05 November 2015

Binyamin: "World War Three Broke Out" - Q and A, Pt 4

24 Marcheshvan 5776


Yerushalayim, Yom Shlishi, Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan
with Binyamin

World War Three Broke Out
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To Understand the Message

Q. We're too busy with all the 'news', so we don't focus on doing what needs doing, like running to prayers...

A. But the problem is that the 'news' is something easier, it doesn't require anything of the person. He just focuses on what's happening, and he can even also pray to Hashem, that Hashem will take all these things, and this is so that he can return to 'normal life'...  But there's no such thing now as 'returning to normal lives' because already in recent years all kinds of things have happened so already 'normal life' does not remain.....

Q. My desire is to understand the purpose of Divine Providence where now we are entering into a situation where it's like these soldiers are 'guarding us'.

A. Excuse me, but as far as I know, most of the terrorists have not been killed by Israeli soldiers but by plain Israeli citizens. So, there was no need for them, the soldiers, just to clean up the area...  And who saves the soldiers who are attacked? Of course, it's HKB"H, but who are the Jews who take them to the hospital and give them first aid, etc.? - they're regular Jews, not the army, and nothing like the army.

And pay attention, in this war, it's simple, regular Jewish soldiers, and also police - it's regular police, but not theYasamim, the Yasamim are not involved in this, they are the worst of the military, they only work against Jews. Yes, they're like all the armies of the world now.

Q. Today I had the sensation that an atmosphere of unity was created among those who fear God, the trouble has made a connection among everyone...

A. This can certainly be the result at the end, God willing.

Q. What do you think about the phenomenon that many of the tragic victims were from among the chareidim, especially today what happened here in the area, the injured are mainly chareidim.

A. Ok, we make the most problems in the world... Because we've gone down very much, the chareidim, usually, not everyone. And this important Jew who was killed al kiddush Hashem, he's just one of the tzadikim that Hashem took so he wouldn't need to suffer anymore. But we have to understand that it will not finish now, perhaps this thing will finish, but 'something' more will start. We're aleady close, or we're already inside, within World War Three, which is the last war, and the 'tip' of it is Gog uMagog.

Q. It really started on Hoshanah Rabbah, major tragedies, and according to what is said in the books on this day the War of Gog uMagog started, is it possible to see what's happening here as the development stage of the War of Gog uMagog?

A. Clearly, clearly. There's no doubt. Don't worry, how can it not be? In the end, Hashem will finish all the evildoers. He will slaughter the yetzer hara, and with God's help all of us will be able to receive Mashiach Tzidkeinu in calm and in happiness, with all our families, with all Am Yisrael. But we need to do 'a general renovation' before we go into that.

Q. In this matter that the murders are by knives, what does it mean?

A. Good question, I really didn't think about it. A knife is a sword. In all that we read in the Torah and the Gemara and in all kinds of sources in the Holy Books, in wars we're speaking about swords, likewise also bow and arrow, but mainly swords. So therefore it starts this way, so that we will remember that it's not something new, it's something very old. And we have a circle from Adam-HaRishon until now. And like we said previously, we've arrived at the same place. Simply the same place. We made a trip all around. Like when we went out from Egypt, HKB"H removed us from Egypt and took us forty years in the desert. Indeed we could have arrived within a few days or perhaps a week to our goal, but we wandered, we wandered, we wandered and until we arrived, there were already other 'Children of Israel', all kinds of new people who were born and now they were in control and they were more righteous. And to our great sorrow - currently, we're not more righteous. We made the circuit but we didn't turn into being more righteous, but what, because we fell so deeply, then those who survive - they will understand this! And this is the most important thing, that we will understand and will know not to hide ourselves like Adam and Chavah who hid themselves from HKB"H, and to tell HKB"H that we sinned. We sinned and we want to do teshuvah.

Q. We've reached a situation like is spoken of in the prophets that 'we have no one upon whom to rely except upon our Father in Heaven...'

A. Oy! That's it! Exactly. And don't forget that 'the main thing is not to fear at all'... To trust in Hashem.

Q. Does Am Yisrael know to do teshuvah now, do they understand the message from all that 's happening?

A. I ask very much from Hashem to open for them the mind, the mind that can understand.

Q. Is it possible to come to the people with a defined and specific thing: it's on you to fix this thing and this... Bnei Yishmael are doing us this way because we aren't okay  in this and this detail, is it possible to point out a clear thing?

A. Certainly, it's possible. You need to make a list of things. First of all, the descent in holiness, really a difficult descent, with stories - Hashem should protect us. And very many of these stories are true. It's terrible and awful. They are deciding very much with mercifulness on everyone, and this mercifulness is bringing to many more sins. That's the first thing - the holiness, that it's really, really in a difficult situation.

Q. The Chofetz Chaim in his time already shouted that it [lack of holiness] brings big disasters, ....

A. Correct. And after this - it's lashon hara. And the lack of holiness that we mentioned, it also includes the subject of modesty within it, but after [holiness] it's lashon hara. And after [lashon hara] it's things like lack of honoring parents, which is frightening, the chutzpah really celebrates. The youth really, not everyone Baruch Hashem, but very many - they're chutzpanim above and beyond.

Q. The coping that there is today for parents with children, it's not simple, like this boldness and chutzpah...

A. Right. And it's possible simply to go through the ten commandments and see, everything-everything. And also thieves, stealing one from the other, not breaking into houses and going in and taking, but your businesses are this way. Not everyone, Baruch Hashem, but it's very, very widespread.

Q. Do you see an end to this situation? Don't see any way out, no solution to the complications with the Arabs?

A. I think, I don't know how, but something will happen, something bigger than this will happen, and it will make more quiet, but on the one hand it will be harder, and on the other hand easier, because it will be something else. And Hashem will care for all His true sons and daughters.

Good, I think that we talked about everything and I just bless everyone and all Am Yisrael, that we will merit to receive Mashiach Tzidkeinu in mercy and in joy.

Final. End.


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    1. Thanks for reminding me. I got a notification of a new one a couple of days ago and forgot til now.

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