02 November 2015

Binyamin: "World War Three Broke Out" - Q and A, Pt 3

20 Marcheshvan 5776


Yerushalayim, Yom Shlishi, Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan
with Binyamin

World War Three Broke Out
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Q. What's happening now, perhaps it's a continuation of what happened to us a year ago in the Har-Nof Massacre, it also occurred in the month of Marcheshvan, 'Rachel crying for her children', there were like shocking things there, Hashem yishmor.

A. Right. Right.

Q. I'm impressed that the chareidi public is in 'shock' after what happened here in Geulah today, the question is what are they doing?

A. Baruch Hashem, the time has come. It's just a pity that especially a tzadik like this had to go. But, nothing is 'a pity', it's what Hashem wanted. A really righteous Jew was killed today. But see here, they need to be in 'shock' in order to recover and to understand where they are standing. There is within our community here, our large general community, not of a specific rabbi, those of all the rabbis here, all the Jews who live here, they, the chareidim, they live in some kind of dream, some something not real, an imaginary picture of the situation, not real. They don't want to know. Also in America they are living this way. And in America, in a little bit 'it will fall on their head' hard. But here, Hashem has already given us stronger hints. And already a year ago there was war here in Israel which then most of the missiles fell in the center of the country. And now, the place that is suffering most - it's Yerushalayim. Every place has his 'turn', that has in it more hints. But it gives them a 'shock'. And the real Jews will begin to wake up. And will get more 'shocks'. The economy here is already in a hard situation. And this, that the shops will be closed today after what happened, and everyone is afraid to go out, so they're beginning to understand that the 'shopping', buying-buying-buying that they're doing, with borrowed money, it's not their money, so already this thing can't continue so much. And so the economy will go down very strongly. Now there are places which the Jews were going to eat in restaurants of gentiles, of Arabs, secular Jews, and most of these places are empty today. They also need to make an accounting, everyone. So, HKB"H gives a hint, He strikes thirty Jews approximately, a small part of them die, a large part of them either they are at home or  are lying down more in hospital, there are those in a hard situation, but the vast majority of Am Yisrael here in Israel, it didn't touch them directly yet. So the time has come for an accounting. The secular as well as the chareidim as well as the national-religious.

Q. The little children hear the events, and it influences them, what are we allowed to say to them?

A. Don't worry for the children, they receive it much more simply than the adults... Children who are under fire - they know what to do. There are more sensitive and there are less, but it's preferable to fight a thing that's clear, that doesn't have a question-mark, like whether or not to go on a jeep-tour or to an amusement park. These are hard questions, because the majority will fall with it, because they will say: 'What is this? What is this?...  It's nothing! What's the problem with it?!...' But it's very bad, it damages the soul of the child. Here - it's clear, also to the child it's clear. There is 'black' and there is 'white'.

Q. One of the results of the situation is that people already wander around less in the streets...

A. Definitely, definitely, the Jews need to learn not to wander around aimlessly. I said: Don't wander around for no reason.

Q. I remember that also in the Gulf War they didn't wander the streets, and also there was unity, but after that there was a terrible spiritual descent, a severe descent...

A. After the Six Days War - that was the war that lowered everyone. Because before that even the secular were good people, cheerful, married and not divorced so much, and birthing children, and were good people, and even believing. But after 'Six Days', the money came in - and everything was damaged. Here the greatest damage started. [Devash: That's also when the US really became involved in Israel's affairs.]

Q. We don't know Heaven's accountings, but there's a noticeable link here between what's happening now and to the to'evah parade, the matter of running over is stoning, and the matter of the knives in the streets is reminiscent of Pinchas, which we don't open our mouth to protest about this atrocity, we're silent.

A. Definitely, definitely, that's correct, it's not simple. It's not simple at all. And it's possible to find a lot of signs in each thing that's happening today.

Q. It appears that they, the Yishmaelim, are 'self-sacrificing' for lies, as it's brought in the books, if we have power in the world that we're not exploiting for the service of Hashem - then to our grief the Sitra-Achra takes it for the Lie.

A. The situation of our communities, it's simply to cry over. If the gentiles it's true, they went down in holiness in a terrible way. They anyway never were who-knows-what in a high status, but there were also with them conventions of family life. But the Jews - with all the holiness that we have in Torah and Writings and Gemara and Mishnayot, etc., etc. - we went down so, not everyone, Baruch Hashem, but very much. And also the Poskim decide about it so easily, that it simply destroys everything.

Q. HaRav Yoram Abergil, ztz"l left us, what do you say about this?

A. HKB"H took him. He took him because he was a very great tzadik, and now He doesn't want him to suffer more than he already suffered.

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