01 November 2015

Moishela: "A World Without the Yetzer Hora"

20 Marcheshvan 5776


Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
10 Cheshvan 5776 (Oct. 23, ‘15)

A World Without The Yetzer Hora

Last week was a hard week on the diplomatic side and on the violent side in every way. Anti-Semitism is rising all over the world and getting worse and worse. We have to realize that we had better get together and do Teshuva because there is no time. The fact that ISIS is threatening Israel is the next stage, because ISIS is not a well-trained army just a bunch of rabble-rousers and they are nothing. It’s like on Halloween when people get dressed up as witches and demons, their outer look makes us afraid. All of these stories that are going around about ISIS are in order to frighten us. Many of them are lies. Of course they can be very scary and dangerous, but it’s not an army like we understand it. They do very much with the help of other armies and they have an excellent advertising system behind them.

We have to be afraid of only one thing, and that is the fact that it is being revealed to us all the dangers that we are in, and we still don’t do Teshuva. Why don’t we gather together masses of Jews to beg and plead that Hashem save us? The fact that it’s easier for us to carry pepper spray around and call the police, that in itself is going to cause us to be in great danger because it shows Hashem that we don’t trust Him. We trust the pepper spray and the soldiers and that is against our Yiddishkeit. We trust all the outward things and not Hashem. Therefore, if we don’t do Teshuva now and beg Hashem for help now, the next period of time in our history will be very difficult and we’ll suffer very much, unless we trust Hashem and beg Him to save us.

Until we start acting like real Jews and turn to Hashem to save us then we won’t, Chas Vesholom, have it easy. We have to remember that the State of Israel was created against the will of Hashem. But of course nothing can be done unless Hashem allows it, so we have to accept the fact that Hashem allowed it, but not the fact that it was right for the so-called leaders to do it. Therefore we cannot accept the army or the police as our saviors. We can let them do their work, but we can’t believe that they are the ones saving us.

They themselves also have seen many miracles and most of the real Jews in the army and the police know that without Hashem they haven’t got a chance, even though they are taught in the Army that they are the saviors of Am Yisroel. This attitude has eaten its way into the attitude of many Frum people and this is a great weakness in Am Yisroel.

The Jewish Soldiers in the times of Dovid Hamelech, Bayis Rishon, and Bayis Shaini, had to be Tzaddikim and they knew if they were not righteous they would lose the war. Is Tzahal an army of Tzaddikim? Would Tzahal or the Israeli police ever comment on the Nissim that Hashem preforms for them, or do they call it luck? Is the army clean of Aveiros, or is it as dirty as all the armies in the world? We have to realize that in order to have miracles, and for Hashem to save us this next time around in the next big war that is almost upon us, nothing will save us, nothing except Hakodosh Boruch Hu. Nothing will save us if we don’t recognize the fact that He is the Creator of the world the Hakol Yachol. Nobody but nobody can fight with Him and win.

So prepare yourselves my dear fellow Jews. We have hard times ahead of us and we won’t have a break like the last round of missiles from the Gaza Strip. I beg to remind you all of the obvious Nissim that were then, and I beg you to remember it well. Remember, everything that happened in the last few weeks many, many Nissim. If you want to put it down to chance and not to Divine intervention then I pity you very much, and maybe you are an Erev Rav. But if you are not an Erev Rav then you can still be saved without a lot of suffering. If you work on yourselves very hard and trust only in Hashem, then, Be’ezras Hashem, you’ll see true miracles. Those who are Zoche will be able to greet Moshiach Tzidkainu and be able to go into the Olam Habah of Moshiach Tzidkainu.

There are those among us that are Erev Rav and they will never understand what I’m saying and will never agree to it. The Erev Rav can never be saved because they cannot bear to be separated from the Yetzer Hora that dictates to them everything they do, feel, or think. The Erev Rav has never accepted Ol Malchus Shomayim. There are those among you that are misguided Jews and whether you believe or not, Hashem will save you. Hashem will force you to believe because Hashem will not allow one Jewish Neshoma not to survive. How that works out in reality, I can’t tell you but I know every Jewish Neshoma will be saved. Those that don’t survive are either Amalek or Erev Rav.

Hashem will not let the Reshoim take over the world or destroy the world because He created the world. The world cannot be destroyed by human beings. Only Hashem can do that. So Am Yisroel, do not be afraid. Do Teshuva and come back to the Truth, even though it seems so frightening, trust in Him and no other. This time it won’t be like the Holocaust in Germany because this time Hashem will not destroy the good and evil together. The good will live and the evil will die. We have nothing to be afraid of as long as we stay with Hakodosh Boruch Hu. And if there are Korbonos among us now before the end, those people who died Al Kiddush Hashem and all those people in Europe who died Al Kiddush Hashem will get the best place for them in Olam Habah. There is nothing to be afraid of one way or another. We are taken care of.

I ask one simple thing of you. Come back to Hashem and trust Him. Do Teshuva, and at the very end we will all go up to the great Chupa and we will be invited to the great Chasuna that has been waiting for several thousand years. From then on we will have eternity. The Reshoim will disappear. Hashem will Shecht the Yetzer Hora and we will be free to be only in the way of Hashem, in a world without the Yetzer Hora.

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