14 October 2020

Hey, Plummers, If You Can't Take the Heat, Get Out of Our Kitchen!!

27 Tishrei 5781

I am taking time out from writing Part 2 of "Architects of the New World Order" so that I can update you on the situation of the Plummer missionaries who "made aliyah" during the Rosh Hashanah Lockdown.  Regular readers will recognize this link I left to a Youtube report made by Rabbi Tovia Singer...

I hope you all got to see it while it was still there, because it is gone now, a victim of false copyright claims.  

Fortunately, this couple got a lot of attention in the media and that will make their job of missionizing a lot harder.  Their case was widely reported and it riled up a lot of Jews.  Predictably, however, there are still plenty of traitors from within who will defend them.  You'll see. 

Here is a further update which should interest you.


Now, if you want to know which Jews (and other resident Christians) have the audacity to welcome and support the Plummers' presence in Israel, you can find out by listening to the original interview with his "rant" against Rabbi Singer.  It's in the first 6 mins...   

Glenn Plummer rated as a number 9 on Israel’s Top 50 Christian Allies

A final observation, every single missionary endeavor in this country can be traced back to a single Jew who invited them and enabled them to get in.  They certainly won't see it this way, but in my book, they are traitors (fraternizing with/giving aid and comfort to the enemy) - every one.


  1. Leave it up to a Yehudah Glick to welcome them and interview them. 'From within your midst will come your worst enemies'. Who is that single individual who invited them to come? This tzorah is, in my opinion, the biggest, because it is the basis of all that is holy to us and what H' demands of us. Crossing the line of allowing 'aliyah' to non-Jews is no different than the sin of intermarriage, desecration of the Shabbat, eating treife and all the other main basic commandments from H' to His people; it's literally, a chilul H'!

  2. It took me a lot, but a lot of effort to enter Israel as an Ole. Lots of questions, papers, and more papers... And this Xian’s seem to come by invitation

  3. Anonymous@12:32AM - "Who is that single individual who invited them to come?"

    Yechiel Eckstein at one point and Benny Alon at another.