22 October 2020

Establishing "Judeo-Christianity" Across the Land of Israel by Indoctrinating the Children

 4 Marcheshvan 5781

Since its inception, Christianity - the religion of Rome (and Western Civilization) - assimilated all other religions into itself through co-opting their holidays (see Halloween for one).  By creating "Judeo"-Christianity where Christians are "co-heirs" with the Jews (i.e. of the covenant, the Land and the promised destiny) whether by virtue of being descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes ("Ephraim") or simply as "grafted in" sons and daughters of Avraham Avinu, c"v -  they mean to assimilate the "extremists" (read Maccabees) among us out of existence.  (It is supported at high government levels - both US and Israeli).

By the way, this is another example of a Christian organization that remained in operation during the lockdown while Jews are losing their businesses.

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Maybe people have forgotten, or never knew, that as Education Minister, Naftali Bennett sent Israeli children to a Christian indoctrination center...

Education Ministry Funding Evangelical Program Targeting Israeli Teens
Israel’s education ministry is providing state funding for a Christian evangelical leadership training program in the northern West Bank city of Ariel.

JH Israel’s website boasts that with its new Israeli government contract, the Ariel facility becomes “the only recognized provider of leadership and biblical content for Israel’s Ministry of Education.”

An education ministry spokeswoman confirmed that a contract for almost a million shekels of state funding had indeed been signed....

Bennett also has some very revealing opinions about Torah Jews who would like to see the State of Israel replaced by the Kingdom of Israel which God has promised to us.  I mean that is what Mashiach is coming to do - convert the State of Israel into the Kingdom of Israel.  In the New York Times no less!

“Israel is under attack,” he began. “This time though, the threat is not from Iran, Hezbollah or Hamas. It comes from a fringe group within Israel, which needs to be eradicated swiftly and forcefully.”

Bennett said that the attackers are Jewish extremists who said they are acting in the name of God, but in reality desecrate Him, Judaism and the Jewish people, and represent no one but themselves, not the mostly law-abiding residents of Jewish communities in the West Bank. They are a fringe group who want to destroy Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.

“They are terrorists,” he added, vowing to use all means at Israel’s disposal to defeat them. “They are anarchists, a fifth column…they must face the full force of Israel’s justice system and its defense establishment.

...“These extremists threaten Zionism, our future and our statehood,” he stated. “We must do everything in our power to stop them.”

Calling himself “the leader of Israel’s right-wing camp,” Bennett ...wrote that he “believe[s] in coexistence and working together with our neighbors to create stability, economic prosperity and a safe, secure future for all of our children, Israeli and Palestinianwithout regard for their religion or sexual orientation.”

As education minister, Bennett said he supports tolerance, including having Jewish schoolchildren learn more about Arabs, their culture, history and language, and called for Palestinians to do the same,....   (Source)

They are ALL in on it - especially the so-called "right-wing"!  No salvation will come for us through the existing system!! 



  1. After missing no opportunity to disparage Charedim (we haven't forgotten, Naftali) now he is trying to suck up to them, in anticipation of the elections which are no doubt coming.

  2. Aryeh Deri should not escape condemnation either. As Interior Minister during a total lockdown, these special immigration exceptions granted to enemies of Am Israel must go all the way to the top. He either approves them directly, or knows all about them and does nothing to stop them.

  3. The State of Israel was set up to escape the galut mentality. Today the galut mentality is alive and well, residing in the government of the State of Israel. What an irony!.

  4. Day before yesterday, apparently, there was an interfaith event called "International Meeting of Prayer for Peace." It was sponsored, of course, by the Vatican and in Pope Francis' "homily," he said, "...Let us look upon the crucified God and ask him to grant us the grace to be more united...."

    Want to guess which rabbis participated?

  5. Bennett is even worse than the wicked man leading Israel today. He is less intelligent but more brutal, more extremist he is an atheistic Zionist too close to the Christian's. Probably corrupted like all the erev Rav and probably not Jew.

  6. Shocking, but no surprise. The wicked know no shame and have no boundaries. The memshalah has turned completely wicked. Bennett has been a farce from the very start; who couldn't realize that he was part of this erev rav gang when he partnered with Lapid and wearing his 'dime' sized kippah. He looks so innocent and sweet talks but is totally corrupted. Deri is another one of the phonies; he's proven it time and again. This is why our holy Gaon of Vilna, z't'l, called the erev rav (especially the leadership at keitz hayamim) 'Amaleikim' and will be our very worst enemies because they are the ones who purposely enable Eisav and Yishmael to undo Torah and the Jews. But, what awaits them with the coming of Moshiach tzdkeinu will make them rue the day they ever started up with the Ribbono Shel Olam and His children, Yisrael! Amen!

  7. How can they not be on it? In order for anyone to make it to the *government* they need to be members in the Freemasons.

  8. Isn’t Bennett speaking about Naturei Carta?
    He’s Shomer Shabbat and I think does Tefillin
    And Gantz also davens
    So, this is all confusing.
    Any explanation?

  9. Bnei Akiva children begin to celebrate Xmas. Did you know about this?

  10. Bluestar - I did not know aobut Bnei Akiva specifically, but did know about the growing Israeli fascination with Xmas. It has become popular in some groups to go to mass on Xmas Eve, Hashem yerachem!

    Neshama, I believe you are misinformed about Bennett and Gantz. They may well pray, but the real question is to whom? And no, Bennett was not referring to the Neturei Karta. He was talking about people like Meir Ettinger and the hilltop youth and people who attack the gay parades, etc.

    Bennett: Violent extremists threaten Israel, must be stopped
    Bayit Yehudi leader pens op-ed in New York Times stating fringe groups do not represent Israel or settlers.

  11. Neshama - and anyone - just FYI - the Rabbanut was created by Bnei Brit and freemasons. Do the search on who was head rabbis and what became of them. Anyone can look, do or act to make an appearance, to make an impression. It's called acting.

  12. Those who pray and don Tefilin, etc. doesn't always mean they are real Jews. These are the Erev Rav, who are or might be halachicly Jewish, but on the inside really do not believe and their 'neshamot' are not Jewish! They are, literally, the descendants and/or reincarnations of the mixed multitude that left Mitzrayim with the real Jews! They were absolutely not sincere, as we know H' told Moshe that they are Not sincere, but did not say 'No', because they had a mission; because they align themselves with Esav/Yishmael, they were able to have the world accept a 'Jewish state'. Now, their mission is over, but still continue their miserable treachery to deJudaize Israel and the Jewish people, c'v. These are very treacherous and frightening times, but, we, of course, will prevail.

  13. Journey2There, I am holding your comment until you explain its significance and relevance to me, because it is not obvious. Either comment back not for publication or email me tdnjslm@gmail.com.

  14. bluestar = am so disappointed and distressed that these so called frum youth from Bnai Akiva and the like are so stupid and gullible to fall prey to avoda zora. Something is rotten beyond belief. How do they teach the children in these Mizrachi and other type yeshivas? They are getting a lousy education if they go to a yeshivah and seem to know so very little of Torah and what we are all about. I'm dumb struck - the news is too horrible to digest. We are truly in a spiritual war! H' yerachem!