30 November 2015

Binyamin: "To See The End Of The World"

18 Kislev 5776


Communication with Binyamin
After the Attack in Paris
Jerusalem, 5 Kislev 5776

To See The End Of The World

Last week-end and also this week - was really the most tragic week. So many people were killed at the same time, the sights so difficult, it made a big 'schock to all of Europe, and a very great fear in the US, because the president of the US is bringing hundreds of thousands of Syrians, Africans, Afghanis, and etc., to settle in the US. And since ISIS is threatening the US and said that they already have there a lot of ISIS jihadis who are only waiting to blow up Washington, DC - so, it's enough to put the Americans into a great panic and justifiably, because that's the plan, to take a not-large group, not really strong, to give it a scary face, allow it to scare everyone with their cruelty, and then to produce it on a movie and put it on the internet so that everyone will see it. But, it's not a big group, and it's not really an army, it's just 'as if'. The Americans who created these evildoers, and apparently they have someone from Hollywood to give them the way, the script, and without a doubt they have people who know how to make a movie in order to show how they are taking people, prisoners, and taking off their heads. Indeed we don't see it, we don't see what they really do, but the imagination does the rest. The photography is excellent, really professional.

And behold they created ISIS, and the whole world is afraid of ISIS, and it's no problem at all for one ISIS-man to get from those who are plotting to take over the world some small nuclear bomb and some idiot will go and explode himself in the city of New York, God forbid, or in Washington, the capital city, God forbid, or in California, in Los Angeles, in San Francisco, somewhere, and it will be the end of the US. And also in Europe they frighten everyone. But, ISIS doesn't have planes, they don't have satellites, they don't have all the things that would really make them an army. It's all very professional publicity that succeeds in scaring the whole world. And there's really what to fear, because it's not really them doing everything, it's not them getting or creating the nuclear bombs or conquering Iraq, large areas of Iraq, and now controlling the oil, no, no, no, and no!!! There has to be a large organization, much larger than them, with huge armies, and equipment, and various types of the most advanced weapons. And they take these groups, and direct them to make attacks, and as if to 'occupy an area'. And it's funny, it would be funny, if it weren't so sad.

So, now there's danger. And if they're already threatening the US, and threatening Egypt, and various places in Europe, then you can be sure that there will be something very hard there, something that will scare everyone, and so it won't be a problem to send the soldiers in all the countries, to supposedly 'save' them, the residents from the evildoers. The problem is, what the population of the countries don't know is that it was they who created them, their leaders who created this situation, just so they would agree to let the army rule over them, the army of their countries, not of ISIS. ISIS - it's nothing. If they wanted to finish them, it would go 'chik-chok', but they don't want to. They're using them to bring panic in the world, in Europe as well as various other places. And even also in Israel - we have ISIS jihadis, and Hizballah, whatever you want, all the 'best' things. And we're also under the rule of the army, but not like in America, and not like in Europe, not like they will be.

And this is the real situation, there is no possibility to get out of it, by natural means. It's what will bring us to what the evildoers want, and that is: a third world war, which in it's wake two-thirds of the world wil be destroyed. And what happened in France - it's really the beginning of this war.

We try each time to ask, to think, when, when will the geulah be already. There are important people who give various dates, but in the end it doesn't work out, and we're disappointed. I don't tell a date, I just say to you clearly: it's very close. And see, see for yourselves what happens, what there is... what there is in this world... how the world is falling apart... how the leaders are really stupid or psychopaths, insane, in the way they are managing the world, or that they are just evildoers. And we know that they are all very great antisemites.

And also among the Jews we have antisemites, among the secular Jews especially, among the liberals, the liberal Jews in the US. They hate that they're Jews at all, they're together with the liberals, the Americans, the gentiles, and what remains for us? Very little. How many from us, the chareidim, will remain? Comparatively very few. For sure, less than half, until how many I don't know, because we don't have many Jews in the world. And if it would be half of all those claiming they were Jews, then it's already more than all the chareidim, so don't worry. The 'real-chareidim' in this world - they're not so many people in numbers. There are Jews who fly to various bar-mitzvahs and weddings all over the world, and in all the communities where they go they know them, so it's really not many, they're not such large communities. We feel that there are very many chareidi Jews in the world. But, there's not, there's not. It's really not a lot. So, with God's help, if we will do teshuvah, Am Yisrael, if we will do teshuvah - with God's help we will merit to receive our righteous Mashiach. And if not, God forbid, if Hashem doesn't save the Jew - then it's a sign that he wasn't Jewish. And I'm talking about the last moment before the geulah, the last moment within which all the nations come against us, the moment this happens - it's 'Gog uMagog'.

We won't fight this war, only Hashem will fight. We just need to go into our homes, and close the door, and beg, and cry out for Hashem to save us, and then he will save us, and will guard us within our homes. No need to fight. Mashiach will fight this war, and of course, as the representative of HKB"H. And we need to know that at the moment we enter our homes in Eretz Yisrael, and close the door, and Hashem protects us - every Jew who does what Hashem asks - he will be saved. I'm not talking about people who died before this stage, before this time-point in history. I'm talking about the last moments before Yishmael and Edom together attack E"Y. And we don't have much time to wait, it's little time.

Don't lose patience, because the geulah shleimah will arrive exactly when our despair is greatest, and then suddenly, everything will change. Everything will change, and we, when it will be clear to us that it has changed - we will begin to laugh, to laugh and to laugh. And then, we will get up and go after our righteous Mashiach to the Beit Hamikdash.

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