15 November 2015

Binyamin: "The Real Jewish Soul" - Part 2

4 Kislev 5776


Communication with Binyamin
Jerusalem, 21 Marcheshvan 5776

"The Real Jewish Soul"

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...But when Hitler, y"sh, sent them to concentration camps, and they had to go into the gas chambers, to the buildings where they put them to death there, everyone screamed 'Shema Yisrael', everyone very much regretted what they'd done, and a few of them didn't believe in HKB"H, a few of them didn't keep the mitzvot. They, and their children, and their husbands, and their women went into the gas chambers without clothes, without hair, like skeletons, and they screamed, 'Shema Yisrael, Shema Yisrael'!

Q. Also the secular among them?...

Also the secular. Everyone. Indeed there were those who didn't say it, only a few didn't scream it, but the vast majority did say it because the vast majority still came from a very traditional home, or very chareidi, and it wasn't very far from them. And even if they weren't close - when they went into the gas chambers, and perceived that all these Europeans, the musicians, the authors, the artists, intellectuals and etc., they're totally just wild animals, and that they have only HKB"H, they suddenly comprehended that there is another dimension aside from the dimension of their beautiful house with all the material things they wanted, with their desire to be part of the enlightenment. And they screamed 'Shema Yisrael'! We have no clothes, we have no head covering, we have nothing, just our neshamas and HKB"H.

With Hashem's help, Hashem won't ask us to die this way. With Hashem's help, Hashem will take every Jewish soul and put it into the geulah shleimah. But look around us, see how many are suffering... how many people are sick, shelo neida... how many people who, even though they are healthy, they are sad, and full of problems, and with this whole materialistic world, without money, without food, without clothes. And there are those who have, but for the sake of buying they need to go into debt. This is a world of debt, and it was made this way intentionally in order to turn us into slaves. But when we will arrive to the moment of the test, not exactly like those who went to Aushwitz, etc., but we will arrive to the moment-of-truth when we will understand: 'Ayn od milevado'! And at that moment - every real Jew will return to the truth. But until it doesn't appear that nothing remains, just us and HKB"H - we won't arrive to this truth, except for a few people, except for a small number of people who will arrive to it prior to this, and maybe they already arrived to it.

But it will be difficult. It won't be easy. Don't think it will be easy. And don't tell me: 'Nu, nu, nu, why are you speaking, accusing Am Yisrael?!' I'm not accusing. We are sinners and it's possible all day to look in a mirror and see that we have peyot, and a beard, and a very beautiful and high shtreimel, and all kinds of Jewish clothes, and to say: 'Ah! We're real Jews!'... But anyone can put on a disguise, and we, generally speaking, are in costume and we haven't arrived to where we needed to arrive. And if it continues this way, chas v'shalom, then we will descend so deeply, then there will be a question whether we can get out from there, chas v'shalom. But we will get out, because Hashem will take us out from the deep pit that we went into.

It won't be easy, but it will be a lot easier for those who already started to work on themselves, who already started to understand, who are already contending with difficult problems, and that in itself made them isolated, isolated from society, isolated from the lie, isolated from the lies. And they, these Jews, have already begun to understand, and are already close to HKB"H. To be close to Hashem - it can't be something superficial. There are a lot who are running to the forest to do hitbodedut, but it's not always deep, it's many times a kind of entertainment, but it needs to be deep, it needs to be real-closeness, it needs to be with an understanding of what is HaKadosh Baruch Hu, what it says to us, what is a Jewish soul. We need to speak truth alone. HKB"H wants only truth, only what's really within the heart of the real Jew.

It will be difficult. Especially for those who have decided: 'Good, at the last minute it's possible to change, it's possible. It's possible to be like Hashem wants.' And I'm saying to you that no, it can't be. If you don't start now - then it will be very hard. And whoever starts now, he already will get through it much easier. I suggest you start first of all with modesty. Those who are occupied with filth - clean yourselves, clean the head, the mind, the heart, throw away all your devices, and go over to HKB"H. It's not enough to immerse in a mikveh, because that doesn't take off the dirt. Enough. You yourselves must take off the dirt from your skin, the stupid laughter of a lot of people, the stupid jokes, the lack of modesty - of the men as well as the women, the superficiality that there is in yeshivas, yeshivas that think it's okay to take the guys on trips in jeeps and all kinds of nonsense like this.

The Jew needs to be separated from the gentiles, and of course from the seculars. Don't join in their celebrations, and don't draw close to them, because it will damage us, it gives us the taste of avodah-zarah which is the eigel hazahav. We need to be alone, within our ghetto and not allow the lie to get in. Only this way will we save ourselves. And I know that there are a lot who are against this, to an approach like this, but real Jews know that it's the truth.

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