09 November 2015

Binyamin: "Get Up and Go Up to Eretz Yisrael" - Q and A, Pt 1

28 Marcheshvan 5776


Communication with Binyamin
Jerusalem, 12 Marcheshvan 5776

Get Up and Go Up to Eretz Yisrael! 

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Q. It's written in books that when a person goes up to E"Y he can't remain as he was, he must become elevated, to become closer to Hashem, to the Holy Torah, as the GR"A wrote in his well-known letter, here is the palace of the King, so the Jew says to himself: 'How can I come to Eretz Yisrael? Who says that I am at all fitting, that I merit this elevation?'... What's your opinion?

A. If the Jew says that he doesn't know if he can be fitting to come to E"Y because he's not enough 'on a level' that's apppropriate for E"Y, I don't believe that there is substance in this thing now, because here, in E"Y, the Jews have gone down in a terrible way, indeed no more than in the US, but enough have gone down. And we are under the rule of the evildoers now. And the Jew who comes for the right reasons, he simply comes on aliyah, he comes up to Israel. He doesn't go down to Israel. Why? Because he decided that he's leaving the trash there, of the land of the peoples, and he's going up to E"Y for the right reasons. And if he leaves the materialism that's there, and he comes up here, it's not written that they need to wait in chu"l until they will be fitting, because that can't be, especially now.

Q. Do they have enough time left to get here from chu"l and to make aliyah with all the ups and downs that there are now?...

A. Of course they have more time, it depends how many they are moving, but there will be Jews there in chu"l who also will be saved by Hashem, but again, it won't be easy, there it won't be easy. I believe that there will be some moments that Hashem already will take out everyone, all those who need to go out, some moments of calm, perhaps something that will permit it, I don't know exactly how it will be.

Q. The evildoers won't prevent them from arriving here?

A. I don't know how Hashem will do it, but if Hashem wants - they will arrive, it doesn't matter what they will try to do in their lands, He will exactly put into the evildoers [minds] suddenly some idea... Who knows how He will do it...

Q. It's very painful to think about all this situation, when we know that there is in chu"l a lot of dear and righteous Jews...

A. The dear righteous Jews - will arrive somehow, it will just be harder.

Q. And how is it that there are still chareidim who are traveling to chu"l?...

A. There are those who are traveling to chu"l now who don't have a good reason. But, whoever does have a good reason - it's hard for him to change, but in a little bit already there won't be any 'good reasons', and if now people still travel to family weddings, good, they're used to it. But, there are people who don't comprehend at all, and still travel there for holiday, and vacation, even chareidim, throngs of chareidim travel for Pesach, for Sukkot, for all kinds of things.

Q. But it's so noticeable that every moment can be the explosion, so how is it possible to ignore?...

A. Because they can say: 'Good, we've talked about it for a long time and nothing has happened'. They simply love to fly, that's all. They love the excitement, to go up in a plane... To arrive at a different place... To do shopping without end. They're trying to close their eyes to all that's happening around, and to continue the life. They will fall hard, because they don't want to know.


  1. With so many opinions, who should we listen to?



    1. Certainly not anyone's opinion. You listen to Hashem's instructions via the Torah and Neviim...

      "...the Lord took us out of Egypt with a strong hand. ...And he brought us out of there, in order that He might bring us and give us the land which He swore to our fathers." (Devarim 6)

      "And I shall take you out of the peoples, and I shall gather you from the lands in which you were scattered,.... And you will know that I am the Lord when I bring you to the land of Israel, to the land that I lifted My hand to give to your forefathers." (Yechezkel 20)

      It's clearly Hashem's desire that His people live in the Land of Israel. If we are truly His servants and His children, His desire should be our desire. Is it possible that Hashem can provide for all our needs in chu"l but NOT in the place where He most desires for us to be? Impossible!

      All that's lacking is our faith and our submission to His will rather than our own.

  2. Clearly, I'm being tested. I let doubt cool off the bath. Thank you for reminding me of the Emes!


    1. My pleasure. And one more for good measure. Calev did not refute the report of the ten spies. He never said it wasn't as bad as they reported it to be. His only response to it was... "Caleb silenced the people..., and he said, 'We can surely go up and take possession of it, for we can indeed overcome it.'"

      We are those same people. We can overcome any difficulty with Hashem's help. Hatzlachah rabah!