26 October 2020

The Handwriting Is On The Wall But They Can't Read

 8 Marcheshvan 5781

The Prophet Yechezkel, chapter 20...

Thus said the Lord HASHEM/ELOHIM: ...As for what enters your minds - it shall not be!  As for what you say, "We will be like the nations, like the families of the lands, to worship wood and stone,"... 



...as I live - the word of the Lord HASHEM/ELOHIM - I swear that I will rule over you with a strong hand and with an outstretched arm and with outpoured wrath. 

It's chaval that these 'Jewish' Americans can't see the depths to which they have fallen and the tumah in which they have become mired.  You can't throw a lifeline to a person who does not believe he is sinking.


  1. Pres. Trump will win by a landslide, both pop. and EC. After that there will be many arrests.

  2. My family is currently living here in America but we're in the process of aliyah. Hashem, please don't count me among these lost sheep. Please!!

  3. All the believing Jews understand that Moshiach is at the door. But, while, bli ayin ra, there are over 5 million Jews in the US, the Jews, at this moment, have no choice, as many really cannot just up and go but hope to go and hopefully within the year or so, need to stay on the side of a proven ally of the Jews, thus far, because the other side is literally 1936+ all over again. Those who still cannot understand what is really happening and are banking on 'princes and men' (nations) to be their rescuers will, c'v, learn the hard way. But, in the meantime one cannot compare the two candidates to each other. The demon party has completely gone to the side of the sitra achra. We need to judge others, as H' does, at the present time. The Pres. has a good history (& his father) with the Jews. Tomorrow might be a different story, but we know that those who yearn and want to go home, H' will help because we are at the end of days and H' has promised to gather up the Yehudim left in the galut and take them home. Emunah/Bitachon!

  4. Anonymous@4:41PM- You don't get it either! It must be something in the water over there...

    "The Pres. has a good history (& his father) with the Jews. Tomorrow might be a different story...."

    His 'Deal of the Century,' which they have not ceased to negotiate and promote since he entered office and which all his 'presents' to the Jews are meant to make more palatable, is an EXISTENTIAL THREAT TO ISRAEL AND ITS JEWS!!

    The next two things they are going to do is stop all building in Judea and Samaria and ELIMINATE the Law of Return for Jews. We can already see the beginnings of both.

    You talk like you have a choice. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO IS IN OFFICE!! That's a delusion you've bought into. Listen to you, parroting that "demon party" propaganda! You've been massively brainwashed. Both sides are EQUALLY BAD FOR THE JEWS and this plan will continue to be carried out regardless of who becomes the current talking head!

    Trump's an actor. He's playing his part. Right now, it serves the purpose of TPTB to keep stringing the Jews along with tainted sugar, but the day is not far off and, again, we've seen the beginnings of it with how they are being treated by NY politicians, when, G-d forbid, it will be all-out war on the Jews of America.

    Why do you think they brought all those Nazis to America? TO ONE DAY FINISH THE JOB!! Why should the Jews of Europe have been punished and those in America escape?

    I hope you will attempt to answer because I really want to know how you can explain it.

  5. They are trying to do the same thing here...

    "Poll: Bennett preferred over Netanyahu for PM"

    I have always referred to Bennett as Bibi 2.0 because they are one and the same. But, what do you want to bet that people who are fed up with Bibi, instead of searching out a potential Mashiach, will go out and campaign for Bennett - the next great political hope of salvation - God forbid!!

  6. I'm beginning to think that a large portion of Klal Yisroel's insistence on putting our faith in gov isn't based on ignorance, I really think they don't want moshiach to come. Why though? I've been wracking my brains and can only conclude that they are holding a grudge against Hashem for the churban and galus. They're waging war on Him.

  7. That's an interesting perspective, SholomK. And devastating if true. "Holding a grudge" - that's not something I would have imagined. But not wanting Mashiach and not really truly believing in Hashem, no question in my mind. This is how assimilation looks on "frum Yidden." The have been so deep in the manure for so long, they can't smell it anymore.

  8. Devash, I think it's a matter of will, especially when you're dealing baalei sechel.

  9. What a slap in Hashem's face that He now says "My anger has subsided and I want you back home now" and we say "nah, not interested"

  10. Democracy has made us ignorant of the 'terms of service' - so to speak - or what it means to be a servant. We have made very poor servants of HKB"H, putting our own wants and desires before those of our Master and King.

  11. Project Veritas went to work 4 years ago in an effort to shed light on the massive & unprecedented voting fraud rampant among
    precincts across the U.S. According to reports issued after the presidential election in 2016, there were nearly 7 million fraudulent
    votes cast, nearly all of them for the Republican candidate, Hillary Clinton. When one considers that then, as now, rallies for HC were so poorly attended as to be laughable; nevertheless, HC was spuriously credited with having garnered a majority of popular votes cast, something that should boggle the mind of any sane person. In other words, Trump should have handily won the last election by as much as 20﹪. Speculating a most elementary level would suggest that until now, more than ever, culprits du jour Biden & co. have been deceptively working overtime to the tune of 4+ years with a view to creating votes out of thin air. I say this because there's not even a hint of a presumption that he could muster a strong showing of living, breathing, legal voters at the polls that would ensure anything approaching a contest. The foregone conclusion today, just as it portended 4 years ago, is that the Democrats will win the election. Heck, even the stock market is broadcasting this loud 'n clear with the accompanying sell-off. The pollsters are projecting a hat trick a la Hillary. My perspective this week is that of quiet before the storm.

  12. Chaim, I say again, the vote is irrelevant in any case because the choice is not between A and B but between A1 and A2. Absolutely everything else is a show to make you believe in the illusion of choice as they slowly but surely tighten the noose. The virus, the mask wars, the election, etc. - all a massive distraction to keep you enthralled until it is too late to escape the prison they are building for your mind.

  13. Devash, you're absolutely right. The process of usurpation of power has been on full throttle since well before WWI. I'm indebted to you
    for posting some months back the Corbett documentaries highlighting the encroachment upon political process by the potentates who so deviously highjacked international foreign policy during World Wars I&II (and since). What an eye-opener! Without a doubt, it's all a part of the messianic process, one of gradually luring the insidious actors out of their lurid abodes. What truly disgusts me, is the extent to which people have been seemingly hypnotized by their "vision", the vacuous pretense of misguided posterity being foisted upon us at home in Israel. Our politicians are an inept lot, who have so little real feeling for the real needs of Am Israel and even less so, the courage to pursue
    a noble path that would embrace Torath HaShem. I'm of the mind that things are ripe for a sea-change here that will out the lowlives and
    provide the true vision and ambition so much deserved by our incredible people to lead the way via HaShem's "reset".

  14. The question I have is what will happen the day after the election on November 4th?
    Will people go insane? Will the cities burn? will they be eating their lousy neighbor or Antifa/BLM?? http://jerusalemcats.com/neighborly-cookbook/ You have already seen the riots and the attacks on Jews in American Cities over the summer. When will the Jews wake up or are they like the frog being slowly boiled alive? Bon Appetit,

  15. "Democracy has made us ignorant of the 'terms of service' - so to speak - or what it means to be a servant. We have made very poor servants of HKB"H, putting our own wants and desires before those of our Master and King."


  16. Calling attention to themselves, the NY Jews, just paints a target on their communities chv”s
    When the danger begins after 11/3, there will be no place to hide.

  17. Nechama, Rav Kahana, zt"l, Hy"d, used to say that things would eventually turn in the U.S. We, too, have had terrible times because of wars & terror. Of course, we should pray for Jews, wherever they are. If we followed HaShem's Torah, and Israel became a place identified with the G-d of Israel, a place of G-dliness, it's hard to believe that we wouldn't be held in MUCH higher regard by the nations. IMO it's time we started turning inward, away from the nations and their antics, and started taking care of our enemies, external AND internal; thereby making our precious homeland a place where our children and our children's children could look at us with lofty respect..

  18. I am sorry i totally disagree with you on Trump and the sad part is your ideas are so twisted. Learn chassidus understand that Trump is doing teshuva for Esav understand that the peace deals with the arab states is the goyim doing teshuva. I dont know where you and your followers get your ideas from but it sure isnt from the Rebbe, Rav Kook and chassidus it mustbe the mentality of the misnagdim.

  19. Like I haven't heard that one before.

  20. Says Mr. Yechi Hamelech. You're already well-versed in shutfis -- why would Trump or Biden be any different to you. Makes perfect sense.

  21. Yeti HaMelech, two of the things that I wrote, while they may not have been inspired by Chassidus, were indeed, teachings of the former
    Lubavitcher Rebbe. The rest I pose no contradiction by attributing to Rabbi Meir Kahana, zt"l, Hy"d. Look into the sefer, Or HaRa'ayon,
    or, alternatively, you might benefit by investing some time in perusing this precious site, from which I've learned immensely over these
    past years.

  22. The Kristallnacht pogrom started on the eve of 16 of Cheshvan, was in full force for two days, may have continued a bit longer, and in any case, Jews were dying as a result of wounds inflicted after the event.

    The Pittsburg attack took place on the morning of 18 Cheshvan, 80 years after Kristallnacht.

    Upcoming elections will take place on 16 of Cheshvan.

    Apart from the fact that Jews are supposed to be yearning for Tsion, and desirous of making aliya for its own sake, you'd think by now that as a nation we would have learnt a thing or two about reading the political landscape, and realising when the party's over. Even in mundance terms, it is the mayor or the governor who is more influential than the president in most aspects of people's lives, and the biggest Jewish communities are in democrat-run areas. Just look at everything that has happened domestically under Trump's presidency, because his influence is limited.

    In the meantime in Israel:
    First corona czar: bar siman tov

    Second: gamzu (letova)

    Third, freshly appointed: nachman ash (aleph shin) (Rabbi Nachman: my fire will burn until the arrival of the Moshiach).

    As for who will be saved, it says in Yoel 3:5, all who call on Hashem (ie wherever they are) but Tsion will be a place of refuge.

  23. The only thing that we should be upset about is the irrational belief in a non-Jewish leader being a savior of some kind. Down to earth, in this real world of illusion, those who go out to vote (meaning Jews) should vote for the one where they feel safest at this moment - the truth is the leftists are one degree away from those of WWII. Every real frum Jew should be pining for the coming of Moshiach tzdkeinu, but many cannot, under any circumstances do it right away on their own. Too bad we don't have the privilege yet of 'beam me up Scottie', then every believing Yehudi would be back home in EY in a flash. I also believe that most of the politicians are part of this world agenda reset and trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the people. Maybe yes, maybe no. But, we do know for sure how bad it will be if c'v, while the Jews are still in galut, if the left gets in. Really simple; those who can should make their aliya arrangements immediately, but for whatever reasons and there are a myriad of reasons, they cannot do it that fast, H' knows what's in everyone's heart and mind and will surely see to it for them to come home as soon as possible. For centuries there were frumme Jews who didn't want Moshiach because they might have been the wealthier ones and life was pretty good for them, so these types have always been around trying to hinder Moshiach's arrival. He will come whether they want it or not, but by pushing away, they'll make it very hard for themselves. Nothing new under the sun, except for the imminent arrival of our Moshiach Tzdkeinu and may it be with great ease and mercy for our people and the righteous of the world!