20 October 2020


 2 Marcheshvan 5781

Hey!  Remember these two?  The ones flaunting what I think of as Esau-Red? 

I got an email letting me know that they are being given an official welcome this Wednesday, October 21, 2020.  The announcement came courtesy of a group I'd never heard of before called Genesis 123.

When I looked up their website, this is what I read...

The Genesis 123 Foundation is a US based non-profit. Our mission is to build bridges between Jews and Christians with Israel in ways that are new, unique, and meaningful. We have diverse leadership of Jews and Christians united toward this objective, and aspire to create an abundance of programs to achieve these goals. We are excited to play a role in this important mission and hope you will join us and be blessed.

Nice!  A "US based" assimilationist organization bids us welcome yet more missionaries to Israel!   

This invitation to sign up for the welcome party via Zoom details this missionary couple's many missionary credentials, but what caught my attention was this...

In 2006, he [Glenn Plummer] founded FIBA, the Fellowship of Israel and Black America which has since extended its mission to include the Ethiopian Israeli community.

That brought to mind the news story that came out the same week the Plummers arrived "on aliyah" in which it was reported that another 2,000 Ethiopian "Jews" would be arriving "immediately" to Israel despite the second harsh lockdown and the COVID-19 "crisis."  Only one report called it like it really was - 2,000 (More) Ethiopian Flash Mura.

...Netanyahu first proposed the initiative of actively helping members of the Falash Mura community reach Israel in 1997. Since then, some 30,000 have arrived, with the arrival of an additional 2,300 approved during Netanyahu's previous term in office. The prime minister has also promoted unprecedented investments of hundreds of millions of shekels in absorbing and integrating Ethiopian immigrants into Israeli society.
You must be asking by now:  What or who are the Falash Mura?  Good question!
The Falash Mura did not refer to themselves as Beta Israel until after the Jews had begun to immigrate to Israel.

The Falash Mura were virtually unknown until Operation Solomon, when a number attempted to board the Israeli planes and were turned away. The Falash Mura said they were entitled to immigrate because they were Jews by ancestry, but the Israelis saw them as non-Jews, since most had never practiced Judaism and were not considered by the Beta Israel as part of the community.

Ethiopian Jewry activists maintained that the Falash Mura had been forced to convert or had done so for pragmatic reasons without ever really abandoning their Jewish faith. At The North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry (NACOEJ) began to provide aid to the group in Addis that had not returned to their homes after being left behind during Operation Solomon. Once food and medical care became available, more Falash Mura left their villages for Addis and soon began to overload the meager resources of NACOEJ. The Joint Distribution Committee entered the picture and provided additional assistance on a humanitarian basis, without accepting the NACOEJ contention that they were Jews entitled to go to Israel.

As the number of Falash Mura in Addis grew, the Israeli position hardened. The official view was that these people were not Jews and, if they had ever been Jews, it was in the distant past. Most were now practicing Christians who simply wanted to get out of Ethiopia by any means possible and saw an opportunity to escape by claiming to be Jewish and thereby earning the right to immigrate to Israel. The Israelis were convinced this motivation would encourage tens of thousands, perhaps most of the Ethiopian population to claim Jewish heritage. The Israeli government was simply not going to absorb the entire Ethiopian population. 

...Meanwhile, Ethiopian Jews in Israel continue to have mixed feelings about the Falash Mura. Some feel resentment because they maintained their identity despite the pressures and opportunities while the Falash Mura did not. Others have relatives among the Falash Mura and want to be reunited. Meanwhile, Israeli officials say many of the Falash Mura reverted to their Christian ways as soon as they reached Israel, while the activists insist the opposite is true, that most have converted back to Judaism. (Source)
In fact, due to intense American Jewish pressure, many more thousands have continued to immigrate while every so many years the Israeli government declares an end to it - that the last remaining Falash Mura have been airlifted - yet, still more are reported to be waiting and eventually, they manage to come.

So what does all this have to do with the Plummers and the millions-strong organization - COGIC - that sent them to Israel?  COGIC is an American black missionary church and believing that their race is a source of common cause, they have set their sights on one of the weakest segments of our society - the Ethiopian Falash Mura and through them, the Beta Israel!

And because the type is so small and kind of blurry, here it is bigger...

The COGIC WORLD MISSIONS Facebook account features many videos of their missionaries in outreach activities in Israel - and particularly with children - in 2019!!  

The Plummers are here to establish branches of their church (COGIC) in Israel for black-skinned people.  Who will he invite to join except Israeli Ethiopians, Sudanese and Eritrean migrants and their families from south Tel Aviv, and black American-Christian tourists?  How many of those black American-Christian tourists will he try to establish here permanently via those "new" B-5 visas?

The Erev Rav regime has got to go!!  This "kosher-style" so-called Jewish State has got to be replaced with the real deal!!!

These Christians can't rightly be called wolves in sheep's clothing.  Really, they are wolves in wolves' clothing.  But, the assimilationist Jews who assist and welcome them... [See LIST here.]  THEY are the wolves in sheep's clothing!!

The worldwide shmad of Jews through planned assimilation is continuing apace.  The Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel is just one example...

It's not those who go without masks during this plandemic who are the "murderers" in our midst, who are deserving of excommunication, but EVERY JEW who "builds bridges" across which our people travel into idolatrous foreign religions!!  If you doubt it is serious, if you doubt it is happening, just read on...



  1. So why the Israeli government is cooperating with them? What do they gain from this? I'm sure they care about yoshke as little as I do.

  2. Btw, there's plenty of Ethiopian goim in Israel. I used to work with an Ethiopian whose father was Jewish but his mother was not. This coworker made a "conversion" to get married here but he had a picture of Virgin Mary in his phone and believed that yoshke was the Mashiach. Just saying... at least his kids are Jewish, assuming his (also) Ethiopian wife is actually Jewish, although most likely secular. This world is a screwed up salad, but Hashem allows this mess for some reason. Consequences of our free will, I guess. I'm afraid we will reach a point when only the strict haredim will know for sure they are Jewish.

  3. Yes, Samson. And the point of all of this is so that people will understand that it is all part of a grand master plan to destroy us - a continuation of the final solution. And most important is that the Jews finally wake up to the FACT that their Prime Minister is part of it!!!

    ...Netanyahu first proposed the initiative of actively helping members of the Falash Mura community reach Israel in 1997. Since then, some 30,000 have arrived, with the arrival of an additional 2,300 approved during Netanyahu's previous term in office.

    Knowing this, how can Torah-observant people continue to support him? And Bennett is no better. In fact, he is even worse!

    No solutions and no salvation can come out of these "democratically elected" governments. We have to start crying out to Hashem and praying for Mashiach like our lives depended on it - BECAUSE THEY DO!!!

  4. Dvash I agree with you 100 percent! About everything.

  5. Its all to buffer a Mass Aliyah of JEWS from Golus
    Part of the war against Mashiach

  6. Thank you, and I especially like the last paragraph! A great "sideways jab"!

  7. This couple may make it as a 1960s singing act, but as religious leaders they look like a complete joke. Only the most ignorant and vulnerable could fall for it.