11 November 2015

Binyamin: "Get Up and Go Up to Eretz Yisrael" - Q and A, Pt 2

29 Marcheshvan 5776
Erev Rosh Chodesh Aleph
Yom Kippur Katan


Communication with Binyamin
Jerusalem, 12 Marcheshvan 5776

Get Up and Go Up to Eretz Yisrael! 

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Q. But, among them is not just Erev-Rav, it's also Jews really...

A. Really-Jews who are stuck in this avodah-zarah of shopping, of the materialism, of flights to chu"l for no reason, they will suffer not-for-no-reason until they will arrive at the truth, but they will arrive. If they are real Jews - they will arrive.

Q. The yahrtzeit of Rachel Imeinu this year takes place on Shabbat ...

A. She cries and cries and cries. She cries and prays for her children. She knows what is about to be, she's crying and begging and begging that it will be easy.

Q. Is there something special about it being on Shabbat this year?

A. Absolutely everything is special this year. Everything that 's happening this year - it's messages without end.

Q. What's your opinion on the strong and stormy rain that appeared in many places in the world and also in Israel?

A. The rains, good, they have all kinds of stories, they're saying that it's 'Niño', ...it's because there is a stream of warm water in all the oceans, and it comes once in seven years approximately, and it causes the strangest weather. But, I don't believe them, and they don't know what they are talking about most of the time, the meteorologists, and we don't need to pay attention. There was also some giant hurricane, they said that it was the biggest ever in history! But, it's interesting that it took it from the beginning-situation when it was a tropical storm until it arrived to a category five, which is the highest measurement of hurricane strength, it took it about a few hours to make this change, and that's a bit ludicrous, odd. And after this when it went into Mexico - immediately it went down again to the definition of a tropical storm, but it brought a lot of rain and a lot of floods even to Texas, Texas is absolutely full of water now.

Q. It's also part of the signs of redemption... all the ups and downs of weather...

A. We have signs without end. Without end! Whoever wants to see, he doesn't even have to search too much, it's clear to him, right in front of his eyes.

Q. We heard that last Shabbat, 11 Cheshvan, another tzadik went away, a Jew from the Har-Nof Massacre terrorist attack last year, 25 Cheshvan, who now passed away from his injury...

A. I know about what's written in the Zohar, and I can't tell the future because they said many things, but I believe that it can very much be, it's appropriate to all that's happening now.

Q. Is this the intention to the Zohar that was written in it that before Mashiach comes five tzadikim will be killed in a beit knesset?

A. Right, right, and if possible add this, add it to the communication. 

Q. The passing away of this tzadik, Hashem avenge his blood, it happened now precisely after the attack on Malchei-Yisrael, Geulah, it's an event very much like that cruel attack a year ago, and we were amazed to hear that the terrorist who carried out the last attack is a cousin of those terrorists from the massacre which occurred in Har-Nof...

A. Write this also, it's most interesting. Everything there is now, all that's going on - it's all one thing that fits together in a second thing, everything is connected.

Q. But, why is there so much quiet by us?...

A. There is quiet because people are in shock. Here, the good people are in shock, they see that it's happening. But, those who are in America and in Europe and all kinds of places - they're not yet in shock, they are on the verge of a shock. They haven't yet arrived to shock itself, But they're almost at shock, because they are also beginning to comprehend that something very not good is happening, and that there is a problem. So, therefore, the people are quiet, they don't know exactly what to do. They need to change a lot of things inside, because already there is corruption in every place, and etc. There is no time to wait, even in a second if it was possible to change the path, those who are real Jews - they can change the path in one second, but it's not simple.

Q. They showed pictures from China showing like houses in the sky floating on clouds...

A. That which they saw there in the sky, the 'supposedly Beit HaMikdash'... First thing - it didn't look like the Beit HaMikdash, and the second thing, it could be that Hashem made a miracle, but it's also known that they have a technique that they can project in some way images on the sky's background, and it seems completely real! So, who knows what they're playing at there. And why davka in China? It doesn't seem to me logical that China davka will see Beit HaMikdash floating in the air...

Q. Also in the Twin Towers they had all kinds of techniques... and a lot of lies...

A. If you look at pictures of the planes that supposedly went inside the buildings, they said that it wasn't planes at all, it was 'pretend'. It was from images of planes, that it was just pictures that they were seeing in the air, and if you look how it went in inside... And they didn't at all find a particle of a plane, nothing, so apparently they made us some big show, as if it went in - and then someone blew up explosives that were in each building. Today already many more people know that it's a lie, lately many specialists have testified that it's a complete lie. But the evildoers don't care, they're continuing as usual, because they already control everything. They have no concern. They already control the police, everything, the doctors, the soldiers and the army, they control everything. Only one thing they don't control - and it will bring their end, they don't control HKB"H! That's their end.

Besorot tovot. 

FLOATING CITY SEEN IN CHINA'S SKY - Does this look natural to you?


  1. Oh, here we go again about planes hitting the TWC. It happened. Al Queda & their Saudi terrorist cells made it happen. I live in NYC, I was there. Every time, I want to believe these autistic kids, they say something ridiculous to make me disbelieve them. Cities floating in clouds in China was a weather phenomena called Fata Morgana. These are optical illusions caused by weather patterns. They exist. I would opt for science over conspiracy theories any day. Diaspora Ro

    1. And the economy has been in a recovery for the last seven years. And unemployment has gone down. And you can choose your own physician under Obamacare. And the NSA spies on you to keep you safe. And...

    2. Engineering science says it's not possible for the crash of these two airliners to have brought the Twin Towers down into their own footprints. And no airliner hit Bldg 7, yet it went down in the exact same way.

      Architects and engineers say 9/11 twin tower collapse was not possible

      - a voice in the wilderness

  2. The appearance of the Chinese floating city is not a new phenomenon, it happens regularly. It is a trick of the light. Nothing to get excited about, it's a story I have read years ago as well as just a few weeks ago.

  3. He is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist????
    That seals it for me on these guys.

    Yosef from the Galil

  4. To Anonymous Voice in the wilderness--engineering science does provide many plausible theories regarding the Twin towers implosion, you just prefer conspiracy theories. I don't.

    Another thing, it was a miraculous event albeit tragic. Had the WTC not pancaked the way it did, it would have killed thousands more. Hashem was watching and helping. Normally, I traveled through the Trade Center everyday to work in Jersey. That morning, I was too exhausted to even get up. The night before I couldn't sleep and didn't even know why! All I know now, is that I was protected by Hashem and forced to stay home and watch it all on TV instead of being right there at the wrong time.

    Here are just a few scientific explanations--All of them PLAUSIBLE:

    Finally Devash, Obamacare, NSA activities and economic recovery are not conspiracy theories. Tthey are the results of bad policies and programs enacted by stupid bureaucrats & politicians. ---Diaspora Ro