is a Pope Francis, the title of being Rome has returned from the farm of Francis Pope to the Vatican of Pope Francis.

    4. Here's another thought I had... Britain was at the peak of it's power in WW1 (under Geo V) and was losing it's power after WW2 (under Geo VI). The US was at its peak of power (after the 1989 collapse of the USSR) when it went to war in Kuwait (under Geo, Sr ) and was already losing its power when it went to war in Afghanistan/Iraq (under Geo, Jr).

      So, questions. When Binyamin says "WW3 broke out" could he be referring to the third war of the third war? And if so, and if the Empire has now passed over to the NWO gang, does that mean they are now at the peak of their power? And like America's peak was shorter than Britain's, will theirs be even shorter still as they fall at the end of this war that they have now launched "near Jerusalem"?

      You know, it's not for nothing that the Arabs keep bringing up the term "Crusaders" in reference to these wars from the West.

    5. AND... it was a father-son thing until this last one who, as a priest, is called "father" (doesn't "pope" even mean "papa"?) and he claims to represent the "Son" (God forbid) on earth - so he is iin essence 'both'???

      Now, it's really getting crazy. Lol!

  6. Ezekiel 39

    ....And seven months shall the house of Israel be burying them, that they may cleanse the land

    11 And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will give unto Gog a place fit for burial in Israel, the valley of them that pass through on the east of the sea; and it shall stop them that pass through; and there shall they bury Gog and all his multitude; and they shall call it the valley of Hamon-gog.

    12 And seven months shall the house of Israel be burying them, that they may cleanse the land.

    13 Yea, all the people of the land shall bury them, and it shall be to them a renown; in the day that I shall be glorified, saith the Lord GOD.

    14 And they shall set apart men of continual employment, that shall pass through the land to bury with them that pass through those that remain upon the face of the land, to cleanse it; after the end of seven months shall they search.

    15 And when they that pass through shall pass through the land, and any seeth a man's bone, then shall he set up a sign by it, till the buriers have buried it in the valley of Hamon-gog.


  7. Also, in regard to the religious aliyoth in the 19th century and a little before; these Jews couldn't have achieved what the so-called 'enlightened' Jews (bolsheviks, socialists) were able to. They wanted to make a new 'jew' and be amongst the nations of the world, so they were able to achieve making a 'state' with the help of the nations. This was not fault then of the religious Jews who had sincere hopes for the return of Yehudim to E.Y. Many bought parcels of land for their individual communities, but the power of the socialist/communist movement was too strong. Everything is from Hashem and that is probably the reason that HE allowed Moshe to have them tag along, as everything from the start was for the sake of Geulah, the coming of Moshiach Tzdkeinu. Nothing is random and, hopefully, many Jews will still have some time to repent (do teshuvah) before that great and Awesome Day. nili

  8. I finally saw the video clip. I would extend your suggested cut off point by 2 minutes more. I never knew about this implanted chip that many Americans have already and are getting yet which started in 2008?. Freaks me out! -- D.M.O.