04 November 2015

"We Are Willing To Be Moser Nefesh In This Battle"

22 Marcheshvan 5776

UPDATE: "The Israeli Supreme Court rejected on Wednesday the request to delay the demolition of the synagogue in Givat Ze'ev until the end of the month. The court confirmed that the demolition can be carried out at any time during the next two weeks."

Hundreds Holed Up in Givat Ze’ev Shul – Many LP Gas Cylinders in Place

David, who is a leader in the battle to save the Ayelet HaShachar Shul in Givat Ze’ev spoke with Kol Chai Radio on Wednesday morning, 22 Cheshvan.

David explained it is clear to him and the many others holed up in the shul since last night that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Mosh Ya’alon are not with them in their battle.

Kol Chai:
What can the prime minister do against the High Court ruling?

They can find something, at least getting involved and working with us. But they remain silent. The entire shul is filled with gas cylinders. We are willing to be moser nefesh in this battle. If they try to move in the entire shul will explode.

The High Court of Justice this morning at 8:30 AM will hear an appeal by the state to stop the demolition. The court is expected to respond by 10:00 AM.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

Watch for updates:
  • This interesting piece is from a public comment...
"If it were a mosque, we wouldn't even consider destroying the building."
This statement was made this morning by a senior employee of the Supreme Court, regarding the court order to knock down the Ayelet HaShahar synagogue in Giv'at Ze'ev ( a town just outside Yerushalaim.)
This morning, security officers found graffiti on the outside walls of the Supreme Court building criticizing the court's decision.
The senior employee, who says that he himself is not an observant Jew, said that in his many years working in the court, he has seen a difference in how Jewish religious issues are handled, and he is deeply embarrassed at the discrimination against our own people and religion. (0404 NEWS)
  • THIS IS A DISGRACE! You can tell who signs his paychecks. He's not asking to save this shul, but just to delay the destruction until another can be built. But, we are taught that a beit knesset is a mikdash me'at, a little temple, and this is the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash all over again on nothing more than the lies of an Arab enemy within. It's unconscionable!!
Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef Intervenes Regarding Givat Ze’ev Shul
Rishon L’Tzion Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef Shlita has sent an urgent letter to High Court of Justice President Miriam Noar requesting the court delay the scheduled destruction of the Ayelet HaShachar Shul in Givat Ze’ev at least until there is another shul in place, in line with Halacha.
  • There is a report that the High Court has sent out the bulldozers to raze the synagogue. There is also a report that the biggest news in the Israeli media today is the graffiti that appeared overnight on the High Court building in Jerusalem: "You don't destroy synagogues - we want a Jewish state". The leftist liberals and Erev Rav see it as a declaration of war against the regime, but they declared war first. Please pray for the safety of those defending the shul. May Hashem grant them success in their holy mission and the beit knesset be saved.
  • See also: Beit Knesset Ayelet HaShachar - Doomed!


  1. May H' protect and bless these wonderful 'real' Jews for their mesirat nefesh and may they be blessed for their kiddush H'.
    We know that those ordering this evil decree will be paid back for their evil intent by the One Above. If anyone of them has a Jewish neshama, may they repent.

  2. Givat Zev is like a 7 minute drive from our apartment in Ramot - it may as well be Jerusalem. And if chalila chalila chalila they go through with tearing it down I wouldn't be surprised if the next proposed shul demolition would be in Jerusalem proper!