"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

27 November 2015

Blood Will Flow Until Repentance Is Achieved

15 Kislev 5776
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parshat Vayishlach

Yesterday, Rav Amram Vaknin, shlita from Ashdod experienced another "aliyat neshamah" in the Cave of Eliyahu HaNaviThe following account of the event comes from the Rav's facebook page
The words spoken by HaRav, shlita are:
Rabbi Moshe (Zrihen), Rabbi Masoud (Weizman), what does Eliyahu HaNavi want from me? (The rabbi made a powerful sound like a strong moan of pain) Whoever is with you ...pray prayers, prayers, prayers, prayers!! 
You should not stop praying with this man (with Rabbi Vaknin, shlita). We told you even though he's a man, but there are things in him that are not in a man, even though you see that he's a man.
Tell all the Jewish people that they should pray with this man because the blood of Jews is going to be poured out more. It will be poured and poured and poured until you will return in teshuvah from the heart; until you will go in the way of truth! In the way of Torah and mitzvot, in the way of purity, of Torah lishmah!
We've spoken to you enough, we've spoken to you enough, we've spoken to you enough. Not just you (need to return in teshuvah), also your gedolim need to return in teshuvah.
For good they're speaking evil and for evil they're speaking good. 
We will go with you to every single place and we will check your prayers if they're from the heart, from humility, from holiness, and from purity.
B'nei Torah - one curses the other, one has jealousy of the other and doesn't want him to go up, doesn't want him to be greater than himself, that he shouldn't have money.
B'nei Torah shouldn't live in pride - they have to live in humility because Torah and pride are an abomination. We charge you (all those in this place at these moments) that you should tell all the Jewish people what you've heard today. It's on your backs, of every single one of you, men and women. You keep silent - you pay, you speak - it will be mitzvot for you.
Personally, I really don't know what to think about this rabbi and these messages. I don't know if it is kosher or not. I only bring this here and now because of the accuracy of his previous statements. In particular he said before Rosh Hashanah that people were going to be "slaughtered in the streets like chickens". And it has come to pass precisely as he said. Arabs are making shechitah on Jews all across the country.

So, what do you think? 


  1. The news agrees with this: Israel: Things are Likely to Get Worse Before They Get Better

    The IDF's solution seems to be to give the Arabs everything they want and then they'll stop. Just look at what we've come to!

    - a voice in the wilderness

    1. I really don't know what's to be with the IDF. So far today, eight IDF soldiers have been run down by Arab vehicles.

  2. David, Europe27/11/15 1:49 PM

    >> So, what do you think? <<
    I think that Rabbi Amram Vaknin shalit"a could be the VOICE of ELIYAHU HA NAVI who, according to the Prophecies and Midrashim, must come before coming of Mashiach and would reveal the identity of MASHIACH BEN DAVID, like Shmuel ha Navi has revealed the identity of King David.

  3. IMHO everything is possible and these messages could be kosher. To me it is not a question at this point... I can't ever know 100% ianyway because I don't know any prophets who can tell me. Still, Rabbi Vaknin's message is nothing out of left field ... or difficult to believe. He is speaking the truth and we all know it. Any logical person can see what is happening and that only Hshem can save us from the matziv we find ourselves in. We have to daven, yes, harder than we ever have. There is simply no more room for games, or being half and half. We have to do teshuva for real and choose which side we are on... Whether these messages are actually from Eliayhu HaNavi we will only know when Mashiach comes .. it should be soon bezras Hshm

    Shabbat Shalom
    Leah R

  4. Personally, I think even if we have some very holy righteous rabbis; there is much that I cannot take as true, even if the rabbi himself might believe so, so I don't know. All I know is that common sense is that what he is predicting can very well be right, inasmuch as we can all see that the leadership, gov, IDF, unsup.ct., etc. are purposely allowing this mayhem to continue and it seems Jewish blood has become cheap, r'l. The Jewish people have become very confused; there are forces of pure evil abounding and have control at the top. Israel has become just one of the nations and has thrown off any fear of Heaven, so all real Jews, religious & secular need to unite, firstly to do teshuvah and tefilah and with great numbers, the hashpa'ah will be great in Heaven to receive H's forgiveness and blessings. We have just read the DM's prediction that they can't stop the terror. Duh, isn't he responsible for doing what has to be done so that no more Jewish blood flows in the 'Jewish' state? nili

  5. This is Rivka,
    I am worried. Are we all following Torah and the prophets or what people tells us to believe? HaShem requires us to listen to Him, and to His prophets. Yet many believe that we have existence after death. Psalm 146 says otherwise, and so do many other records. How can this be? If death is a punishment for sin, which we know it is, surely there cannot be consciousness after death? Not until the resurrection. This sounds like a greek influence from centuries ago.

    We shouldn't do this... Please think.

    1. Rivka, death is not a "punishment" for sin, it is a consequence of sin.

      "When Adam sinned...things were greatly changed. The amount of evil that existed initially was just enough to assure that man would be in perfect balance, allowing him to gain perfection through his own efforts. When man sinned...he caused evil to increase....

      ..When Adam sinned...he personally caused concealment of perfection and thus an increase in evil.... The effort required to earn perfection was therefore doubled. Man must first bring himself and the world back to the state in which they existed before the first sin. Only then can he raise himself from that state to his destined level of perfection.

      ...justice decreed that neither man nor the world will ever be able to rise to perfection while still in their current fallen state. ...both must go through a stage of destruction before either can arrive at perfection, [i.e. death].

      ...Since it has been decreed that man must die, body and soul must remain separated until the time comes for them to be reunited.

      During this period of separation, an appropriate place must exist for each of the two separate parts. The body thus returns to its element.... The body must undergo decay and decomposition, remain in the earth for an appropriate time, and finally be reconstructed anew so that the soul can re-enter it. During this intermediate time...the soul needs a place.

      It is for this reason that God prepared a Soul World.

      When a soul leaves its body, it enters the Soul World and remains there in a state of rest while the body undergoes what it must. During this period, the soul experiences sublime delight...

      ...When the soul leaves the body and enters the SOul World...it can then radiate freely witha brightness that befits it as a result of its good deeds.... Through both this and what it can attain in the Soul World, the soul is able to reain the power that it lost while associated with the body...." (Derech Hashem, Part 1: Chapter 3)

      The soul is pure consciousness and is always aware.

  6. I know Rabbi Amram for 8 years. Everything he has said until today has been the truth. He is always praying for Am Israel and for everyone to do teshuva. What's to believe or not to believe?! DO TESHUVA & PRAY FROM THE HEART!!!

    1. Some are concerned about his appearing to speak with the 'dead'. It's asur according to the Torah. The prophets received prophecies through angelic messengers, but there is no indication they spoke with other human beings who had passed over. Therefore, it may not be a kosher source even though it has proven accurate many times.

  7. Well, it's not like we haven't seen it actually play out right in front of our eyes, Dov.

    Look, it seems to be following a pattern similar to what we saw before the Shoah. As antisemitism got worse in chu"l, Arab attacks increased in Israel. It's from Hashem to preserve free will. The worse it gets there, the worse it gets here.

  8. Rivka, first time I ever heard such a description on the passing of a Jew. Almost sounds heretical. Of course, haven't you heard, the neshomah is eternal. Also, by now you must know that reading any posuk from Torah, Nach, Tehilim or any of our holy seforim, we need to study and not just read it. We do not take the words just at face value, as if reading a magazine article. Without the commentaries and interpretations, we cannot understand. We pray for the coming of Moshiach and T'chiyat Hameisim speedily! Thank you D'vash for explaining it so well.


    1. Hey! It wasn't me! It's the Ramchal. :-)

  9. What's the hiddush here? My goodness! The Torah clearly says if we don't do tshuva, our blood will be spilled. Last time I checked, sinat hinam abounds in the RELIGIOUS WORLD, so, so too bloodshed.

    But the statement, "We told you even though he's a man, but there are things in him that are not in a man, even though you see that he's a man", is a bit much. Many Jews are so, so susceptible to believing so-called "holy men". Please my brothers and sisters, we CANNOT trust any messages channeled from other dimensions of reality. They are not prophecy, and hence, extremely fallible.

    Believe me, I wish true prophecy would return as much as the next person, but this is not it, and its dangerous (unless one's perspective is this is just another interesting thing to read on a blog!)

    1. That bothered me, too. I don't know what they're getting at. What are they trying to say?


  10. >> So, what do you think? <<
    Not much. What happened to his "blood moons"? According to the Torah, we are not to put belief/trust in astrology.

    1. Sorry, Shofar Expert, I can't publish your last comment because of the link, but you made your point and I stand corrected. Thanks for passing that along because I had no idea.

    2. The fact that Yoel HaNavi 3 mentions the Blood Moons preceded by the darkening of the sun is the only reason why the blood moons are important in the events that follow them. I would wait until the end of Chanukah/ Asarah b'Tevet to declare the effect of the Blood Moons dead though. Chanukah is the Rabbinic reflection of Sukkot/ Shmini Atzereth beginning 60 days after Isru Chag of Sukkot. The S'fas Emeth and others bring this down.

    3. Dov, if you go back and look at the "pattern" this theory is based on, you will see that the so-called "blood" moon FOLLOWED the event they supposedly portended. So, we're not looking for something to come. You'd have to look back at what happened in the year or months leading up to it.

      I do not see this as a fulfillment of Yoel's prophecy. It's missing the third prophesied event - "stars cease to shine".

  11. Prophecy returns in the Last Days, thus allowing people to interprete events more accurately.There are spiritual people given access to knowing things. Hence to Rabbi Vaknin may be given credit knowing the truth of his past predictions.
    The title of this article is very relevant of what is happening in Yisrael now. It is a trial for the Jewish American Diaspora to decide which direction it takes. Those believing to be safer in USA are afraid to come to Yisrael that shows their lack of trust in Hashem. Their attitude is shown in the praise of Obama Nachash, Hashem's messenger to destroy America to the ground. Great rabbis have called the Jews from USA to come home, but they do not listen. That means Yisrael isn't their home.

  12. I totally agree. The situation in Eretz Yisrael is NOT a chillul Hashem - it is to give people free will. Anyone who has half a leg on the side of truth understands that is much safer here because Eretz Yisrael and Miracles are one aspect, along with Emunah (Likutei Moharan 7). For those without this daat, sadly, there has to be a ruse to keep people who don't care about the land out of the land. Once the miracles become even more outright and obvious, the borders to Eretz Yisrael will be closed, bc once it is obvious and there is no free choice, there will also be no choice. Even more, Rabbi Arush recently quoted Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchov who said that even people in the land who did not truly yearn for the Geula, at the time the miracles begin will be taken out of the land by angels!
    In any case, the comment about being only partially man isnt surprising to me if Rabbi Vaknin is a true tzaddik. It is discussed in Kabbalah and Chassidus that when a person merits to totally clean themselves of earthly lusts and desires, the angels give him a new body clean of the Sin of Adam which is not made of the skin of the snake. They still look human, act human, etc. but the body is a pure body, instead of a fundamentally impure one. We know this to be true of other great tzaddikim living in our generation as well. When Moshiach we will be able to see this truth - in the meantime our sins and lowly state prevent us from seeing it, and also to preserve free choice. If you truly knew what Rabbi Arush and other tzaddikim were, you would HAVE to listen, you would have no choice. So it's hidden.
    But when you choose to listen with your free choice, you bring the Geula closer, because one of the aspects of the galus is that people do not listen to the voice of the tzaddikim, which is also the aspect of truth (same LM 7).
    SO: when you start working on emuna, reading The Garden of Emuna, The Garden of Gratitude, one of Rabbi Arush's new Gems/Margoliot, etc. - you bring the Geula closer, because the Galus is only because of a lack of emuna, which is thanking Hashem for everything even the seemingly bad.

  13. Sorry...comment was too long!
    When you start working on aspects of kedusha - guarding your eyes, tzniut, etc. - that includes filtered internet and no internet "smart" phone! Now even the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation came out with 2 new books for men on this subject, one of them in English! So don't say this is only for Breslev Chassidim! you help bring the Geula. As Rabbi Arush also recently said - There is no suffering in Klal Yisrael. There is neuf (sexual lust) in Klal Yisrael! When you hear a siren, know woa woa woa what is wrong with me? The sword (in this case knives) come to avenge the brit!
    These are the biggest things: emuna, thanking Hashem, and praying to Hashem (if you believe in Hashem, then why don't you speak to him?!) - these are all one aspect - and holiness. This is essential teshuva, because if the general sin is neuf, then the general teshuva is - holiness!
    And again for women, this means helping men to guard their eyes and minds, which means outside the house not dressing in any way with regard to beauty. Not necessarily UGLY but nothing beautiful and attracting - long and wide clothes according to Harav Arush. By definition you are showing off your beauty to...strange men! C"V a woman causes a man to sin, then she gets the same punishment as him since she entrapped him in her beauty...and Rabbi Arush says men are "choleh nefesh" sick in their souls. Just because it isn't attracting to the woman herself, she just wants to be "presentable" which means in our days minimally beautiful so she can show her face in public which means being more beautiful than she is in the house!!! (think about it a little, and you can easily see how backwards this is) because it all comes from goyishe ideals of beauty being the ikkar, so she has to be at least a little pretty to go outside, instead of "false is grace and nothing is beauty - the woman who fears Hashem she should be praised!" which is Judaism. In fact, a woman should want so much to be not beautiful outside that he brings the Gemara in Sotah which says a woman should pray before she leaves the house a special prayer which basically says - that no man should notice her and sin because of her, and go to Gehinnom!

  14. "...stars cease to shine..." right now in China!!? Folks there reporting they haven't seen stars at night or the sun in the day for at least 20 days.